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The kitchen is the heart of any home where the whole family gathers. Sometimes the layout allows you to unite the kitchen and living room in a single space and vice versa. When you need to zone an open plan space into separate functional areas without losing the open feel, a kitchen with glass partition wall is the perfect solution!

modern kitchen design with interior glass wall

There are many ways to separate the kitchen area – curtains, furniture, bar counters, etc. By choosing a glass partition between the kitchen and the living room you can decorate two rooms at once and create a harmonious environment. What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass partition walls? What types and designs can you choose from? Is a glass partition suitable for your interior? We shall give you the answers and will show you beautiful examples of modern and functional interior designs.

Interior glass partition walls – functional and aesthetically pleasing element in your home

open plan living space zoning glass partition wall between kitchen living room


The most important function that partitions play is the proper zoning of the kitchen and living space. When dividing the space into parts, it is important to carefully consider the location of the structure so that the proportions are harmonious.

Why glass? It is universal and environmentally friendly material. It is a good option for small and dark rooms, as it does not block the light flow and does not overload the interior. Glass can be used in almost any interior style – industrial, contemporary, rustic – because it works with many materials – stone, metal, wood, etc.

Glass partition walls can be transparent, frosted, with or without patterns. In spacious rooms, colored stained-glass will look beautiful, especially in Victorian or art deco interiors while stained glass with an abstract pattern will perfectly fit into a modern interior.

open plan living space with glass partition

To divide the space between the kitchen and living area we use the following types of partitions.

  • Sliding partitions or partitions with sliding doors.
  • Stationary partition glass walls.
  • Glass partition walls with hinged doors.

Where can you use glass partition walls? Here are some examples:

  • Between the kitchen and the living room
  • Between the kitchen and the dining area
  • Between the kitchen and the patio (loggia).

When open, sliding partition glass doors provide free access to the kitchen, and when closed they restore the boundaries of the different functional areas.

Advantages of kitchen with glass partition wall

glass partition walls in interior design

You can transform the interior with a glass partition wall. It will allow you to separate the kitchen from the living room, which is especially important when cooking. A custom made design will help you create a unique interior of the kitchen and living room at the same time but this is not the only advantage! Let’s look at the main advantages of glass partition walls:

Space saving and compact design

gray kitchen with interior glass door pendant lights

The space occupied by glass partition walls is minimal. They are much thinner than their counterparts from other materials. Therefore, they are indispensable if you need to save space.

Good insulating properties

kitchen with glass walls pros and cons

Yes, a glass partition wall between the kitchen and the living room will not create a solid barrier to noise, but it will prevent the spread of cooking and steam odors throughout the home and muffle sounds. Hosts interested in a higher level of insulation may opt for laminated glass doors enclosed in wood or MDF frames.

Keeping the open space feel

large kitchen with island and glass partitions

Glass partitions do not deprive the room of air and volume, but at the same time create the illusion of full-fledged zoning. Installing sliding partitions makes it possible to transform the room depending on the situation, which is especially important for a small space. If you love to cook and at the same time engage in conversations with friends or family in the living room, this option is perfect for you.

The main advantage of glass is that it does not block natural light flow. This is the perfect solution for areas where you want to add natural light, for example into a windowless room. In addition, a glass partition wall makes the space look visually bigger since the light penetrates into all corners of the room, giving the interior sophistication and originality.

Stylistic versatility

home renovation ideas open plan space with glass partitions

Glass looks light, modern and appropriate in any interior style. A glass partition wall dividing the kitchen from the living area looks appropriate in any interior style – the assortment of glass, frames, possible dimensions, types of opening is so wide.

Environmental friendliness

kitchen glass partition sliding doors room dividers

Glass is environmentally friendly. It is one of the safest materials for the home.

Let’s summarize the advantages of glass partition walls between the kitchen and living area:

  • high quality;
  • eco-friendliness
  • easy maintenance;
  • reliability;
  • glass has bactericidal properties, therefore fungus does not appear on it and bacteria do not multiply;
  • increased strength;
  • practicality;
  • withstands temperature drops;
  • increased moisture resistance;
  • sound insulation;

home renovation ideas glass wall between kitchen and living room

  • prevents odors spreading throughout the open plan space;
  • heat resistance;
  • fire-resistant;
  • durability;
  • translucency;
  • resistance to chemical and mechanical stress;
  • tolerates ultraviolet light and does not fade;
  • different design options;
  • easy installation
  • suitable for standard and non-standard areas;
  • affordable price.

What are the disadvantages of installing a glass partition between the kitchen and the rest of your living space?

glass kitchen partition black herringbone floor white wall tile

Unfortunately, glass partition walls have some disadvantages. Such a design is unsafe and it is better not to install it in houses where small children live. Although modern glass manufacturing methods make sure that tempered glass, for example, is 5-7 times stronger than ordinary one, and when it breaks it will crumble into mild fragments, glass can still be broken.

Care and maintenance

kitchen with interior glass partition dining table red chairs

It is also quite difficult to keep a glass wall perfectly clean, since all fingerprints and dirt are clearly visible on the surface. A sloppy look will affect negatively all the advantages of a successful design solution.

Lack of privacy

interior glass walls kitchen dining living room ideas

In rare cases, a glass partition wall divides bedroom and kitchen area. However, it does not provide complete privacy and is highly sound permeable.

Incompatible with speakers

interior glass partition wall kitchen living room ideas

Glass partitions are not suitable for rooms with acoustic systems, as glass reflects sound and is subject to vibration.

Kitchen with glass partition wall – creative and functional design ideas

industrial kitchen design with glass partition wall

The design of living spaces raises a lot of questions – from decoration to layout. The main task of a partition wall is to fit into the overall interior of the home. There are various solutions to suit every taste. You need to pay attention to the different combinations, in which the color of the finish, the style of the interior, the furniture in the room, and even the arrangement of the doors are involved. The combination of the most interesting solutions will help you organize the space in the way that will be comfortable for your family.

It is not necessary to install a partition across the entire width of the room. You can zone the space simply by installing a small glass partition that clearly separates the kitchen and living room.

glass kitchen partition advantages and disadvantages

Based on the style of the interior, taking into account the atmosphere and design of the home, you can select the best glass partition wall that will complement the overall design.


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Glass partition between kitchen and living area advantages

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Kitchen with glass partition wall modern home interior designs

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