How to clean mold off walls? These are the 3 of the most effective ways to help you remove it!

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Imagine getting your first dream house or apartment, the fresh new furniture and the smell of the brand-new walls, but then the time passes by and… on no! You noticed mold on the walls. Mold and mildew are very common issue in many households. Many people are struggling to find an answer to one question only: How to clean mold off the walls? There are actually very helpful and easy ways for you to do it by yourself. You don’t have to call a special firm, and spend your money. Let’s find out some of the most effective and simple tricks!

How to clean mold off walls?

how to get rid of mould on the wall home remedies removing mildew

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in humid and warm conditions. That is why it is very common to see it in our bathrooms. If some of your rooms are not ventilated properly, and you notice condensation, it is very likely for the mold to appear. It should be removed immediately as it may cause allergies, skin rash (if you touched it), runny nose and red eyes. It is also very bad for your health if you are in a room with a lot of it. Inhaling the air in that particular room can cause asthma attacks. There are different types of mold, however the most common indoor are the Black mold and Alternaria. Now let’s find out how to treat it and remove it from our walls!

1. Bleach and water solution

bleach and water solution cleaning mold of the walls how to get rid of mold mildew


First, it is very important to say that you absolutely have to use gloves and wear a mask when cleaning mold. You also have to prepare the room by moving all the furniture away from the walls. You can also cover them with old towels or whatever you have, just for extra safety. Now, what you are going to need is bleach, which not only removes yellow stains from white pillows, but can help you fight molds. Start by mixing 50 ml of bleach with 200 ml of water in a bucket. Then pour the solution into your spray bottle. You should start with a small area of the wall first, I recommend somewhere where it is less visible, so you can check if it is effective. When cleaning with bleach, you should first clean your wall, then spray the solution on it. Scrub very gently with a brush or a sponge. You will notice how the mold spots are disappearing. Make sure to dry the wall with a towel afterwards. If there are still some spots left, wait for a few days and apply again.

2. Vinegar and baking soda

how to clean mold of walls using vinegar and baking soda tips and tricks

We all know that vinegar is a very powerful tool when it comes to cleaning. It is proven by many studies that vinegar can remove 82 percent of mold spores. Baking soda is also a great helper when it comes to not only cooking, but cleaning different surfaces, teeth whitening, or even using it in the garden. What you are going to need is white vinegar, baking soda, spray bottle and a little bit of water. Mix the entire bottle of vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda and 200 ml of water. Pour the solution into the spray bottle and spray your walls. Wait for about 1 hour. You will need a gentle brush or a sponge to scrub off the mold. Next, rinse the area with warm water to remove any residue and then dry it using a towel. Keep in mind that the baking soda will help in absorbing the moisture from the wall.

3. Borax

how to get rid off mold on the walls mildew borax easy home remedies

Borax is usually used as a detergent booster, however, it can be very useful for removing mold off your walls. You will need one cup (200g)  of borax, 3 liters of hot water, 1 lemon and a spray bottle. Mix the water and the borax powder into a large bowl, and then squeeze a little bit of the lemon. Pour the solution into your spray bottle and shake well, so that the borax can completely dissolve in the water. Spray your walls, wait for a couple of minutes and then start gently scrubbing. You can again use a brush or a sponge. Allow the wall to dry. You don’t have to rinse out of this particular solution. Borax powder is great for keeping the mold from returning to your walls.

What is the best way to remove molds depending on your wall type?

cleaning mold off walls according to the wall type wallpaper painted wall drywall

All the 3 ways to clean mold off your walls that we have mentioned so far are very effective, but what is the most effective one according to your wall type? If you have regular painted concrete walls, you can use the 3 different methods, however the best one would be vinegar and baking soda solution. It is the best when it comes to killing the mold from the roots and prevent it from coming back. If you have wallpapers, scrubbing off the mold would not be good. Instead, dip a sponge in a white vinegar or tea tree oil and try to gently remove it. If you have drywall, try vinegar and baking soda solution.

Tips to prevent mold on your walls

dehumidifier helps preventing mold off walls tips ideas how to clean mold mildew

The best way to prevent mold from growing on your walls is to buy a dehumidifier. It will get rid of the moisture and humidity in the room, and it will provide a good ventilation. Speaking of ventilation, it is good to ventilate your rooms regularly. It will minimize the humidity, and you will get fresh air flow. Make sure all of your windows, pipes, and roof are insulated. Check for any leaks and if you find any, repair them as soon as possible. If you tried all the methods and the mold is still showing up, please call an expert so that the specialists can do the procedure.

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