Easy and colorful fall tree craft ideas for kids to try at home

by Kremy

Knocking on our doors, fall welcomes us with its shimmering colors and warm appearance, which prompts us to spend more and more time at home. So what to do with our small children at home? There are numerous activities for children and we offer you some easy and colorful fall tree craft ideas that you can try at home.

fall tree craft ideas for kids to try at home finger paint ideas

These craft projects are extremely popular and a great joy for the little ones. In addition they contribute to the development of their motor skills and creativity.

Fall tree craft ideas for kids: a super easy method that children love

autumn tree kids crafts painting creativity project


There are many ways to create a fall tree but the one that is extremely popular is by using paint, cotton swabs, a piece of paper, and of course your kid’s hands. Start by creating the trunk and branches of the tree. To do this, apply brown paint on the child’s hand and arm (up to the elbow) and leave an imprint on the sheet of paper. Let it dry well.

Once everything is dried, recreate the wreath of the fall tree. Here you have two options: either use cotton swabs, or encourage the creativity of the little one and let him use his fingers. As for the colors, go for orange, yellow and red.

fall tree craft ideas for kids paper crafts

As we have already said, several methods and materials can be used for creating a colorful fall tree. Let’s take a look at a similar model, but this time this is a fall paper craft, a creative DIY idea and super fun. Here are the materials needed:

  • Blue cardboard
  • Brown, green sheet of paper
  • Autumn leaves stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen

Instructions :

DIY fall tree tutorial paper crafts for children

Cut some green paper and glue the piece to the bottom of the blue cardboard to create the grass. Next, draw the outlines of your child’s hand, wrist and forearm on the brown paper to create the trunk of the tree. Cut and glue on the green grass as shown in the image above. Finally, all you have to do is add the autumn leaf stickers and you’re done.

As this is a craft activity for small children, take into account that the little ones will need your assistance and that it is absolutely out of the question to leave them unsupervised. Make the cut yourself and help the child, if necessary, glue the different parts.

DIY fall tree with 3D effect

DIY colorful fall tree paper craft ideas for children

If you thank that creating a 3D fall tree is a very complicated task for little ones, think again. It only takes a few cuts, folds and glues! Specifically, this type of kids craft project, requires the use of a circle punch, cardboard (orange, yellow, red, green, brown, and light blue), scissors, and glue.

First, take the punch and make circles from the orange, yellow, red and green cardboard. Optionally, you can cut them with scissors. Then fold your circles in half and set aside. Cut out the trunk of the tree from the brown paper and glue it on the light blue piece. Finally, all that remains is to glue the fall leaves and that’s it!

Stimulate your child’s motor skills with fascinating fall tree craft projects

DIY fall tree with pompoms and pipe cleaners

When it comes to a craft projects for small children, pom poms are an almost must-have item. Easy to handle and available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, the fluffy little balls can be used for many playful DIY projects including a pretty fall tree that can easily become a centerpiece for the table. So, don’t delay any longer and get pipe cleaners in fall colors such as brown, yellow and red, pompoms of these same colors as well as acorns.

Like pom poms, pipe cleaners are extremely easy to handle. So take them and start shaping the fall tree twisting them so that the tree can stand on its own. Then, shape the branches of the tree as shown in the example above. Finally, give your child the go-ahead to attach the pom poms and acorns.

Decoration tip: if you want to arrange a creative and colorful fall table décor, we recommend that you use this autumn tree as an original centerpiece. Adding other matching elements like paper fall leaves is always welcome!

DIY fall tree from pieces of bark

DIY fall tree with pieces of bark craft activity with children

Using natural materials for a DIY fall project brings an authentic touch to each creation. In addition, the children will thus get more knowledge about the various elements of nature. So here are the materials needed to recreate our next tutorial:

  • Pieces of bark
  • Colorful paper cut into the shape of small leaves
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Paint brush
  • White cardboard

Cut out the leaves. Use the hot glue gun to attach the bark pieces to the white cardboard. Do this step yourself, arranging the pieces so that they look like a tree trunk.

Then let your kids’ creativity do the rest. Give them the important task of gluing the fall leaves using the glue stick. Let dry and voila!

How to make a fall tree from popcorns?

easy crafts for kids DIY fall tree with popcorns tutorial

Yes, it is possible to make a fall tree even with popcorns! And it’s super easy. Find the list of “ingredients” below:

  • Microwave Butter Popcorns
  • Tempera powder paint (red, yellow and orange)
  • Zip lock plastic bags
  • Twigs
  • Hot glue gun
  • White cardboard
  • White glue
  • Small bowls

diy fall tree with popcorns kids craft projects

Start by coloring the popcorns. To do this, divide them between three plastic bags and add a spoonful of powder paint to each. Shake the three bags vigorously so that the popcorns can mix well with the powder paint. Meanwhile, take the hot glue gun and glue the twigs to the white cardboard, creating the silhouette of a tree.

Then pour white glue into a small bowl. Let the kids dip the popcorns in the glue before gluing them around the branches to create the crown of the tree. Once everything is completely dry, you can hang the creation of your small craftsmen on the wall or in the fridge.

How to make crepe paper fall tree

diy crepe paper fall tree craft ideas and techniques for development of motor skills

Crepe paper is not just reserved making paper flowers. This type of paper is also very useful when crafting a fall tree. Choose brown, red, yellow and orange paper. You will also need brown and white cardboard and glue.

Outline your child’s hand and arm on the brown cardboard and cut out. Glue the piece on the white paper to create the trunk of the tree. Then, tear the crepe paper into small pieces and crumple them to shape fall leaves. Finally, glue them on the handprint.

It’s no secret that kids love to tear paper no matter where it comes from. But what’s more, this activity allows them to develop their motor skills, which contributes to the grip of the pencil and to good writing.

Handprint fall tree: the funniest way to create a colorful tree

art projects for children fall tree hand prints

Handprint fall tree tends to give free rein to the imagination and creativity of small children. Its biggest advantage? It allows the creation of countless crafts regardless of the season or the pattern. However, the fall tree remains the most popular design that only takes a few minutes to complete. Get washable paints in fall colors, a paintbrush and white cardboard. Draw the trunk of the tree and then create its crown using the handprints. Let dry and voila!

creative craft ideas for kids painting fall tree apple stamp

Before moving on to our last two ideas, we would like to present an alternative to the project above. To avoid too dirty hands, you can use apples. To do this, cut the fruit in half, dip it in paint and make prints around the trunk of the tree. Another option is to use a halved potato.

2 ideas for a splendid fall tree craft

creative crafts for kids art projects fall tree paint lego block

Here are two more fall tree craft ideas that little children will love. To create the model shown above, all you have to do is paint the trunk and branches of the tree. Then, it is time for creativity! You have two options to create the tree’s crown: either use a shower sponge or a LEGO block. Then all that remains is to dip the piece in the chosen colors and stamp.

fall craft project diy fall tree cotton balls

kids crafts and projects fall tree painting with cotton balls

Let’s finish our colorful and inspiring DIY fall tree craft projects with one last idea. You already know the procedure and the necessary materials. What is different, however, is the use of cotton balls and clothespins. So, first draw the trunk and branches of the tree using paint and brushes. Let it dry well. Then grab the cotton balls with a clothespin, dip them in paint, and dab to create the crown. Playful and fun, isn’t it?

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