Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas – do you need one for your home?

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Find below a great selection of breakfast in bed tray table design ideas. A well-chosen table will allow you to have breakfast in bed without the risk of spilling coffee or find cookies crumbs in your sheets later. To many people, such a piece of furniture is not important but let’s be honest, is there anything more pleasing than having breakfast without leaving the warm comfort of the bed? Isn’t it one of the sweetest presents for Mother’s day or the perfect way to start a romantic weekend, a smooth and gentle transition from the world of night dreams to reality? You do not have to have a special reason for a breakfast in bed, actually, but a tray table is a must for everyone who planned a lazy Sunday.

Bed tray tables are very useful but they are very practical and if you need to take care for a child, family member or a friend who is sick and cannot or should not leave bed, this is an indispensable thing. In terms of construction, these tables are very simple, as this is a flat and even surface, sometimes with border edging and legs.

 Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas and tips for choosing the right one

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Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas vary in size, design, construction and the market offers many options. Of course, with some creativity you can make a model of your own from a wooden crate or add hairpin legs to a flat surface. In addition, a bed tray table is a part of the interior of the bedroom. Even if it is not used by anyone, it still remains in the bedroom. With some styling it can become an important addition to the interior and a spectacular element of the decor. What do you need to know when you choose a tray table? There are a number of criteria and considerations which you need to keep in mind and personal taste is just one of them.

Size – this is one of the most important criteria. You would want a bed tray table which has enough surface so that you can use it comfortably. If you plan to use it for breakfast only, a smaller size will do, but if you want to use it for your laptop as well, then you need a bigger size.

Height is another important feature. The market offers models with fixed and adjustable height and if you want to use it in a sitting position while in bed, this feature is very useful.

breakfast tray table with folding legs and border

Portability is something that you need to consider as you will have to move the tray from the kitchen to the bedroom and back to the kitchen. Weight matters and some people prefer heavy models for their stability while others prefer lighter alternatives.

Durability – this is a feature that people seldom consider, but when you buy a bed tray you’d want it to last. It should be durable and resistant to mechanical damage, hot temperature, it should not be easily damaged by liquids and acids, etc. Yes, you could accidentally spill hot tea or coffee, fruit juice or scrambled eggs, chocolate or jam, so it is important that the tray is easily cleaned and retains its appearance.

Sturdiness – this is another feature of great importance. You need a sturdy bed tray as you would not want the legs to give out. If you are considering models with folding legs, check out the way they are fixed to the tray surface and the material of the legs.

Material – well, this is one of the most important features for any piece of furniture. Bed trays are made of all sorts of materials – from solid wood, bamboo, durable plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, melamine, etc.

Breakfast in bed tray table design housewarming gifts ideas

Appearance, functionality and additional features – it is best to decide whether you want a model with extras like a cup holder or special place for newspapers. If you like to use your tray for other activities like reading or using your laptop while having breakfast, such features are very useful! Handles are another feature to consider as they can simplify the carrying of the tray from one place to another. It is advisable to choose a model with a protective board which will not allow cups or plates slip off the tabletop and even if something is spilled, the boards will keep the liquid from staining your bed linen.As far as appearance is concerned, this is where personal taste determines the choice. There are models for every taste – from bed trays with minimalist design to exquisite models with wood carving.

Price – last but not least is the cost. The market offers low budget alternatives as well as high end models so it is up to you to decide how much you would like to spend on such an item.

Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas – choosing the material

Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas gifts for women

When we discuss breakfast in bed tray table design ideas we have to pay special attention to the material. The traditional material for manufacturing bed tray tables is wood – oak, ash, maple, pine, mahogany or cedar. Wood is an environmentally friendly, absolutely natural material that allows you to have truly luxurious products with sophisticated classic decor. Usually, the tray surface is specially treated so that it is easy to wash without absorbing moisture and odors. It is desirable that the tabletop is covered with a special heat-resistant varnish – then the cups and plates with hot contents will not leave marks on it. The main drawback of such tables is that they are rather heavy, although, on the other hand, this is one of their main advantages as they are very stable. You can find models from untreated wood but you should carefully look after such trays as they are not resistant to moisture damage and temperature changes.

Bamboo is, technically, grass, not wood. It is lightweight, durable and beautiful and you can choose a model entirely made of bamboo or a bamboo tabletop with metal legs. The light color of bamboo is perfect for interiors in different styles and the ideal choice for fans of Chinese or Japanese style.

Glass bed tray tables look stunningly beautiful and have their pros and cons. Made of transparent, tinted or colored glass, they are resistant to scratches, while maintaining an attractive appearance for a long time. They are very easy to clean and look exceptionally elegant. However, such trays can be quite heavy and experts advise to choose designs where glass is used as an addition and decoration. After all, this is a fragile material and there is a potential danger of breaking.

lightweight plastic breakfast tray table with folding legs

Plastic is a versatile and lightweight material and the most budget friendly option that absolutely everyone can afford. Plastic bed tray tables are functional and practical and easy to move around the house. Another advantage is the rich color palette and it is easy to take care of such tables, they are simply washed and wiped. High-quality plastic tray tables with a well chosen color and texture look modern, elegant and chic.

Metal bed trays, chrome plated or painted by powder spraying, are original, exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches, dents, high temperature and moisture. Such trays retain their appearance for a long time without losing their original color and gloss. These models are quite popular due to their durability, simplicity of design and affordable cost.

Leather trims give an exclusive and luxurious look to bed tray tables. A table with leather trim looks even more original. Leather has an exceptional charm and gives elegance and refinement to the tray. Such models come at a higher price but they are the perfect housewarming gift or a gift for a newly married couple.

Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas – choosing the style

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Breakfast in bed tray table design ideas vary not only in size and material but in style. When you choose one you need to choose as per your own taste and preferences but as per the general style of the bedroom interior where you will use it.

Classic style bed tray tables are usually made of wood and have solid surface. The sides can be carved or decorated with ornaments. Dark colors like chocolate brown and espresso are typical for such models.

Shabby chic or French country styles are characterized with light colors and worn out appearance. Tray tables decorated with decoupage technique are very beautiful and add to the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom.

Minimalist bed tray designs feature models made of plastic or wood with straight, clear lines. These models are suitable for people who like efficiency and practicality.

Most breakfast in bed tray table designs are also suitable for working and there are models equipped with additional spaces for storing all kinds of stationery items. Some models will allow you to do needlework or any creative work.

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Romantic breakfast in bed valentines day mothers day ideas

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