Small Hallway Design Ideas to Create a Warm and Welcoming Feel

by Kremy

The entrance hall is that part of the home that occupants and visitors see first, so it is very important to make it practical and beautiful. Very often apartments have long and narrow corridors which are a challenge to decorate. We have selected some of the best small hallway design ideas and will show you different that will help you to increase the space visually.

Small hallway design ideas to create a welcoming feel

If you approach the design of a small hallway wisely, there will be a place to store all the necessary things, and the interior will delight you with home comfort for many years.

What are the common small hallway design mistakes?

What are the common small hallway design mistakes


The main task that homeowners should aim to achieve is to visually increase the available hallway space and make it as functional as possible. There are several mistakes that people often make and that you need to avoid.

Absence of furniture

accent wall in long narrow corridor

No matter how small the apartment or the house is, if there is an opportunity to place furniture, it should be used. There are numerous compact furniture designs on the market that can be used in limited space.

Wrong layout

long narrow corridor design ideas and techniques

Apartments usually have no storage room and wardrobe. Therefore, our goal is to provide show storage, coat rack, possibly a bench. When leaving the home, it is always convenient to have a quick look at yourself, so the mirror is a must. It is more convenient to put on shoes while sitting, and have an open space for storing them under the seat.

Overloading the place with furniture and decorations

compact furniture ideas shoe rack and wall shelves in small hallway

The most common visual mistake is the overloading a small hallway with furniture or decoration. It doesn’t matter whether your hallway is decorated in traditional or modern style, the décor in a small hallway should always be minimal and the color scheme should be limited to no more than two colors. Do not buy large-sized furniture. Opt for cabinets, small dressers and shelves. Avoid wallpaper with drawings and combining many finishing materials. Remember that the rule “Less is more” is especially valid for small spaces.

Dark colors

round wall mirror in long narrow corridor

When choosing a color scheme for a small hallway, use dark shades carefully. This does not mean that you cannot use dark shades but it is wise to combine them with light ones for balance.

Lack of mirror

small hallway design ideas light colors make space look bigger

It makes sense to use reflective or mirror surfaces in the design concept of a small hallway. They will give the room the desired volume and emphasize certain details in the interior.

What are the basic rules when you design and decorate a small hallway?

basic rules for the design and decor of a small hallway

When we talk about the design of small spaces, the aim is to make them look bigger and more spacious. It doesn’t matter whether you plan a bathroom or a small hallway, the basic rules are the same.

Choose proper color scheme

small hallway design ideas choose proper color scheme

For small spaces, it is recommended using light, cool colors. It is common knowledge that cold shades visually expand the space. It is better to choose wallpaper with wide horizontal stripes or with a small pattern. A large pattern is not recommended, as it emphasizes the small size of the room. White, beige and light gray are the best colors for a small hallway. They are suitable for many décor styles – Scandinavian, Minimalism, Provence, Traditional, Contemporary, etc.

Proper lighting

small hallway design and furniture ideas wall sconces and large mirror

Lighting also plays an important role in the design of a small hallway. Bulky chandeliers and heavy lamps are not suitable for small rooms, and therefore designers recommend paying attention to sconces and small lamps. Thank about recessed lights, spot lights and LED strip lighting.

Mirrors and reflective surfaces

hallway design ideas mirror wall tiles console table

Mirrors are often used to enlarge the space visually and this technique is perfect for the hallway. The classic version – a full-length mirror on the wall will help “raise” a low ceiling.

Custom built-in furniture

built in furniture in small hallway

It is always a good idea to opt for custom built-in furniture when you design a small space. It could be more expensive but you will optimize the available space in the best possible way without sacrificing functionality. You may opt for original wall mounted or free standing coat racks which can be a great focal point in the interior of your hallway.

Choose the style of the interior

compact furniture pieces for small hallways

A good design makes decoration, furniture and accessories look as a single ensemble. That is why it is very important to choose the style of the interior so that it blends with the overall style of the home. Elegant functionality is the motto of modern home designs. It is characterized by clear lines, contrasting colors and smooth surfaces. Scandinavian and contemporary styles are characterized by minimalism, accuracy and harmony. Thanks to these features, even a small room will become comfortable and pleasant.

lighting ideas for small hallways

Whichever style you choose, if you follow these simple rules, your small hallway design will show your impeccable taste and sophistication.


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