Grey and white entryway design ideas and beautiful modern interiors

by Kremy

white and gray entryway ideas black accents and big mirrors

Grey and white entryway design ideas can easily become the standard of style for the whole house because it is not an accident that this color combination is considered restrained and noble. The grey palette is soothing and creates a feeling of reliability. Such interiors are an excellent solution for large cities, where it is so difficult to relax from constant stress.

You can periodically update the interior by changing accessories like vases with flowers, poufs, stools, clothes hangers, etc. Even an ordinary umbrella or an umbrella stand can perform the role of decor. The truth is that entryways, hallways and corridors are often neglected when we decorate our home. When you think about it, this fact is quite bizarre because it is actually the first place that one sees when entering a house and it is the place that gives the first impression not only of the home but of the homeowners.

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We are all affected by colors. They have a positive or negative effect on our mood. Bright shades invigorate, excite, even inspire positive mood, neutral tones soothe and dark colors look noble, rich and if used improperly, gloomy and depressing. In modern home interiors we see all types of color schemes – from bold and extravagant to pastel and all white minimalist. How to find the golden middle way? Let’s see how grey and white entryway decor looks in different design concepts.

Grey and white entryway design ideas – understanding the power of neutral colors

grey and white color scheme elegant and stylish home design corridor decorating ideas

Using grey color for decorating corridors and entryways has become a fashion trend in modern design. The dominance of grey or a combination with other colors is an ideal solution for spaces without access to natural light. Due to the lack of windows a narrow entrance hall looks dark and gloomy. This is the reason why the combination white and gray is recommended, especially for small apartments. Grey allows to interior designers adjust the geometry of the hallway and make up for the lack of light.

We cannot overlook the fact that grey and white entryway design ideas can be contradictory and evoke different feelings. They can look elegant, sophisticated, solid, luxurious, peaceful, depressing and it all depends on the shade of grey. That is why it is very important not to rush and take emotional decisions but carefully plan the overall concept, materials and finishes. This means that if you plan a grey and white design for your corridor, you have to take into account the amount of light in the hallway, the paint color of the rooms that face the passageway, the color of the interior doors, as well as the color of ceiling and flooring.

contemporary home design and decor ideas neutral color scheme

Understanding the power of neutral colors can be tricky. While white is often described as “lack of color”, grey is another neutral (also called achromatic color) and is composed of black and white in different proportions. Adding a little yellow, orange or red will create a warm gray shade while green, blue and violet are used for cold shades. Grey color is noble, and also rich in shades and you need to use these advantages when creating a new decor. Without attracting attention, grey color helps another color to express itself in all its glory. This specific property allows designers create unique interiors combining grey and the entire color palette, and in our case – grey and white.

White color is associated with perfection, loyalty, innocence and above all – purity. This is a color that cannot hide and conceal anything in itself. This is the color of snow, of traditional wedding dresses, new beginning, of perfect cleanliness. While white has no hue, it can have shades. They are called off-white colors and some of these are cream, eggshell, ivory, vanilla, etc.

corridor ideas house entryway in grey and white

Grey offers a huge variety of shades – from pearly to asphalt, from silver to graphite. They are able to affect the mood, relieve emotional stress and contribute to calmness and relaxation. When used in interior design of entryways, small hallways and poorly lit corridors, you need to choose a saturation which allows you to manipulate the visual perception of space. For example, metallic shades like pearl gray, aluminum, silver, visually expand the space and add a modern touch to the interior. The correct selection of tones will give the space sophistication and elegance.

Grey and white entryway design ideas – a universal solution for any interior

corridor with dark wood flooring grey and white color scheme elegant home design

In modern interior design grey color is considered as a basic tone and universal for creating various styles. Hallway interiors decorated in grey and white look elegant and stylish. You can use the combination to create an optical illusion of bigger, brighter and wider space. When you want to decorate a poorly lit, dark and narrow corridor, it is best if you choose light shades. You can use gray on one wall only and paint the other walls in white. When the corridor has no window, you need to think of proper lighting. To make the space wider, choose white paint (optionally very light grey) for the walls and a dark shade for the farthest wall. Mirrors and reflective surfaces have the same effect, so a large mirror and white furniture with glossy finish will help you make the space look bigger.

When you design a corridor with many doors, the color of the doors must contrast with the color of the walls. This gives a classic and traditional look.

Can you use more than one shade of gray in the corridor? Of course, you can. You can use different shades for the walls and floor. For example, concrete floors or walls are perfect for industrial style interiors. You can add wooden furniture and accessories to warm up the grey – coat rack, console table, wooden mirror frame, umbrella stand, etc.

modern home interior corridor design color scheme white and grey

Choose proper furniture and accessories for your grey and white entryway. A well planned interior of the hallway allows you to emphasize the refined taste and demonstrate the status of the owners of the house. Due to the fact that in corridors and hallways you cannot use many, large and bulky furniture pieces, choose light and elegant pieces which will stand out or blend harmoniously in the design style and concept. White furniture is perfect, but you can add an eye catching red accent – a bench, a cabinet or a shoe rack for more character and individuality.

Minimalism in the interior of the hallway should not be associated with asceticism. You can decorate the space with a beautiful mirror, a console table, floor vase, a stylish armchair, a soft pouf, a wall clock photos or paintings. An armchair or chair made of transparent plastic will give the hallway sophistication and airy lightness.

As we already mentioned, proper lighting is essential and the location of the fixtures is an important decision. Light grey and white colors have high light reflection and do not require enhanced lighting. However, dark shades of gray must be illuminated with an abundance of artificial light.

Grey and white entryway design ideas and beautiful modern interiors

Many people ask if they need a floor carpet in the hallway. The answer is that this decision is entirely up to you. If you place a carpet you will have to clean it often. It emphasizes the style of the room, and creates additional comfort but it will trap dust particles. Keep in mind that the carpet should match the color of the walls. If you decide not to place a carpet, there are many design techniques to add individuality and decorate the floor. You can insert encaustic tiles as floor decoration or use two-tone floor tiles and original laying pattern.

In conclusion, we can say, that an entryway it is not the easiest space to decorate. Remember that this is the first part of your home that visitors see. It has to be welcoming and inviting, yet functional, because it will be used daily.




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house entry design and decorating ideas in neutral colors

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