What’s the Best Bob Hairstyle for Your Face Shape? Find Out How to Choose the Perfect Haircut!

by Kremy

The right haircut can make any woman look beautiful. A bad haircut can cost a lot of nerves. The bob is still the most fashionable hairstyle. Do you wonder what’s the best bob hairstyle for your face shape? Due to the numerous variations, bob haircuts are suitable for women with different face shape and age.

What’s the Best Bob Hairstyle for Your Face Shape and How to Choose It?

what is the best bob hairstyle for your face shape how to choose the perfect haircut

Do you think it is time to change your hairstyle? Where to start from? The photo of the favorite actress should not be your guide when you go to the hair salon. After all, a haircut that looks great on one person may not suit you at all. You need to choose a hairstyle based on the unique features of your appearance, first of all, the shape of your face. When choosing a hairstyle it is very important to emphasize the advantages of your face and figure, while hiding all their flaws. This is quite easy to do if you know some secrets. Let’s see what’s the best bob hairstyle for your face shape!

What’s the Best Bob Hairstyle for Oval Face Shape?

what is the best bob hairstyle for oval face shape


If you have an oval face shape, then you are blessed because you can experiment with any bob hairstyle – short, medium length or long, with or without bangs. If you need to hide the forehead, a lob with side bangs is the perfect choice. A long bob and looks best on straight and smooth hair. If your hair is curly, you need to be careful when cutting it, as the length can shorten when the hair is dry. For example, Charlize Theron is one of the celebrities, famous for her bob hairstyles. She has worn so many variations – tousled, long, short and sleek, curly, messy and is the proof that any bob hairstyle is perfect for oval face shape.

Bob Hairstyles for Round Face Shape

bob hairstyles for round face shape

As with other face shapes, it is important to know how to emphasize the advantages of your round face. To hide chubby cheeks or wide cheekbones you should choose a length below the chin. Some volume at the back of the head will be very helpful, but do not give too much volume to the nape of the neck. An asymmetrical bob is also great for round face. If you want to add bangs, opt for the longer versions because short bangs will make the face visually larger.

Flattering Bob Hairstyles for Square Face Shape

flattering bob hairstyles for square face shape

The distinctive feature of square face shape is a beautiful well-defined cheekbones and a wide jaw line. You need a haircut that will smooth out the features a bit and make them softer and gentler. Angled and long bobs are a great choice as well bob hairstyles with side swept bangs. A center parted lob is also very flattering to square faces. Layered bob hairstyles 2023 will make the facial features softer and due to the fact that they add volume, this will make the face look more oval, which will surely only beautify the ladies with square face. You should also consider an inverted bob, in which one side is shorter than the other and elongated bangs.

What Bob Hairstyles Are Best for Heart Face Shape?

what bob hairstyles are best for heart face shape


Also called a V-shaped face, this type is characterized with wide cheekbones (actually, this is the widest part of the face) and narrow, sometimes sharp chin. The goal is to draw the attention away from the upper part of the face and accent the chin so the widest part of the haircut must be below the chin. Long bobs are especially flattering. You can choose a wavy variation as well.

How to Choose the Best Bob Hairstyle for Rectangle Face Shape?

how to choose the best bob hairstyle for rectangle face shape

Women with rectangle face shape need a hairstyle that will smooth out the features of the face and make it a little more round. The main feature of this face shape is that it is longer than its width. Short and medium length bob hairstyles will help to hide the wide cheekbones. A straight bob with straight bangs can also help to correct the shape. Another option that you can pay attention to is an inverted bob, or a layered long bob.





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