How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights: The Colors That Will Rejuvenate You

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Is having grey hair really that bad? Women age in the most beautiful way, but sometimes, we need a fresh new hair color that will take a few years away, so we can feel youthful again! So, how to disguise grey hair with highlights? What are the colors that will cover our grey locks perfectly?

How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights: The Colors That Will Rejuvenate You

how to disguise grey hair with highlights 2023

First and foremost, having grey hair is completely normal. Sometimes, we even see grey pieces of hair in our mid 20s, or 30s and it is completely individual. No matter the case, you can either love it or hate it. However, according to many hair specialists, dyeing your hair entirely is not the best decision, since the hair dye can cover up only 25% of your grey locks! That’s right!

The specialists recommend that you go for highlights, lowlights or babylights that will kind of camouflage the grey hair. The highlights will blend in the grey pieces of hair, without making them look too visible and distinguished among your natural hair color. The good news is that this way of coloring your hair will not be so drastic and also it will be easier to maintain and less damaging. With that being said, let’s check out the best ideas on how to camouflage grey hair with highlights.

how to cover up grey hair with highlights blending blonde ash


How Do You Camouflage Grey Hair with Highlights?

Coloring your hair is not an easy as it seems, especially if you aim to cover your grey hair. There are a few things that you should take into consideration like natural hair color, age, and also what do you want to achieve as a result. But, we all know that highlights will do the job! First, let’s start with age:

  • Women under the age of 25: Grey hair may appear at a young age and there’s no reason for you to be afraid. This may be due to stress or it could be genetic. If you want to cover your grey locks, you don’t have to use permanent hair dye, since it could be damaging.
  • For women over 50: You have to use semi-permanent or permanent hair dye.

Now that you know what hair dye to use, let’s move on into the color category:

  • Natural brunettes: Hair experts advise that you go for lighter brown shades as your highlights and for something that has a grey undertone. This way you will blend the gray hair into the highlights.
  • Natural blondes: For the blondes out there, you are actually lucky, because there are more colors to choose for your highlights. Usually, we go for the ashy or icy blonde highlights, since they are the ideal shades to camouflage grey hair.

grey hair with blonde lowlights covering

Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights: Steps to Follow

If you are going to do highlights to cover your grey hair at home, you should follow these steps that will make the process easy. Having in mind the tips that we gave you above, get your gloves ready and let’s dive in!

  1. If you are going to cover up your first grey hair, you can only do spot treat. This means that you won’t have to dye your hair completely, since this can really cause a lot of damage. You can only treat the grey areas with none permanent hair dye.
  2. Now, for women with a lot of gray hair, you have to use the highlights method. Adding lighter highlights than your natural hair color with grey undertone can blend your grey locks.
  3. Babylights are also another option for your grey hair. They are more subtle than highlights and require only tiny pieces of hair. They are the “face lift”, but for hair.
  4. You can also try glazing the hair strands that are grey with semi-permanent hair dye, which will disappear after a few washes. This method is perfect if you are not sure if you want highlights or not.
  5. If you are not a fan of the highlights, which are a lighter hair color, opt for lowlights. The lowlights are in a darker color than your natural one.

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natural hair with grey highlights blending

What Color Highlights Are Best for Grey Hair?

There are certain colors that cover up grey better than others. Using a hair dye that has a cool grey undertone will help you blend your gray locks with your natural hair color better. For example, natural blondes should go for highlights that are platinum, ash, icy, etc. Brunettes should opt for something amber, caramel or chestnut.

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Covering Grey Hair with Highlights Ideas 2023

grey blending hair with highlights ash blonde

Grey Hair Highlights Ideas with Ash Blonde

grey hair blending with highlights women over 60

Ash Blonde Highlights for Grey Hair

disguise grey hair with highlights ash blonde color

Grey Hair Blending with Highlights for Women Over 60

ash silver color highlights blending hair women over 50

Blonde Highlights to Cover Grey Hair

highlights for grey hair women over 50

Silver Cool Toned Highlights to Camouflage Grey Hair

silver tone grey hair highlights

Salt and Pepper Highlights for Grey Hair Women Over 50

salt and pepper hair women over 60 camouflage grey highlights

Ashy Blonde Hair with Highlights to Cover up Grey Locks

highlights for grey hair with blonde women over 50

Babylights for Grey Hair

babylights for grey hair blending

Lowlights for Grey Hair Ideas 2023

lowlights for grey hair for women over 50

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