Glitter wall paint – trendy home decorating and accent wall ideas

by Kremy

living room decor ideas glitter paint for walls

Glitter wall paint is becoming increasingly popular. You may have seen such walls in luxurious hotels or shops. The great news is that one can create such a glamorous, shimmering look in his home without much effort and expense. Accent walls with a glittering effect grab the attention and add a touch of glamor to the home. That is why it is not a surprise that this type of wall decoration takes one of the leading positions in the interior design trends for 2020.

The most fashionable interiors are based on balancing all the important elements – walls, ceiling, flooring, light, textile, furniture, accessories, etc. One of the easiest ways to update the look of a house or an apartment is to paint the walls and in this article we will show you some inspiring options.

How to choose the ideal glitter wall paint?

Glitter wall paint fashionable home decorating and accent wall ideas


You can decorate a house or apartment in various ways. Fashionable glitter wall paint will allow you to refresh the interior, highlight important accents and bring a stylish finish to the room. Glitter paint for walls is offered in different versions. DIY fans can choose paint additives and add them to their paint. Of course, you need a special type of glitter, which can be found in specialized stores and is different from the craft glitter which is used as a decoration of DIY greeting cards or home accessories.

The second and much easier option is to buy pre-made glitter paint for walls. It is offered in stores in a range of different colors and you will surely find the right one for your home. We all know that fashion and trends come and go. You can easily paint over your shimmering wall when you decide that you want a new and fresh look or fall back in love with non-glittering-walls. What are the advantages of glitter paint for walls?

  • This paint creates a “Wow” factor in any room.
  • The paint is easily applied on the walls with a roller or a brush.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It can be applied over any latex based coating.
  • The color palette allows you to add visual interest to the room.

How to decorate your wall with glitter paint?

living room decor ideas silver glitter paint for walls

Glitter wall paint is a good choice when you want a dramatic accent wall. Of course, you can paint all the walls but that would be a bit too much.

The first step is to clean and prime the wall. If necessary, sand the walls. Use wet cloth and remove any dust. Use a white primer for all shades except silver. For silver paint, experts recommend grey primer.

Once the primer is completely dry, apply a base coat of paint.

Apply glitter paint. Make sure you stirred it very well so that the glitter is very well dispersed before pouring the paint into the paint tray. Wet the roller and apply the paint on the wall. You can apply two, four or as many coats as you want until you get the desired visual effect.



Wall paint with glitter gold accent wall in bedroom

home decor ideas silver paint with glitter and white console table

rose gold glitter paint for walls

modern bathroom design with walk in shower and silver accent wall

living room wall decorating ideas glitter paint accent wall

Living room design and decorating ideas glitter wall paint

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glitter wall paint accent wall in modern bedroom

trendy home decorating ideas glitter paint for walls

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