The Best Highlights to Blend Gray Hair for Brunettes in 2023!

by Radost P.

How to use highlights to blend gray hair? How does this process work if you are a brunette? What are the best techniques that expert hairstylists recommend?

How to Use Highlights to Blend Gray Hair Effectively? Here is What the Experts Suggest!

how to use highlights to blend gray hair

When you first notice signs of gray in your brown hair, what are you more inclined to do? To hide it or let it grow naturally? Below, you will find ways to blend gray hair by using professional highlights and several other options!

Classic Highlights

classic highlights


If there is a significant amount of gray hair, go for classic highlights. This is a great way to let the gray color shine, instead of hiding it. 

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How to Blend Grey Hair With Highlights? Consider Balayage!

balayage highlights

Choose a balayage option in case you want to cover a bigger area of your hair, by creating a silver-infused look. Ask your hairstylist to customize the treatment according to your needs. The end result will be a low-maintenance and almost natural look.

Babylights Option

babylights for blending gray hair

If you want to blend the gray into your dark hair in a subtle way, you could go for baby highlights. This method will require hair dye, and it is suitable for you, if you have a few gray hair strands.

 Gray Hair Glossing

gray hair glossing

A hair glossing method allows for semi-permanent effect that fades away after 4–8 weeks. Adding a bit of gloss will make your hair look shiny, moisturized, and more dimensional. According to expert, this approach helps to blend up to 75% of your gray hair.

Try a Combo of Highlights and Lowlights

combo of highlights and lowlights

So, how does this work? The lowlights generally darken your natural shade, while the highlights makes your color looks lighter. The multi-tonal look distracts attention from the unwanted gray color as much as possible.

Salt and Pepper Hair

salt and pepper hair cold turkey method

A salt-and-pepper method is one of the most popular hair trends recently, since it lets gray hair grow! As you know, many women decide to keep this color because it makes them look confident and attractive. For a clean look and smooth transition, visit your hairstylist often.

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In a nutshell, you should discuss the best option for your hair with your professional hairstylist, if you want to get optimal results and customized advice. We hope that this article was helpful to you!

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