Rainy Day Hairstyle Ideas – How to Keep Your Perfect Look?

by Kremy

Whether you like rainy weather or not, your hair can behave completely unpredictably in wet conditions! How to keep your perfect look in a rainy day? Here are some rainy day hairstyle ideas as well as some useful tips and tricks!

Rainy Day Hairstyle Ideas to Keep Your Perfect Look

You never know where rainy and wet weather will catch you and your hair off guard, in summer, fall, spring or even winter. So, it is better to have some beauty secrets and know what to do and what not to do with your hair when the weather is changing.

What Hair Styling to Avoid on Rainy Days?

Hair Styling to Avoid on Rainy Days


What to do and what not to do with your hair on a rainy day? If you are used to styling your strands, there are some techniques that you should avoid in wet weather.

Do Not Straighten Your Hair

Do not straighten your hair on rainy days

What you should definitely not do with your hair in rainy weather is straighten it. If you see a forecast with a high probability of precipitation, put aside your hair straightener. Most hair types tend to frizz when they come into contact with humid air and in addition to frizz, rain tends to make hair overly wavy. To make your curls less fluffy, you can choose a proper product to protect your hair, a smoothing shampoo, for example.

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Hair Must be Clean on Rainy Days

Hair must be clean on rainy days

Remember an important rule of thumb for rainy weather. Hair must be clean. Masking with dry shampoo will not help, because wet strands will look very messy if you go out into the rain with not very clean curls. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you wash your hair before going outside and dry with a hairdryer set to average temperature. Clean strands, even when wet and without styling, will never look bad.

Additional Fixation

additional hair fixation in bad weather is a good idea

In rainy and windy weather, additional fixation is a good idea. Style your hair and then fix it with hairspray. Choose a lightweight product which will not weigh down and sticks the strands together but will allow you maintain the shape of the styling throughout the day. Optionally, you can fix your hair with hairpins.

What Are The Best Rainy Day Hairstyle Ideas?

What Are The Best Rainy Day Hairstyle Ideas

Generally, the perfect rainy day hairstyle ideas are buns, braids, knots and tails. Wet and windy weather is perfect for textured hairstyles and messy curls. These always look stylish and will allow you not to worry about messy hair. Here are some ideas for you!

Make the Rain Your ally – the Wet Look

wet look hairstyle for rainy days

Ideal when it rains, the wet look is a wet effect that allows you to look great despite the downpour. To achieve this, you must apply a styling gel on your hair, directing the movement towards the back of the face. The glamorous look is guaranteed!

The Ponytail

the best rainy day hairstyles high pony tail

The ponytail is the most versatile hairstyle that does not require much time and special skills from you. If you have long or shoulder-length hair, the low ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for you! Ultra easy to achieve, it is the best alternative for those who do not know, or do not have the patience to style their hair in the morning.


Braids are great hairstyles for rainy and windy weather

Braids are great hairstyles for rainy and windy weather. Whether a simple braid, a French braid or Fishtail Braid, your hair will look stylish even in the rain.

The Low (or High) Bun

low bun classic hairstyle for rainy day

The low bun is a classic hairstyle that can be done even without a mirror. We gather all of the hair and tie it with a pretty band. The high bun, secured at the top of the head with invisible pins in another effortless hair styling option. In this way your hair is protected from humidity and is easily placed under a scarf, a hood or an umbrella.

Headscarf or Hat

bad weather and rainy days hair styling ideas hair scarf

Accessories like a hat, bandana bandage or scarf have always been a lifesaver for women and versatile tools for creating practical and beautiful hairstyles. These can be a beautiful addition to your hairstyle. The scarf never goes out of fashion, remaining the number one accessory. The fabric will cover the most vulnerable areas to wet weather – the top and side strands.



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