Glamping – The New Trend for Those Who Want To Camp in Luxury

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What is glamping and why is it gaining so much popularity? Maybe you have not heard this term yet but the fact is that this type of recreation is becoming hugely popular. The word “glamping” comes from combining the words “glamorous” and “camping”. This concept appeared in 2005 in Great Britain, but it has been actively developing in Europe and America for the last 5 – 7 years.

Glamping The New Trend for Those Who Want To Camp in Luxury

In general, glamping is outdoor recreation with all the amenities and full hotel service. Another important condition for this type of luxury camping is that it must be mobile and organically fit into the environment without harming it. Therefore, in glamping you live in light cabins, comfortable tents or futuristic spheres in the middle of wilderness and far from civilization.

What is the Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

Differences Between Camping and Glamping


The difference between glamping and camping is the level of comfort. Despite the fact that they may sound alike, people who stay in campsites set up tents themselves, cook their own food, organize their leisure activities, and generally, are responsible for their pastime.

Glamping, however, is for people who are not willing to sacrifice comfort, amenities and convenience even for the sake of natural beauty. There must be a shower and toilet, electricity, service. The accommodation resembles a hotel in terms of service and furnishings.

Guests always sleeps on a comfortable bed, have a clean shower room, a toilet and hot water.

trendy camping in luxurious accommodation

There is almost always a restaurant, which is usually based on local cuisine, but the chef will adapt to the tastes of each client, like in a good hotel. Even in the most remote glamping sites the food, like everything else, will be beautiful, colorful and tasty.

Glampers do not need to think about how they will spend their time. One of the unique features of glamping is that you can combine relaxing with many activities. In summer, water activities are available – kayaking, paddle boards, fishing, rafting, mountain biking, swimming in a river or lake, play outdoor games, etc. You can also take jeep tours, go to a barbecue, do meditation, badminton, etc.

In winter, you can walk in the forest with snowshoes, ride a snowmobile or even a dog sledge.

Of course, the activities will depend on the particular site, its location, local culture cuisine and traditions, etc.

where the word Glamping comes from

So, let’s summarize! What is glamping?

  • remoteness from civilization, always in a beautiful and often difficult to access place (quite often guests arrive with jeeps or helicopters);
  • gorgeous view from the window;
  • authenticity – the interior and the menu reflect the local culture;
  • comfortable accommodation in pristine conditions;
  • sustainable tourism and extremely caring attitude to nature: use of natural materials that fit organically into the surrounding landscape without causing harm.

What are the Benefits of Glamping and Why Choose This Type of Vacation?

camping vs glamping pros and cons

A lot of travel agencies offer this type of vacation. It offers unique experience and has many benefits and advantages compared to the traditional vacations that we are used to.

Glamping offers the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and fresh air without sacrificing your comfort. It is a new type of experience. If you’ve never glamped before, this will be a completely new and exciting experience for you which offers new sensations.

You do not pack tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, etc. When glamping, your accommodation is ready and waiting for you and you have amenities like electricity and running water.

One of the biggest advantages is that guests have real bathrooms and warm running water. Let’s be honest, to many of us, amenities are a must!

Another big plus is that glamping accommodation usually includes heating, such as wood burning stove and you can enjoy time with family in comfort even on a cold night.

What Glamping Site to Choose?

bubble tent glamping accommodation types

Glamping sites look different, because the imagination of the creators is not limited by anything. It can be capsule rooms, tree houses, bubble rooms, huts, bungalows, wigwams, etc. You can also choose a site depending on your personal preferences for the location – from beaches, picturesque lakes, national parks and sunny islands to sites in northern countries.

In terms of accommodation, you can choose from a huge variety of options – tree houses, tents, yurts, teepees, domes, glamping pods, huts, barns, beach houses, even igloos. Modern eco-houses include glass walls, spherical or cubic structures – futuristic villages of the future in splendid landscapes. Eco-farms are focused on environmental friendliness of life, and rest on a farm, in a stylized house, is very popular. Yurts, tipis, wigwams, igloos offer glamping with a national flavor.

What not to Expect from Glamping?

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Having in mind that glamping is described as luxurious camping, many people have very high expectations. You have to realize that you are not staying in a five-star hotel and it is very likely that you will not find expensive branded shampoos in the bathroom, 24-hour room service, etc.

Do not expect glamping to be cheaper than a hotel stay. Sometimes it can be more expensive that a vacation in a seaside hotel. Often the locations are quite distant and providing communications, transport and food costs more.

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In conclusion, you need to remember that besides the comfort and amenities, glamping means all sorts of unforgettable moments and new experiences!


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What are the Benefits of Glamping

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