THE 10 Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for Women Over 50 to Try in 2023

by Gabby

Women often like to change our hairstyle and color to look trendy and beautiful. But after a certain age that can be very time-consuming and damaging to our locks. So, what are the best low-maintenance hair colors for women over 50? Can we save time when adapting them? Who should try them out in 2023?

THE 10 Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for Women Over 50 to Try in 2023

low maintenance hair colors for women over 50 2023

Are you planning on changing your hair color? Do you think it’s a good idea after 50? Well, with these hair colors we’re about to show you, I think we’ll inspire you to make the change you need to feel completely rejuvenated and transformed. Of course, some people want to embrace their grey hair and just maintain it, others want to cover up the grey and look like they’re 30 again. Hair color can change how you look entirely! For that, let’s focus on a hair dye that is easy to maintain and doesn’t take much of our time!

Let’s start with this caramel brown color that will flatter your skin tone and make you feel stunning! Fall is just around the corner and we have to start thinking about warm tones that will be in sync with the season. This brown delicious color looks amazing on both people with dark and pale skin tones.

Chocolate Brown Hair Color with Caramel Highlights for Women Over 50

dark brown hair colors for women over 50 easy to maintain 2023


Want to cover up grey hairs and breathe new life into your hair? We all want that! In the upcoming fall season, aim for chocolate tones that are warm. Dark brown is super easy to maintain and you won’t have to visit the salon often. And these locks will add a great finishing touch to your overall look.

Low-Maintenance Colors for Thin Hair Women Over 50

low maintenance hair colors for thinning women over 50

Firstly, this color is suitable for women who are naturally blonde or have light hair. Going from brunette to blonde is not the best solution for your thin hair. For that, to make it look thicker, never dye it in just one color, but do strands in darker colors than the base color. Or do a balayage with an ash blonde and caramel hues that will make you look youthful and fresh.

Toffee Hair Color with Babylights Over 50

toffee hair color with babylights for women over 50 easy to maintain

Do you see that amazing toffee color? When I look at it and immediately think of the autumn days and hot pumpkin spice lattes! Let’s not forget that these particular tones will be one of the most preferred as they are easy to maintain and always in fashion. But how to spice things up? Just add babylights in a lighter shade that will add movement and dimension to your hair.

Should Women Over 50 Opt for a Grey Hair Color?

There’s nothing weird in having grey locks at the age of 50! Some women even have grey hair in their 30s, so there’s nothing to worry about. If you are ready to embrace your grey hair, then you are lucky! To maintain grey hair color is one of the easiest things in the world and you won’t have to worry about it every month! Contrary to popular belief, grey hair color looks amazing on many women out there, who are bold enough to accept it!

grey hair color for women over 50 with glasses

Dark Honey Brown with Highlights Women Over 50

bronzed brown hair color for women over 50 low maintanence 2023

How to make your pale skin look sun-kissed? You need to try this dark honey color for women over 50 that will make you look youthful and will flatter your skin complexion in the best possible way. It is easy to maintain and it covers up all the grey hair. For best results, we advise going to your hairdresser and show them this picture.

What Hair Color Is the Best for 50 Year Old Woman?

The best hair color for 50-year-old woman would be the dark drown with chestnut hue. Do you know these brown hair colors that when exposed to the sun, have this copper or chestnut tint that looks incredible? Almost like it is fire-kissed, this color will transform you and make you feel sophisticated and chic. This shade is considered to be one of the top low-maintenance hair colors and you will love it!

dark brown hair color chestnut auburn women over 50 easy to maintain

Ash Blonde Hair Color for Women Over 50

ash blonde women over 50 low maintenance hair color ideas 2023

Ash blonde is one of the easiest hair colors to maintain, since it camouflages the grey locks super well! Even if they show up, they are not going to be visible, because of the grey undertones of the hair color. This means that you won’t have to go to the hairdresser often. Also, you can check out how to disguise grey hair with highlights in the best way possible!

Auburn Hair Color for Women Over 50

auburn hair color for women over 50 2023 low maintanence ideas

Did you know that hair dyes in red tones are the ones that cover up the grey hair the best? If you want something easy to maintain, but chic, opt for auburn hair color that is a total game changer!

Easy to Maintain Buttery Blonde Hair Color Over 50

buttery blonde hair color for women over 50 easy to maintain

Is it difficult to maintain a blonde hair color after 50? We say no! Depending on the shade you choose, you can easily maintain it even at home. This buttery blonde hair color is trendy and maintaining it will be like a child’s game!

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