Weekend Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day with a Tasty Meal

by Kremy

Breakfast is the start of every day the day. The simple logic is that a good start means a good day, so a good breakfast will provide you and your loved ones with a wonderful morning and a great day. On working days many people skip breakfast to save time. However, a weekend breakfast can be a real pleasure that sets the mood for the whole day ahead. We have 6 breakfast ideas for the weekend that you can enjoy with your family!

Weekend Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day with a Tasty Meal and Good Mood

The weekend breakfast is a great occasion to get together with the whole family and recharge. In addition to the usual dishes, there are many interesting and unusual options for a morning meal. Choose a recipe to your liking and delight yourself and your loved ones with a delicious breakfast from our selection! A weekend breakfast doesn’t have to be hearty. On the contrary, it can be light and healthy. But it must be beautifully served.

Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Romantic Breakfast in Bed Ideas


On a day off, there is no need to rush anywhere, and the realization of this already makes a person happy and peaceful. If you have not yet acquired the habit of having breakfast in bed that day, then try it – you will love it. All you need is a pretty tray or mini-table, brightly colored cloth napkins, and a sprig of fresh flowers. It is not necessary to serve something special or exotic, it is quite possible to do with aromatic freshly brewed coffee and croissants, muffins or any other pastries.

Time for Experimenting

eggs benedict Weekend breakfast ideas

If you are used to have muesli, yogurt, or a toast on week days, then the weekend is a time for fresh ideas and trying something new. Try to cook something that you have not eaten – Eggs Benedict or Eggs Royale, for example.

Healthy Breakfast to Energize Your Day

Healthy Breakfast to Energize Your Day

If you prefer a light, healthy breakfast, go for it! Avocado, tomatoes, vegetables and feta cheese – here is your fantastic bowl full of energy!

A New Look at Eggs for Breakfast

omelette poulard Weekend breakfast ideas

You can’t surprise anyone with scrambled eggs for breakfast, but you can experiment with different recipes and techniques. Why not an omelette instead of scrambled eggs? Have you tried omelette Poulard? Perhaps you have never pouched eggs? The weekend is the perfect time to experiment with eggs!

Weekend Breakfast Ideas for Toasts

Weekend breakfast ideas for toasts

Are you used to have a toast for breakfast? Surprise yourself with heart shaped toasts or waffles! How cool is that! Make funny toasts with the children and turn the weekend breakfast into a super family event!

A toast from whole grain bread with vegetables, cheese, baked chicken fillet or sweet fruits is a great and healthy option for breakfast. It will enrich the body with fiber, slow carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. There are numerous options for making toast, so feel free to experiment and try new combinations.

Sweet or Savory Crepes

Sweet Savory Crepes weekend breakfast ideas

Hardly anyone can get tired of pancakes, but if you are looking for some Weekend breakfast ideas that you have not tried yet, go for crepes! Tender and delicate, incredibly delicious, crepes are easy to prepare and can be served with sweet or savory filling, depending on your personal taste! You can prepare the crepe batter the night before and store it in your refrigerator.



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