How to Clean Sperm Stains? Easy Steps to Remove Them from Anywhere!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Some of you might know how to get rid of the most troublesome food or beverage stains from your carpets and sofas, but do you know how to clean sperm stains? Now, now, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us have been there, or if we haven’t yet, we will some day! And if that’s the case, you must be prepared and know how to properly get rid of these stains before they leave a permanent mark. Find out now how to clean sperm stains from your mattress, clothes, carpet, car seat and wall.

How to Clean Sperm Stains from Mattress?

how to clean sperm stains from mattress

Let’s first focus on how to clean sperm stain from a mattress.

In the case when a semen stain seeps through your sheets, you should clean it as soon as possible. If you leave it be, it can cause a permanent mark on your mattress.

1. Dab sperm stain with sponge

No matter if the stain is fresh or dry, dab the stained area with cold water. Again, as previously mentioned, avoid hot water to not get any of the semen into the mattress material.

2. Use a cleaning solution

Now you have to spot treat the sperm stain with a solution made from a weak detergent and cool water. You can also use an upholstery stain remover spray. For a home-made semen stain remover for a mattress, mix cold water with baking soda or white vinegar.

3. Use a sponge and cold water

Then it’s time to slightly sponge the stained spot to remove the cleaning solution. Don’t over-wet the mattress as this can damage its foam.

4. Blot up and leave to dry

Take some paper towels and blot up any excess water. Leave the mattress to air dry before spreading your sheets.

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How to Remove Semen Stains from Clothes ?

You can remove semen stains from most fabrics if you wash them immediately with a biological detergent.

1. Treating fresh and dry stains

If the stain is still fresh, you can easily remove it by rinsing it with cold water. Be careful not to use hot water, as the high temperature can cause the remaining semen to set into the fabric’s fibres, resulting in a permanent stain.

If the stain is however a dried out one, first you will have to remove any dry matter with a soft bristle brush. This regards all fabrics apart from silk and wool.

2. Pre-treating the stain

You will have to pre-treat the semen stain. When you are washing cotton or any other resilient fabric, use an enzyme-based pre-washing spray to pre-treat the stained area. Leave the spray to soak into the material. For white clothes, you can also use hydrogen peroxide and cool water to remove a semen stain. If you are pre-treating a silk or wool material, make a solution of a few drops of detergent for delicate clothing and cold water. Soak the stained fabric in the mixture.

3. Wash clothes as usual 

The final step is just to wash your clothes as usual. After you have brushed off and pre-treated the semen stain, toss the clothes in the washing machine.

How to Clean Semen Stains from a Carpet ?

how to clean sperm stains from carpet

When it comes to semen stains on a carpet, they can come out very quickly if you clean them before they dry out.

1. Pre-treat a dry semen stain

For a dry semen stain on a carpet, first you will need to pre-treat it. Gently rub it off with a soft-bristled brush. Vacuum the stained area to get rid of any debris.

2. Use a cleaning solution

This step is both for a fresh and pre-treated dry semen stain on a carpet. Mix a solution of few drops of detergent, mild soap or white vinegar and cold water. Then use a sponge to dab and rub the semen stain. Again, avoid using hot water.

3. Sponge with clean water

Remove the cleaning solution from the carpet by using a sponge and clean water.

4. Blot up and leave to dry

Use paper towels to blot the area to remove any excess water. Leave the carpet to dry fully. You can vacuum the treated area once it has dried.

How to Remove Sperm Stains from Car Seat ?

how to clean sperm stains from car seat

Removing a sperm stain from a car seat can be a more difficult task when compared to the ones above. You may need special types of cleaners and treatments. However, you can also try to remove e sperm stain from a car seat with a mild detergent and warm water. First, apply the detergent to the concerned area and then use a soft cloth to scrub it gently. Rinse off the cleaner with warm water. Blot any excess water with a clean towel. Leave to dry.

Bonus: How to Clean Sperm Stains from Wall ?

Yeah, this actually does happen. It appears that removing a sperm stain from a wall has come to be one of the more difficult cleaning tasks. Luckily for you, here at, we will show you just how to do it properly!

1. Choosing the solution

To remove a sperm stain from a wall, you can mix equal parts vinegar with water. Apply the solution with a cloth over the stain. Or you can also make a paste out of water and baking soda. The paste should be rubbed into the stain.

2. Leave the solution, then scrub away

If you have finished with applying your chosen solution, leave it for a few minutes. Then, scrub the stain on the wall gently with a sponge or brush. If you can still see the stain, repeat the process.

3. Rinse the treated area

Once you are satisfied with the results, be sure to rinse the treated area thoroughly to avoid any damage to your paint or wallpaper.

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