Christmas entryway decorating ideas to enter a festive and magical world

by Kremy

Christmas entryway decorating ideas to enter a festive and magical world

Christmas entryway decorating ideas create a warm and welcoming feeling. Thanks to the festive decor we not only invite the joyful spirit in our home but we greet family, friends and visitors with the coming holidays. When we decorate the house for the holiday season, we often ignore the hallway. However, we should not forget that the atmosphere in the entryway is the first thing that meets a person who has entered the house and sets the mood in the home. How to decorate the entryway so that the festive mood greets you right from the doorstep? We shall help you with some of the best ideas and useful tips!

Unique Christmas entryway decorating ideas for every home

Christmas entryway decorating ideas staircase garlands and festive pillows


Christmas is, perhaps, the most eagerly awaited holiday by both children and adults. Decorating the interior is one of the most interesting tasks in preparation for the holidays and everyone is trying to give the house a special and individual atmosphere. And, of course, every nation has its own, authentic symbols of this holiday. Over time and with the help of the Internet, these ideas began popular worldwide and nowadays everyone can decorate his house for Christmas as he likes.

how to decorate the entryway for Christmas quickly

When decorating the entryway, two main features of this space must be taken into account. On the first place, such spaces are usually small and people are actively moving in them – they put on or take off their coats, put on or off their shows, etc. Therefore, the decor in the hallway should not interfere with the functionality of the room. There are many homeowners that believe that coats on hangers and footwear cannot be combined with Christmas decoration, but the more difficult the more interesting the task is! Here are some ideas and examples for you!

Use Christmas wreaths and garlands

Rustic Christmas entryway decorations with natural materials and colors

A door without a Christmas wreath is a rarity. Well, you can hang one on the inside as well, right? You can decorate the shelf under the mirror with a small wreath or use it as an elegant composition with candles. You can replace a picture or a panel with a wreath for the festive season.

small corridor decorating ideas for Christmas

If you do not want to hang a wreath, you can decorate the door with simple branches, and a stylized Christmas tree and garland. Christmas garlands are ideal for the entryway. You can arrange them along the walls, you can decorate the mirror frame or the paintings with them, the doorways and any large objects that stand in your hallway. If the ceiling is high, the garlands can be decorated with hanging stars, snowflakes, pine cones or lights.

Christmas decoration ideas for entryways and corridors

The mirror and surfaces of the cabinets in the hallway can be beautifully decorated with toothpaste or acrylic paint. A winter themed stencil is all you need.

Christmas decorating ideas for mudrooms corridors and entryways

There are no limits to imagination and you can be really creative – arrange small compositions of Christmas pillows, hang a pair of ice skates on a chair, pile mini gift boxes, etc. Just remember – it is better not to overload the entryway with decor. It is more important to create accents that will impress the person who enters the home, or arrange a thematic corner.



rustic Christmas entryway decor ideas sledge and evergreens

quick Christmas decorations for your hallway and corridor

inspiring Christmas decor ideas for the corridor

Farmhouse Christmas entryway decor ideas with natural materials

Christmas entryway ideas easy and quick decorations

Christmas entryway ideas beautiful winter decor

Christmas entryway garland on staircase bench with pillows and lantern

Christmas entryway decor inspiring and easy ideas

Christmas decoration ideas for entryways in different styles

cheerful christmas entryways ideas christmas wreaths

beautiful and cheerful entryway decoration for Christmas

awesome Christmas decoration for entryways


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