Which Short Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape and Which Ones You Should Avoid?

by Kremy

Going from long to short takes a lot of courage. Sure, hair can grow back, but we know that it won’t happen overnight. It is therefore understandable that you want to be well prepared and sure that you really choose a hairstyle that you will not regret. The shape of the face plays a big role in this. Which short hairstyle suits your face shape?

Determine your face shape to find the perfect short hairstyle for your features. A good analysis will tell you not only what flatters you, but also what haircuts you should avoid at all costs.

What Face Shape Do I Have?

hairstyles for oval face shape

Before you can find the right hairstyle for you, you should know your face shape. What is my face shape? Generally speaking, faces are divided into the following main shapes:

  • oval
  • around
  • angular/square
  • heart shaped
  • diamond shaped

Measure Your Proportions

how to measure and determine your face shape properly


To determine your face shape, you should have a few tools ready. These are:

  • a headband or ribbon to keep your hair out of your face
  • flexible tape measure
  • pen and paper
  • Mirror

As soon as you stand in front of the mirror with these tools, you can get started. The aim is to measure the face and then determine its shape based on the measurements noted. This is how to proceed:

  • Measure the length of the forehead by placing the measuring tape on one temple, right at the hairline, and pulling it across the forehead to the other temple. The tape is then centered between the top of the hairline and the eyebrows, so it runs across.
  • Find the distance between the cheekbones, namely where the highest point is.
  • You still need the jaw length, which you measure in two stages: Place the measuring tape on one side of your ear, along the angle of the jaw to the tip of your chin. Repeat the same on the other side. Then to get the total jaw length, take the sum of both results.
  • The length of the face is obtained by measuring from the hairline at the highest point of the forehead, over the nose and to the tip of the chin.

Determine the Shape of Your Face

which short hairstyle suits your face shape oval and round shape

  • Do you have an oval face?

then the distance between the cheekbones is the widest. The outer contours of the face are rounded and narrow towards the top and bottom. Usually the distances from the cheekbones up and down are the same length. Sometimes the upper part is narrower than the chin area. Another typical feature is that both the forehead area and the chin, which are actually the most pointed areas of the face, are rounded.

  • For round face

the distance between the cheekbones is roughly the same as the length of the face. Furthermore, the forehead and chin are not so pointed, but rather rounded. When viewed from the front, the outer contours of the face are also more rounded than angular.

which short hairstyle suits your face shape heart shaped or square with waves

  • The square face

The jawbones are particularly important for the square shape. These are the widest area on this face, with the space between the temples and cheekbones being about the same width. These outer points form a line, so to speak: the vertical lines of a square. The upper contour of the forehead is also straight rather than rounded, and the chin is not as pointed as in the upper two shapes above, but rather angular and straight.

  • The heart-shaped face shape

is characterized by a broader forehead compared to the narrower chin area, which is also pointed. Compared to the oval face, the heart-shaped face also has higher and often more pronounced cheekbones. The forehead contours are similar to the square face, where the corners are quite prominent.

diamond face shape has wide cheekbones

  • The diamond shape

has its highest point in the middle of the forehead (but without being too pointed), while the cheekbones are the widest point. From then on, the width of the face gradually becomes narrower and more pointed up to the chin.

Which Short Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape – These Haircuts Are Perfect!

which short hairstyle suits your face shape short shag for oval or round faces

So now that you’ve hopefully determined your shape, of course you finally want to know: which short hairstyle suits your face shape? There are flattering haircuts, but there are also haircuts that you should definitely avoid and we shall summarize the most important ones below.

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Short Haircuts for Oval Faces

spice up full or oval facial features with straighter haircuts

Which short hairstyle is suitable for an oval face shape? From bob to wolf cut to pixie and even the daring buzz cut, you may really try anything depending on how long you actually want to wear your hair and how much you dare. The oval face shape is probably the most uncomplicated of all. Since it has balanced proportions, you really can’t go wrong with the hairstyle. If you have thin hair, a cut that adds volume, such as bob, is recommended. Very thick hair benefits from layers. A shag or wolf cut, for example, is very versatile.

