Natural Wood in Modern Home Interiors That Brings Nature Inside

by Kremy

Every homeowner is faced with the question of interior design. The choice of styles is very large, but not all materials are able to recreate your entire idea, and artificial materials do not guarantee the comfort and coziness that you expect. Despite the fact that many people believe that wood has been out of fashion for a long time, this is not true. The latest trend is using natural wood in modern home interiors.

Natural Wood in Modern Home Interiors

Wood is an excellent choice for people with good taste and connoisseurs of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Wood has excellent insulation properties and many advantages.

original modern home decor ideas natural wood


When mentioning wood, the first associations are mainly furniture and flooring. Modern designers and decorators, however, are using a variety of techniques that allow the material to look great in any interior. The abundance of wood always makes the interior natural and luxurious. It can be successfully used in almost any style of interior, from extraordinary Japanese to modern high-tech design concepts. Wood is used in any room and if earlier it was considered to be an inappropriate choice for the bathroom, nowadays you can find natural wood finishes and even furniture in bathrooms. Quite a lot of it can be found in interiors as a decor. It can be successfully combined with other materials, for example, with: leather, metal, glass, stone.

Natural Wood in Modern Home Interiors – 2022 Design Trends

2022 Design Trends Natural Wood in Modern Home Interiors

Modern design is interweaving styles, materials and trends. With all the abundance of new materials, technologies that are updated every year, natural materials are still relevant, and above all wood is a universal material for construction and decoration. Wood is easily adaptable to almost any interior style and remains a universal material.

The material is non-toxic, suitable for decoration in any room, including the kitchen and nursery. Visually, wood looks luxurious and refined and this is one of the latest trends in interior design. Natural wood is durable and will serve for many years. When properly coated, it is easy to clean when dirty. Thanks to the variety of shades and types of natural wood, you can create a unique and inimitable design. Designers boldly mix different shades and textures – the more the better!

modern home wall decor with natural wood

For many interior styles, natural wood will become a fashionable material that will be used not only for floors, but also for wall and ceiling cladding, as well as furniture and accessories. Wood in its natural color becomes a highlight of modern spaces.

In addition to traditional wall painting, various wall panels, especially from valuable wood species, are at the peak of popularity. Wood wall panels remind of closeness to nature and in practical terms – this is the best heat and sound insulation in the room.

  • Pine is one of the most budgetary options. It can be used both for furniture and decoration.
  • Oak is more expensive and is used not only for furniture, but for interior staircases and doors.
  • Walnut has remarkable dark noble shades. If you want to make your interior more elegant, this is the right choice!
  • Beech is able to revive any room due to its light shade. It bends easily and is perfect for interior decorations and furniture with curved lines.
  • Ebony is the most expensive type of wood, but at the same time the most reliable and durable. It is not afraid of moisture and has a unique wear resistance.

In addition to traditional varieties, exotic wood species also look attractive – Brazil nut, kumaru, mahogany, rosewood, etc. They are interesting with expressive textures and rich colors.

How to Use Natural Wood in Modern Home Design?

How to Use Natural Wood in Modern Home Design

Using natural wood in the interior is the easiest and most practical way to create an original design. How and where you can use it? Here are some of the most popular types of finishes:


modern home design and decor ideas natural wood floor ceiling

In the design of the floor, parquet and board from an array of valuable species are used. To create interesting visual solutions in the living room or bedroom, designers experiment with the width and length of the boards.


accent wall in living room modern home ideas

Looking at photos of modern home interiors, it is difficult not to be impressed by the diversity of wood in the decoration. Narrow slats bring dynamics to a static monochrome interior, wood is used to zone open-plan living spaces while panels offer the advantages of clear geometry. Different shades of wood are harmoniously combined with each other.


ceiling decor ideas in living room wooden slats

interior design trend natural wood in modern living room

modern bedroom ideas natural wood in interior design

modern kitchen ideas ceiling decor natural wood

natural wood in bathroom design

open plan living space decor ceiling wall natural wood



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