Design Trend 2021 – 2022: Ceramic Vases in Contemporary Home Interiors

by Kremy

Ceramic vases are accessories that bring a sense of lightness, grace and originality to the atmosphere of any room. How to decorate a modern home with vases? We will show you a design trend that will give you many ideas how to use ceramic vases as home decor.

Design Trend 2021 2022 Ceramic Vases in Modern Home Interiors

Ceramics is an ancient form of pottery. “Keramos” is a Greek word meaning potter or anything made of clay. Ceramic vases were considered a luxury item even in ancient times and they were used to decorate the palaces of kings and wealthy people. Nowadays, ceramic vases are decorated with glaze and special paints. The vase, as a decorative component of the interior composition, has been used for several millennia.

hand made vases in contemporary homes


The secret of a successful design project is attention to detail. There is hardly a home without a vase. The variety of shapes, sizes and textures that can be achieved using ceramic vases in the interior is impressive. A ceramic vase from branded manufacturers or a handmade vase is a real work of art. It looks gorgeous, because designers and craftsmen embody all their talent in their works. They create unique products that transform the room and bring freshness and originality. Beautiful vases make the room look more noble and sophisticated.

What Are the Advantages of Ceramic Vases?

What Are the Advantages of Ceramic Vases

A ceramic vase made by a skilled craftsman creates a unique atmosphere in the home. It emphasizes the beauty of fresh or dried and can be used as interior decoration. Designers create products that attract attention with fantastic shapes and beautiful colors. Therefore, each buyer can choose options based on personal preferences and the general style of his home interior. Ceramic flower vases have significant advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness – natural raw materials are used during production;
  • Ceramic has high strength and hardness.
  • The material is not affected by ultraviolet rays and moisture;
  • Easy to maintain – dirt can be easily removed with water;
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Ceramic objects emit a special energy and harmoniously fit even into high-tech rooms. Vases can be placed in any corner of the house, be it the dining room or the hallway.

How to Choose a Ceramic Vase for Your Home Interior Design?

How to Choose a Ceramic Vase for Your Home

Ceramic vases effectively emphasize the style and design of the room. It is an important piece of furniture with an aesthetic and functional role. It is made of natural material, decorates the room and is used as a flower container. How to choose a ceramic vase so that it fits perfectly into the interior? Here are our recommendations:


contemporary home design and decor ideas ceramic floor vases

The market offers smooth and embossed, with or without ornaments, monochromatic and multi-colored products. You can also purchase decorative vases with a matte finish and with a mirror shine. Designers are constantly developing interesting ideas and the choice of ceramic vases is huge.


ceramic vases in modern home interiors trendy accessories

Round, rectangular, curved, conical or cylindrical, the vases can decorate the interior even without flowers.


trendy ceramic vases modern home decor

There are large and small models. Tall vases are appropriate in spacious rooms, and miniature models can be placed on a shelf or cabinet.


contemporary dining room decor ceramic vases

There are floor and table vases. Ceramic floor vases are placed in a corner, near the window, next to a coffee table, sofa or bedside table. Such vases are a striking visual accent in the room. Tabletop models are great for decorating home interiors. They are placed on tables, window sills, racks and shelves.

living room design ceramic vases home decor ideas

Styling also plays an important role. For example, a ceramic vase decorated with golden flowers and frosty patterns fits perfectly into a modern interior. It gives the room a touch of sophistication and originality.

ceramic vases come in a wide variety of colors and shapes

High or low, large or small, narrow or wide, ceramic vases are a great choice when you want to add flavor to the room. Vases with different functions can perfectly coexist in the same room. In this case, the can have completely different shape, color, and style. The combination of several different vases in the same room is welcomed and this design trend comes up with exceptional contemporary interior decors.


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decorative ceramic vases modern home accessories

how to use ceramic vases as home decoration

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