Depression quotes and short encouragement sayings

by Kremy

Short deep quotes about depression panic attacks

We have selected some deep depression quotes and short encouragement sayings for you. Being depressed makes us feel sad and down. A word of support and encouragement is always welcome, so if you know someone who needs a friend’s hand, let them know that you are there for them!


Short depression quotes and sayings


 encouragement quotes and short sayings


Sometimes, you just need that one person to tell you that you aren’t as bad as you think you are.

short quotes about depression and sadness broken heart sayings

And something inside me just…broke…That’s the only way I could describe it.

Short deep quotes about depression and discouragement

Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement.

Short deep and wise sayings about depression

Depression makes you feel like you want to just disappear from the world, but in reality, all you truly want is to be found.

Short quotes about depression and sadness

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

sadness and depression sayings and quotes

Sad hurts but it’s a healthy feeling. It is a necessary thing to feel. Depression is very different.

Quotes and sayings about pain depression and being hurt

Pain is emotional. Depression and fear are always in company with chronic hurting.

Quotes and sayings about the difference between being sad and being depressed

Being sad and being depressed are two different things. Also, people going through depression don’t look so, while someone sad will look sad.

Quotes about being depressed and fighting it

When you’re depressed, just living day to day is a full-time job.

how to handle depression short quotes

Depression needs to be handled in the same way you would handle a tiger.

feeling sad and depressed quotes and sayings

It’s totally okay to feel sad, but depression is a whole other beast.

Depression quotes with photos

Depression is being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is.

Depression quotes and sayings about feeling sad and empty inside

Depression is that feeling when you’re not really sad – you just feel empty inside.

Depression quotes and sayings about feeling sad

Depression is a battle between a body that fights with all its might to survive and a mind that wants to die.

depression is feeling lonely and sad quotes and sayings

A big part of depression is feeling really lonely, even if you’re in a room full of a million people.

Depression and hope quotes and sayings

Depression isn’t something that just disappears after a bad night.

Depression and anger quotes about being human

Depression, suffering and anger are all part of being human.

Being strong quotes and encouragement sayings

The strongest people in the world are not the ones who win battles in front of us, but the ones who win the battles we know nothing about.

Being depressed quotes

The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending that you’re not.

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