Fall aromas – how to create a cozy atmosphere in your home?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

How to fill your home with some of the fascinating fall aromas? There is no need to be sad when we say good bye to summer. Yes, we feel nostalgic for the summer days, the warm nights in the open, the beach but we have fall coming and it has a lot to offer. Every season comes with its own scents and flavors and fall has the most distinct warm and spicy, cozy and comforting aromas.

What can help you fill your home with the warm scents of fall? Well there are certain natural ingredients which make us feel comfortable and evoke associations of days spent at home with loved ones. These fall fragrances help us relax and enjoy the warmth of our home.

What are the most popular fall aromas?

Fall aromas that create a cozy atmosphere in your home

A basket full of pinecones, picked from the forest is not only pleasing to the eye, but immediately adds a fantastic forest scent. When you decorate your home for fall holidays, scented candles are an important element of the decor. They create a special, intimate and romantic atmosphere and their delicate aroma also adds to the festive atmosphere in the home. What are the ingredients that have a scent of fall? Let’s see!


cinnamon sticks in green mug and fall leaves

Everyone likes the aroma of cinnamon. It immediately creates the ideal atmosphere for cozy seating in front of the TV or at the dining table. It warms and improves mood, relieves depression and melancholy, inspires and relaxes. It also fights against airborne infections. Cinnamon sticks in an open glass jar or candles with cinnamon essential oil always exude a soothing scent that creates a feeling of peace and comfort. Place a bunch of cinnamon sticks near the front doors, or drip cinnamon extract onto cotton pads and spread them throughout the house.


vanilla beans aromas and scents that create warm and cozy atmosphere

This expensive spice is associated with desserts. The presence of vanilla in original baked goods or simply in a decorative jar is immediately felt. Its aroma is so specific that it has aphrodisiac properties. At the same time, it is able to relieve tension and stress. It has been proven that when we inhale this amazing smell, the body begins to produce the hormone of good mood and pleasure – serotonin. Vanilla scent can lift your mood, improve your well-being and restore restful sleep. Vanilla is used in perfumery, it is added to body creams, candles, lip glosses – literally everywhere. There is something erotic and innocent at the same time in this fragrance, it is intriguingly mixing touches of confectionery sweetness, a flower bouquet and oriental mystery.

Brown sugar

brown sugar and coffee beans

Sweet and delicious, it smells like dessert. This key ingredient can also serve as a flavoring agent for many mouth-watering dishes. Take a cup of sugar, mix with vanilla and place in a water bath. A relaxing aura will immediately fill the entire space of your home.


home baking scents make the home cozier festive pumpkin pie

Everyone loves pumpkin pie and its rich flavor. The pumpkin is the symbol of fall and is widely used in seasonal home décor. Painted, covered with hemp rope or in any other form, pumpkin is a symbol of the harvest. This ripe fruit has a long shelf life and looks great indoors. It can be transformed into a candlelight lamp and will serve as an additional heat source. It has a soft aroma and you can easily mix it with cinnamon or vanilla. This is a great way to create a fall mood that will warm the whole house.


autumn apples in basket seasonal fruits

During the apple picking period, you know that the leaves of the trees are already changing their color, and the whole earth takes on the shades of ripe fruits. Apples are always associated with fall. A fresh fruit basket in your backyard or kitchen table is simply irreplaceable when creating fall décor. Slices of baked apples with a pinch of spices and brown sugar will help fill your home with pleasant aroma.


hot chocolate and spices with a sweet delicious aroma

When it gets colder outside, you want to pamper yourself with hot chocolate, coffee drink or a cup of cocoa. Saturate your home with this silky scent, bake cakes. Happiness is easy!


fresh coffee cinnamon sticks and star anise fall leaves

After the leaves have changed color and the temperature outside the window has dropped, indulge yourself with a fresh cup of coffee. This scent is timeless. Place beans in a glass vase and the room will be filled with a wonderful warming scent.


mug of hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies nuts

Its ingredients are the perfect aroma accent that can warm you until the very end of winter. The scent of a homemade gingerbread will not only fill the kitchen but will spread the greeting of fall throughout the house.

Roasted chestnuts

roasted chestnut fall delicacies

Until you roast them, you will not know that there is a lot of inspiration from this nut as well. Its very color resembles fallen leaves and envelops us in a brown hug during the chestnut harvest season.

Wood burning fire

fireplace and wine cozy atmosphere during fall nights

Remember your gatherings with friends around the crackling fire? Who can say that he doesn’t like the smell of wood burning fireplace? The open fire not only gives warmth and light. The aroma makes us think of quiet nights with a glass of wine and a book in front of the fireplace and that is something wonderful, isn’t it? So, what are your favorite fall aromas?




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