Beauty Coaching: How to Protect Your Hair Color from Chlorine? Natural Care Tips for Summer 2023!

by Kremy

The summer season is here, and with it the long-awaited vacations. It’s time to take a stroll and relax by the water! Sand and sea not your cup of tea? Would you rather lounge by a beautiful pool? But when you say pool, you also say chlorine. Swimming pool water and hair are not really a great love story! Chlorine, like the sun, attacks and damages the hair fiber. The result? Goodbye to Ariel’s silky mane and hello to the unsightly bale of straw! In addition, it can quickly turn purple or, even worse, green. So what can you do to prevent the adverse effects of chloramines on your dyed hair? How to protect your hair color from chlorine naturally? Here’s an overview of the best beauty practices to follow so you can swim without fear while you’re on vacation!

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Hair Color During the Summer?

why and how to protect your hair from chlorine in pool naturally tips summer 2023

In summer, more than ever, our hair is subjected to more aggression from the combination of sun and chlorine. This puts hair to the test: loss of shine, faded color, dry ends and lengths. Colored manes are actually the most vulnerable, as they are already weakened by the dye. White or gray hair is not spared from the harmful effects of chloramines either. It is the chloramines that are responsible for the strong disgusting smell of swimming pool water. In fact, the higher the chloramine content, the more chlorinated the water.

“By bathing frequently, you expose your hair and your skin to more or less significant drying out, because chloramines tend to dissolve the fats in the dermis and scalp. They particularly attack keratin, the protein that protects healthy skin and silky hair from external aggressions”, explain the beauty experts at Deavita. Once this protection is threatened, the mane becomes drier and the skin less supple. Sometimes the consequences can be even more serious: eczema, psoriasis, itchy scalp, etc. In short, this summer 2023, you have to protect your hair the same way you care for your tan. Sprays, oils, leave-in creams… take a look at the best practices and the best hair care products.

How to Protect Your Hair Color from Chlorine Naturally? 7 Beauty Tips

how to protect your hair color from chlorine naturally summer sun care tips


How to protect your hair color from chlorine? Well, it’s best to find out and act in advance. Like our skin, our mane also requires the best protective care to stay healthy. So, to avoid cutting your mane short in the fall, put your hair on summer time mode with adapted care and a few beauty routines to follow before, during and after a swim.

Take a Shower Before Going Swimming

best products beauty tips to protect your hair from chlorine and sun in summer

As a general rule, it is damaged and already weakened hair that absorbs the most chlorine and turns purple or green. In any case, it is recommended to take a shower to wet your hair before going swimming. This will hydrate the scalp and prevent it from absorbing chlorine once in the water.

Brush Hair with Coconut Oil before Diving In

As you already know, chloramines reduce keratin and thus remove the protective layer from the scalp, making the mane more vulnerable to drying out and discoloration! The best way to prevent the situation this summer? Apply coconut oil to wet hair before diving. In addition to nourishing the mane, this will waterproof it slightly, which will help repel chlorine.

Use a Moisturizing Hair Mask

homemade mask avocado honey vegetable oil colored hair moisturizing care sun chlorine protection

In addition to a vegetable oil bath, you can also pamper your mane by using a natural, homemade moisturizing mask.

Use Sunscreen Products

summer hair care products spray anti uv protection colored hair sun chlorine swimming pool

How to protect your hair color from chlorine in the swimming pool? The simplest and most effective way is to tie your hair up high to avoid getting it wet. A high bun will do the trick if you don’t want your ends and lengths to get wet. In this case, using an anti-UV hair spray is a good idea. You can opt for a sun oil, a leave-in cream or a protective spray. Choose the right product for your hair type.

Wear a Swimming Cap to Protect Your Hair Color from Chlorine

wear swimming cap to protect your hair color from chlorine swimming pool holidays summer 2023

Always before swimming, it is advisable to use a waterproof swimming cap which will reduce the exposure of the hair to chlorinated water. This is a very effective method, because it acts as a physical barrier between water and hair. For your information, there are 4 types of swimming caps which include: fabric swimming caps, rubber swimming caps, silicone swimming caps and the most waterproof and comfortable of all – fabric on the inside and silicone on the outside.

Always Rinse Off After Swimming

beauty tips to protect hair color hair from chlorine pool sun summer 2023

“A few occasional dips in the pool won’t really have a bad effect on your hair,” say our hair experts. On the other hand, chloramines can become too irritating and aggressive after repeated long swims, especially for sensitive skin. Dryness, hair discoloration, lack of elasticity… To prevent all these harmful effects of chlorine, a good rinse after each swim is essential, accompanied by a mild shampoo specially formulated for color-treated hair. Next, moisturize to rebuild the scalp’s protective film, which has been damaged by washing.

Make a Vegetable Oil Bath

homemade oil bath to hydrate and protect hair color from chlorine bleach beauty tips holidays summer 2023

How to protect your hair color at the pool? After each day spent at the pool, apply a vegetable oil bath to boost your mane and protect it from the drying effect of chlorine. Ok, but which oils to choose? Choose hydrophilic oils such as avocado, coconut, argan and macadamia. They hydrate the hair deeply and repel chlorine. Apply before and after swimming. However, if your scalp is naturally oily, apply only to the ends.

how to remove green from hair due to chlorine naturally baking soda tips colored hair protection summer 2023

How to Remove Green from Hair Due to Chlorine?

Let the blondes who had the misfortune to have green hair coming out of the pool raise their hands! Myself included! Now, the same thing for brunettes whose color has turned purple! It’s quite normal. Chlorine and other chemicals in the water are the reason. Never put your head under water! If, despite your best efforts, your blonde bob turns green, try one of these home remedies:

  • Dilute aspirin in mineral water and use it as a rinse.
  • Dissolve a few vitamin C tablets in lukewarm water and also apply as a rinse.
  • Pepare a baking soda mixture: 2 tbsp. baking soda in a glass of mineral water.

Rinse and wash your mane as usual. The green highlights will fade after just one wash! To avoid further hair damage, let it air dry.



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