Buzz Cut for Woman: Chic and Timeless, BUT Does It Suit Everyone?

by Gabby

Is there a hairstyle that requires not minimum, but NO STYLING at all? I have some good and some bad news for you. I have found the hairstyle that will make your life much easier, however, it does not suit everyone. Not only that, but it is certainly for the bolder ladies, who are not afraid to experiment. I am talking about buzz cut for woman that a lot of celebrities are adapting like Zoë Kravitz, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevigne. Who can wear the buzz cut? How to style it? How to do it at home? I will answer all of your questions!

Buzz Cut for Woman: Chic and Timeless, BUT Does It Suit Everyone?

what face shape suits a buzz cut female hairstyle trends 2023

Have you heard about this military style haircut? We normally see it on man, however in 2023 a lot of women are jumping into this trend and adapting the cut with ease. There is something about the buzz cut for woman that will make you look chic and very feminine. And the main thing here is that you won’t have to spend even a minute when it comes to styling it. However, as I already mentioned it does not suit every face out there. It can be very tricky if you want to try it out. Let’s find out who can wear it!

What Face Shape Suits a Buzz Cut Female?

Buzz Cut for woman can certainly bring you that change that you were looking for. But you have to be careful with it, because it is not for everyone. The buzz cut is the perfect fit for people with round, oval, and heart face shapes. If you have square or oblong face shape, we recommend for you to avoid this haircut. It can really highlight your features in the most unflattering way!

kristen stewart buzz cut for woman haircut ideas in 2023


Buzz Cut for Older Woman

buzz cut for older woman pixie crop haircut 2023

When it comes to adapting the buzz cut for women, the hair experts normally recommend that your hair length is from 3 to 15 millimeters. This allows more women to take the plunge and cut their hair short, because you can adjust the length according to your preferences. Can older women wear the buzz cut? Yes! Not only that they can, but they should, because as we said it does not require styling. You will not apply any heat, which means your hair won’t be damaged. Cutting your hair that short can really give it a new life and make it grow stronger afterward. And let me tell you, this haircut looks really sophisticated as you can see on the photo! If you need more inspiration, check out buzz cut for women over 50 that will spark your imagination!

Hair Products for Buzz Cut Woman

hair products for buzz cut woman how to style it ideas

Yes, you will not need to style this haircut by applying heat, however you will have to maintain it properly. I have one word for you here – moisture. The buzz cut requires a lot of moisture so your hair can look really healthy. If you want to avoid products that have silicons and other bad ingredients, I recommend doing some home remedies that will help. Apply avocado oil or coconut oil as a mask and leave them for about one hour, before you shower. Then rinse it off completely and continue with your regular hair routine.

How to Do a Women’s Buzz Cut at Home?

Can you do a buzz cut for women at home? Apparently it can be super easy to achieve it. Yes, it can be stressful if you are going from long to short hair, so in that case I recommend going to your hairstylist first. But if you already did it and all you need is refreshment, then you can simply do it at home as shown on the video. Once a month is enough for you to maintain it and make it look good!

Buzz Cut Fade for Woman

buzz cut fade for woman short hairstyle trends 2023

If you are not a fan of the harsh lines of the buzz cut, you can do a softer look – buzz cut fade. What is it exactly? The haircut is shorter on the sides and it gradually grows at the top. This creates the illusion of more volume at the top of your head. Keep in mind that the buzz cut fade requires more frequent maintaining.

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Famous Female Buzz Cuts

buzz cut for women over 50 famous female hairstyle jada smith

Zoë Kravitz buzz cut hairstyle

zoe kravitz famous female buzz cuts hair trends 2023

Natalie Portman buzz cut hairstyle

natalie portman buzz cut short hairstyle for women trends 2023

Kate Hudson buzz cut: Short hairstyle trends for women 2023

kate hudson buzz cut female hairstyle trend 2023

Karen Gillan short hairstyle

karen gillian short hairstyle buzz cut for woman

Jessie J: Buzz cut for women

jessie j short hairstyle trend buzz cut for women trends 2023

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