Do’s: anything that doesn’t unbalance the harmonious proportions of the face

Don’t’s: hairstyles that visually lengthen or shorten the shape of the face

wavy bob hairstyle for long narrow face

If the face is oval but narrower and longer:

Sometimes the face has an oval shape, but is quite elongated and narrow so the rules of the oval face shape no longer apply. A short hairstyle for a narrow face should balance out the proportions and make it look a bit wider. Curls are very suitable for this or a layered haircut that emphasizes the cheeks. The volume that is created makes an elongated face look shorter.

Short Hairstyles for Round Face

hairstyles for round face asymmetric pixie and bob with waves

Does a short hairstyle suit me if I have a round face? Definitely, as long as it’s the right one. While for an oval face you should never choose a hairstyle that makes the face look longer, for a round face shape such hairstyles are advantageous. The haircut shouldn’t be short at the nape of the neck, but at the sides. This can be achieved, for example, with sidecuts. But if that’s too radical for you, leave the hair a little longer but short enough to be able to style it back on the sides and create a fake sidecut. This makes a round, full face appear narrower.

What other short hairstyles are suitable for a round face? The bob as an all-rounder is also perfect, even if you are looking for a short hairstyle for curly hair and a round face. An asymmetrical short hairstyle is also a good choice, as it softens the curves and makes the face look a bit more angular.

In any case, you should try to keep the hair out of the face with the short hairstyle instead of hiding it with strands of hair, because this has exactly the opposite effect.

which short hairstyle suits your face shape round face with buzz or side cut


  • Bob, best with a side parting and also with straight bangs
  • Straight hair that elongates the face
  • Layers that fall sideways
  • Long (grown out) pixie
  • Bowl cut
  • Buzz Cut
  • Short shag
  • French bob
  • Wolf cut


  • classic short pixie unless it is asymmetrical
  • Side bangs to the bob

Note: If you have gained weight on your face, you will quickly get a round face shape, even if you normally have different proportions. Therefore, you can choose any short hairstyle mentioned above for a fat face as well.

What Haircut Is Suitable for Angular Face Shape?

hairstyles for long square face with side bangs or middle parting

You want to make an angular face look softer with a short hairstyle, i.e. to balance out the hard edges. A short bob, preferably with casual bangs, does just that. If you have straight hair, layers also prove very flattering and add volume to the upper part of the face.


  • Bob (with side parting)
  • Subtle bangs
  • Layers
  • Loose waves, preferably with a side parting
  • Short shag
  • French bob
  • Wolf Cut


  • Too conspicuous bangs
  • Straight bangs
  • Straight cuts that emphasize the edges of the face
  • Chin-length bob
  • Pixie
  • Be careful with curls

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Complement Heart-Shaped Faces with the Right Hairstyles

choppy crop with bangs for heart shaped or square faces

With a short hairstyle for a heart-shaped face, it is important to balance the wide forehead and the narrow chin. Being a versatile haircut, a bob is perfect. It balances the forehead, but provides some fullness and volume in the chin area. For this purpose the bob should be cut at chin length You can also boost the volume with the help of curls (natural curls or perm) or waves. Another popular short hairstyle is the pixie cut and the Rachel Cut looks especially sophisticated.


  • Rachel cut
  • Angled bangs
  • Thin bangs
  • Pixie
  • Bob with side parting
  • French bob
  • Wolf Cut
  • Bixie cut


  • Voluminous pixie
  • A bob too that is too voluminous at the top
  • Thick bangs
  • Middle parting
  • short bangs

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Which Short Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape: The Diamond-Shaped Face

which short hairstyle suits your face shape diamond shape with short shag

What should be the short hairstyle for women with diamond face shape? A layered haircut that ends at chin level perfectly softens the edges of the cheekbones. A pixie with bangs is also ideal as long as it is styled sideways, i.e. asymmetrically. It is best to make sure that the bangs/layers are at the level of the cheekbones, which is the widest part of the face. Unlike all other shapes, you can deliberately have the opposite effect with the short hairstyle – to provocatively emphasize the “flaw” (the cheekbones). You can achieve this, for example, with a bob that ends at the level of the cheeks – a hairstyle that is already quite daring. In addition to this, straight and thick bangs should be added.


  • Chin length short haircut
  • Side pixie
  • Bangs hairstyles
  • Short shag
  • Bob with side parting
  • French bob
  • Wolf Cut
  • Bixie Cut


  • Volume at the top
  • Layers in the chin area

which short hairstyle suits your face shape undercut with bowl cut

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