Round Bed Designs – Trendy Bedroom Furniture That Makes a Statement

by Kremy

Round bed designs always look rather unusual and original. However, we have to admit that they are daring and eye-catching pieces of furniture. Structurally, a round bed can be presented in various interpretations, sizes and styles, which provides room for a variety of design ideas.

Round Bed Designs Trendy Bedroom Furniture

Today’s two main trends in interior design are directly opposite each other. One of the trends features interiors with strict geometric lines and square corners. The other trend is based on smooth rounded shapes that allow you to play with the space. In this case, furniture with rounded outlines looks better in the interior. This explains why round beds are growing in popularity – they combine something futuristic and at the same time something from the good classics of the past centuries.

modern bedroom furniture and design ideas leather round bed


It is true that a round bed does not allow you to fit a large amount of furniture in the bedroom, since the round shape requires a wide space. However, in contemporary and minimalist home interiors, one bed in an empty bedroom is enough. Less is more, remember?

Modern Round Bed Designs – The Perfect Solution for Unique and Original Interiors

Round Bed Designs modern bedroom furniture ideas

Modern lifestyle has turned the bedroom into a multifunctional area with zones for working, relaxing and storing, but the bed remains the centerpiece of the interior. Modern round bed designs are perfect for people who aim at uniqueness, individuality and originality. Many people feel somewhat worried to select a circle bed for several reasons:

  • it is not possible to place it in a small bedroom, as it will clutter up the space;
  • a round bed does not always fit into the interior design;
  • there is a strong opinion that round beds are suitable only for aristocratic and sophisticated design styles.

All of the above concerns are important and it is not easy to decorate a room in which a double round bed takes up most of the available space, but as we know imagination and creativity have no limits so it is not impossible to cope with this task. Versatility is one of the main features of round beds. They can be placed in a typical rectangular or square bedroom, as well as into the interior of a non-standard room, such as a round one.

modern bedroom furniture ideas round beds

It is clear that such a bed immediately attracts attention. It is the center of the bedroom so the rest of the furnishings should be selected to match it, and not vice versa. Hence, there are several rules for organizing the interior:

  • location – a round bed embodies the main principle of classicism – central symmetry. In the bedroom, it is the main furniture piece and all other objects are placed symmetrically in relation to bed. A round bed is placed either in the center of the room or in the center of the longer wall. Placing a round bed in the corner is acceptable in minimalist styled interiors, where the general symmetry of the room is not expressed, and the furniture is grouped into zones;
  • round beds are suitable for large and very large rooms. A small bedroom will look cluttered and airless when the bed is located in the center of the room;
  • proportions – the easiest way is to place the bed in the center of a square-shaped room. In a long and narrow room, any furniture placed in the center will play the role of a partition. In this case, it is better to zone the room and place the bed in one of the corners.

Innovative and Trendy Round Beds With Impeccable Design

round bed with led lighting contemporary bedroom ideas

Many homeowners think that a round bed is simply a bed with a circular shape. The fact is, that manufacturers offer innovative designs which complement contemporary interiors and accent on the modern style of the decor. You can find models with folding tables attached to the mattress which are ideal not only for a weekend breakfast in bed but for a laptop. With the increasing number of people working remotely, such a feature is especially useful.

Round beds with storage compartments are also a great idea for people living in apartments where space is limited.

A rectangular mattress on a round podium is a convenient option for those who want a special bed in the bedroom, but are used to sleeping on a standard bed. Such a design feature can be emphasized with a contrasting color of the bedspread.

Last but not least, a round bed can be custom made in accordance with your individual preferences so that it works with the existing interior of the bedroom.

trendy bedroom furniture ideas round bed with tufted headboard

In conclusion, we have to point out that an exclusive interior with a round bed can be created in any style. Round bed designs may sound like a luxury and extravagance but the truth is that they can be really practical when chosen wisely with regard to the needs of the owners and the style of the decor.


circle bed with rounded mattress and square corner headboard

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trendy round bed designs contemporary bedroom interiors

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