What Is THE Hush Cut: This Is Why Everyone Is Talking About It…

by Gabby

The Fall is here and I suddenly feel like I want to try a new haircut that has a romantic vibe and will be in sync with the season! Thankfully, there’s a new trend coming our way and literally everyone is talking about it. What is the hush cut? Why is it so trendy and ideal for the Fall season? Who can wear it?

what is the hush cut hair trends 2023

What Is The Hush Cut?

The hush cut is a layered hairstyle that falls into the category of wash and wear haircuts. It has a C-formed layers that frames the face and gives it an effortlessly beautiful look. Usually, the cut goes hand in hand with a nice fringe. Depending on your preferences, it could be curtain bangs or side swept ones. The hush cut has a romantic feeling to it and it is perfect for the Autumn season. It is easily adapted by anyone, who doesn’t have the time to style their hair, but wants something that will look good every time. If you have thin hair, this hush cut can create the illusion of thickness and dimension because of the layers. What makes it different from the other layered haircuts that we know about though? Let’s find out!

hush haircut for women trends layered fringe


Hush Cut VS Wolf Cut

hush cut vs wolf cut trends women hairstyle ideas 2023

People on the Internet started speculating that the hush cut and the famous wolf cut are pretty similar, some even believed that they are basically the same. Experts say, however, that the two haircuts are actually really different even though both of them are layered and adapted with fringe. As you can see, the hush cut focuses on the volume that is spread evenly through the hair. While the wolf cut, focuses on creating the volume at the top of the hair and the layers are more visible. The hush cut has layers that are seamless and more flowy in a way, which makes it a bit more wearable. We can also say that the wolf cut has this shaggy vibe, while the other one is more on the retro side. It is up to you to decide, which one will fit you better. They both have their pros and cons, however, the trendier one right now is certainly the hush cut!

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Is Hush Cut Good for Square Face?

If you happen to have a square face, there’s a chance that your hair emphasizes on it. And that can make your facial features look a bit harsh at times. To make it look softer, experts advise that you should adapt a cut with layers. With that being said, the hush haircut is perfect for women with square faces! Don’t hesitate to try cutting bangs as well, which will only add and elevate the trendy look of the hairdo.

is hush cut good for square face

Does a Hush Cut Need Styling?

As we mentioned earlier, the hush cut is considered a wash and wear haircut. There’s no need for styling it, because the shape and the layers. All you can do for optimal results is to put some texturizing spray or moose for more volume. People with straight or curly hair can wear it easily without a doubt. The layers of the hush haircut will give you this feathery effect without having to apply any heat. Our only advice is to NOT try and cut it yourself at home, because these layers should be made by a professional at a salon.

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hush haircut for women medium length hair


Can The Hush Haircut be Short?

The hush haircut is super versatile. That’s why we said it can be worn by women with different hair textures. As it turns out, it can be different lengths as well. The short hush cut is the ideal lob for this Fall season. The best way to adapt it is with curtain bangs that will give your face a nice frame and will make your features softer and more feminine.

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short hush haircut with bangs

Layered Hush Haircut Ideas with Fringe 2023

hush haircut for long thick hair

Short Hush Haircut with Wispy Bangs

short hush haircut with wispy bangs

Medium-Length Hush cut with Curtain Bangs

medium length shaggy hush haircut with curtain bangs

Hush Haircut with Layers for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

hush haircut for women over 50

Layered Hush Haircut for Women with Chubby Face

hush haircut with face framing layers for chubby face

Lob Hush Haircut with Fringe for Women with Straight Hair

short c shaped hush haircut for women with straight hair

Long Hush Haircut for Women with Thick Hair

face framing layered hush haircut for thick hair

Layered Hush Cut for Women with a Round Face Shape

hush haircut for women with round face shape

Layered Hush Cut with Curtain Bangs

long hush haircut with curtain bangs

Ombre Hush Haircut with Layers and Face-Framing Fringe

ombre hush haircut with curtain bangs

Hush Haircut with Highlights

hush haircut with highlights for more volume

Short Hush Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

layered super short hush haircut

Hush Haircut for Curly Hair: Before VS After

hush haircut before vs now

Layered Face-Framing Hush Haircut for Grey Hair

layered hush cut for grey hair

Long Hush Cut for Thick Hair

hush cut for chubby face long thick hair

Hush Haircut for Women with Thin Hair

hush haircut for women with an oval face shape

Curly Hush Haircut with Face-Framing Bangs

hush haircut for curly hair


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