Functional and Space Saving Hallway Furniture Design Ideas

by Kremy

It is a pleasure to decorate large and spacious apartments and houses. However, city dwellers are often facing the challenge of organizing limited space in the best possible way. Corridors and small hallways can be difficult to furnish because they are often tiny, long and narrow. So we come up to the question how to choose space saving hallway furniture?

space saving hallway furniture design ideas

Small hallways or very narrow corridors can hardly accommodate more than two people at a time. But this is the first room that everyone visiting your home or apartment sees. In addition, we need to create a functional space that meets our needs and somehow fit a system for storing outerwear, shoes and accessories into a tiny space. We will show you a variety of designs hoping that you will find an inspiring option for your own hallway that will meet your expectations and preferences.

What to consider when choosing furniture for a small hallway?

furniture ideas for small hallways shoe storage coat racks


When planning the hallway, the number of family members, their needs and wishes should be taken into account. Experts advise that when choosing furniture for a small hallway we have to focus on functionality and ergonomics. It is almost impossible to place full-sized wardrobes and storage cabinets, so you need to carefully plan what type of furniture you need and can actually fit into the available space. In addition, you need to have easy access to all items. It is not easy to place all the necessary furniture pieces in a limited space and make it look attractive and harmonious, but it is not impossible! Here are some practical tips for you:

creative furniture ideas for small hallways

Make a list of everything that you want to have in the hallway. Are you sure you want drawers for storing small items? Do you need compartment for large travel bags? Closed shelves? Spacious place for outerwear?

  • Measure your hallway area and think about where you can install furniture.
  • Avoid traditional bulky wardrobes. Opt for modern, multifunctional and compact hallway furniture;
  • Think of the location of the most voluminous furniture pieces – a wardrobe or a freestanding coat rack for outerwear;
  • Use the height of the room as much as possible;
  • Opt for sliding doors instead of hinged doors, which occupy half of the corridor when open;
  • Use light tones and mirrored surfaces, because they make the room more spacious;
  • Get a special shoe rack;
  • Try to keep the overall design style;
  • Avoid massive lamps and chandeliers that create an impression of clutter in a small hallway.
  • Don’t forget about a place to sit down.

Functional and space saving hallway furniture and design ideas for small spaces

long and narrow hallway design ideas compact furniture

When choosing space saving hallway furniture you need to take into account that each member of your family has a necessary set of things that should be in the hallway. It is also advisable to leave some free space for guests’ clothes or to separately hang wet outerwear in rainy days.

The market offers original modular furniture pieces that are sold separately and you can select as per your needs and available space. Very often homeowners do not know how to use the corners and this is a useful space. In a very narrow corridor corner sets work more efficiently than standard furniture.

modern furniture design space saving ideas for small hallways

Shoe racks are essential and very often the appearance and convenience of the small hallway depends on the storage space for shoes and boots. Neatly tucked shoes will free up extra space in your entrance area. Compact hallway furniture provides a variety of solutions and it will not be difficult to choose the one that suits you.

A variety of storage boxes, baskets and drawers will help you organize the neat storage not only of shoes but of small things like keys, bags, gloves, etc.

Do not forget about lighting and mirror.

hallway storage furniture ideas space organization

There is no need to save on light sources in the hallway. Lack of illumination makes the space dark, gloomy and unattractive.

A mirror is almost essential in any hallway. It is no secret that mirrors visually expand the space. You can hang a large full-length mirror on the wall or buy furniture with mirrored doors. Wall mounted mirror is another good option for small hallway. You can choose a model with a beautiful frame that will decorate the hallway and arrange a shoe rack or shelves under it.

What about the color of the furniture for your small hallway?

hallway storage furniture space saving ideas

Buying furniture in light colors will make a small hallway look more spacious. It is better to choose simple forms and facades without carvings, intricate decorations or other unnecessary decor that will overload the small space. It is important to choose pieces carefully so that the appearance of the furniture matches the decor style of your home.

How to choose compact hallway furniture

In conclusion, we can say that narrow dressers, shallow cabinets and shoe racks are ideal for a small hallway. At the same time, the top of a dresser or cabinet will serve as a shelf for keys and a handbag. If you value comfort, a small bench in the hallway will provide seating and many models offer a shoe storage compartment as well. Look at the photo gallery below for inspiration and ideas!



furniture set for small hallway compact functional design ideas

hallway furniture ideas console table wall hooks

hallway furniture storage and organization ideas

hallway with chest of drawers and freestanding coat rack

large mirror and console table with hairpin legs in narrow hallway

modern compact furniture for small hallway

small hallway ideas space saving storage furniture

small hallway storage ideas space saving furniture

small hallway unit space saving furniture ideas

space saving hallway furniture ideas modern home design

What to consider before buying furniture for a small hallway

white furniture for small hallway space saving ideas

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