Small Hallway Design Ideas – 2021-2022 Trend Features

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Modern home interiors are based on comfort and simplicity and these are the main trend features of small hallway design ideas for 2021-2022. Lack of luxury, simple geometric shapes and a minimalist approach towards the decor will bring a modern touch to any interior will be an undoubted advantage.

Small Hallway Design Ideas 2021 2022 Trends

The hallway is a transition zone from the noisy street to the living space. To many people it seems that designing a small area is easy, but the truth is that there are quite many challenges – the lack of natural light, sometimes irregular shape, limited storage options, etc. All these challenges limit the choice of solutions yet it is quite possible to create a practical and pleasant environment that will take into account the personal preferences and needs of the household members.

Small Hallway Design Ideas and Experts’ Recommendations

Experts Recommendations for Small Hallway Design Ideas


Experienced designers recommend paying special attention to the principles of comfortable minimalism when planning the interior of the hallway. Compact dimensions are not a reason to give up the desire to arrange a cozy front room. Small hallway design ideas show a trend which is aimed at transforming a modest sized space into a functional area with a wonderful, exclusive setting.

It always starts with function. The hallway is the area where we meet visitors, bring in purchases into the house, keep outwear, shoes, accessories like umbrellas, bags, etc.  At the same time, the hallway should be not only functional, but also welcoming, so that, crossing the threshold of the house, we can feel comfortable and safe.

large mirror doors in small hallway

Designers offer a lot of small hallway design ideas. You need to choose a concept that reflects your real tastes and meets your actual needs. Starting from this point of view, it will be easier for you to decide on the materials, their quality and the budget for the interior design of your hallway. See which style direction is closest to you, what materials will be appropriate for interior decoration, select furniture pieces that will work with the chosen concept.

stylish small hallway ideas design trends

One of the main trends for 2021-2022 is considered to be the abundance of shiny elements, interesting textiles and clear geometric shapes. Based on the fact that the hallway is a small room with a large functional load, the number of decorative accessories is minimal. In many cases, it is best to restrict yourself to beautiful plants, frames, original textures and patterns on a carpet, chair or bench.

Trends In Small Hallway Design 2021-2022

Trends In Small Hallway Design 2021 2022

For a small hallway, you should choose a style that visually enlarges the room. Light colors visually expand the room, so painting the walls or decorating them with light elements will look advantageous in small hallways. The design should match the overall decor style of the home.

hallway design trends combine flooring

Trends in small hallway design 2021-2022 feature combination of different colors and textures of the flooring. Such combinations look impressive and fashionable. You can successfully combine ceramic tiles with laminate, marble flooring and solid wood, terrazzo and parquet, etc.

minimalist entryway design 2021 2022 trends

A built-in wardrobe for outerwear, shoes and accessories is ideal for tight spaces. If the area does not allow installing even a small built-in wardrobe, you can do only with a system of wall hooks, as well as a shoe rack.

white marble flooring mirror doors small hallway ideas

Proper lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the hallway. Lamps and natural light can create interesting and impressive effects in addition to their prime function – to illuminate the space.

hallway design trends styles materials furniture ideas

Mirrors and reflective surfaces enlarge even the smallest space. Trendy hallway design ideas pay special attention to beautiful mirrors with great aesthetic value. Built-in wardrobes with mirror doors are another way to take advantage of this design technique and make a small space visually larger.

Let’s summarize the solutions that can be distinguished for 2021-2022 small hallway design trends:

  • Light color palette;
  • Predominance of minimalistic features;
  • Using built-in storage systems;
  • Glossy and mirror surfaces instead of matte;
  • Limited accessories and decorations.

hallway design trends materials finishes furniture ideas

Look at the photos in the gallery below that feature the latest trends in small hallway design. We are sure that these elegant and practical solutions will inspire you!


built in furniture in small hallway flooring design trends 2021 2022

elegant and stylish small hallway design ideas 2021 2022 trends

small hallway design and decor ideas light colors to expand space

small hallway storage furniture ideas 2021 2022 design trends

trendy hallway design ideas light colors wood furniture

white furniture built in bench small hallway design ideas

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