Designer Umbrella Stands – Trendy Hallway Furniture Ideas

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Ergonomics and functionality of living space is one of the basic requirements of a modern person. To create maximum comfort, homeowners try to find a place for every little thing.

Designer Umbrella Stands Trendy Hallway Furniture

A simple device like an umbrella stand will help to effectively solve the problem of storing and drying umbrellas. It often becomes a key tool for decorating a hallway, adding an elegant touch to the interior. We selected some of the most interesting and visually pleasing designer umbrella stands which will be a complement to any modern home.

Designer Umbrella Stands – Minimum Space, Maximum Function

Designer Umbrella Stands Trendy Furniture Modern home


An umbrella stand is considered a rather elite interior decoration. Indeed, if almost everyone has an umbrella, then how often do you see this functional accessory in the interior? One gets the impression that a modern city resident is not quite sure whether he needs such an accessory.

Umbrella stands are a visual reminder to take an umbrella with you before leaving the house. You no longer have to rush through things in the closet or on the shelves searching for your umbrella, since it will always be at hand.

A beautiful stand effectively solves the problem of drying wet umbrellas. It is recommended to place a wet umbrella in a stand. In this way, the water will run into the tray, protecting the room from excessive moisture.

glass umbrella stands Schonbuch home accessories

An umbrella stand is an accessory that does not take up much space. This is a fairly compact piece of furniture, necessary for the aesthetic storage of umbrellas. It is especially useful in spring and autumn, when there are frequent rains outside. On one hand, it is a very practical accessory for keeping a small hallway tidy.

On the other hand, designer umbrella stands have a big impact on the visual perception of the interior. They are an original decor for the hallway. A wide range of products allows you to choose a solution in the appropriate style. At the same time, the umbrella stand can be both a part of a furniture set and a bright accent of the design.

Designer Umbrella Stands For Contemporary Home Interiors

Jonathan Adler Serpent Umbrella Stand trendy hallway furniture

Modern designer umbrella stands can have the most intricate designs. They are made from almost any material, but the most popular are glass, ceramics, metal and wood.

Glass umbrella stands look impressive and presentable, which affects their cost. Fragile in appearance, these models are made of durable tempered glass that can withstand impacts and high pressure.

Amar Contemporary Ceramic Umbrella Stand

Buying a ceramic stand is a pretty bold decision. The fragility of the material does not allow the accessory to be fully loaded, and even a slight impact can cause the container to crack. However, if the stand is intended for aesthetic purposes, you will have plenty to choose from – designers offer a wide variety of models shaped as floor vases, animals, birds or boots.

Metal umbrella stands look elegant in any interior. Forged or laser cut, they deserve special attention when decorating the hallway. Handcrafted and intricate patterns add flavor to even the simplest design.

Wooden umbrella holder by Schonbuch

Umbrella stands made of natural wood are something really exclusive. They look elite, regardless of wood type and shape. Often they are purchased complete with the main furniture set to create a harmonious atmosphere.

How to Choose the Best Umbrella Stand For Your Home Interior?

Zadie Umbrella Stand Beachcrest Home

When choosing any kind of umbrella stand, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

Shape and Material

designer umbrella stands molla by pezzani

The choice of material and shape is one of the main criteria. It is worth paying attention to the durability of the product, the strength of the model, its practicality and ease of maintenance.

Model Capacity and Size

modern umbrella stands forrein manguson group

An umbrella stand can hold up to 7 umbrellas. Some models have additional storage pockets. Product size also matters. You should not choose bulky products. They will look bulky, and in some interiors they will look out of place.


Transparent Plexiglass Umbrella Stand Pallium

The model must be chosen based on the interior of the hallway. The product must be combined with at least one interior element – a hanger, wallpaper or a shoe rack. For example, metal umbrella stands can be used in different décor styles.


Katrina umbrella holder regenerated leather

When choosing a designer umbrella stand, you should also pay attention to the color. Of course, it directly depends on the design of the hallway. For example, a model in bright color can add visual interest to a plain hallway.


geo umbrella stand west elm hallway furniture ideas

Spinning Gold Marble Trendy Umbrella Stands

VIA by MOX trendy designer umbrella stands

Umbrella holder KARE Design Modern Hallway ideas

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