Which Trendy Haircut 2023 Is Made for You? Feast Your Eyes..

by Kristiyana

Do you know what the easiest way to combat the fall blues is? To adopt a balanced diet? Go shopping? Opt for a new manicure? Yes, it’s a very good idea but… What if you also changed your hairstyle by opting for a trendy haircut 2023? Want to know which hairstyles are trending and will help you do a little makeover to cheer you up and get off on the right foot for the new season?

Which Trendy Haircut 2023 to Adopt for Fall?

haircut trend 2023 curtain bangs short hairstyles

The year 2023 is very rich in terms of hairstyles and the choice is enormous, no matter if you want a complete makeover or to simply refresh your current hairstyle. So, which trendy haircut 2023 to adopt? What are the most popular styles for this fall?

First of all, this year is the year of short haircuts! Whether it’s pixies, bixies or even shags, the short hairstyle is undoubtedly the style to consider when we want something different and new. Layered, tapered, and textured hairstyles are also on point for the season. Then, there are also haircuts with bangs. Haircuts with curtain bangs are very sought after, as well as side bangs or short bangs. Want to see more of this with examples?

Tempted by Short Haircuts? Opt for the Modern Pixie!

trendy haircut 2023 modern pixie with curtain bangs short haircut


The Pixie is already one of the short haircuts for women that we all know and love. But what exactly does a modern Pixie mean? The trendy version of this hairstyle is actually a little longer than usual, making it perfect for chilly days in fall and winter. It also presents delicate and romantic layers which lightly frame the face and which have a powerful rejuvenating effect. The hairstyle is perfect for those with fine or wavy hair, and the result is truly elegant!

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The French Bob: The 2023 Bob Cut Trend Revisited

trendy haircut 2023 french bob short with modern bangs for fall 2023

Just like pixies, bob cuts never go out of style! But for fall 2023, the classic bob gives way to the French bob, which is its much more modern version. Joyful and at the same time elegant, this short haircut can be adapted to every face shape and hair texture! The French bob is longer in the front and a little shorter in the back, which provides volume and movement to the hair. Wear with curtain bangs to frame your face!

Feathery, Layered, Face-Framing Haircuts

fall 2023 trend short haircut with bangs frame the face

It doesn’t matter short or long, in 2023 we are focusing a lot on tapered, layered and face-framing hairstyles. The goal is to create a natural, textured look and highlight the beauty of your face. Feathered cuts are perfect for thick hair because they help remove weight. On the other hand, layered styles are the route to take if your hair lacks volume. A grunge look + curtain bangs – a winning style this fall!

Curtain Bangs for Fall Hairstyles 2023

haircut with curtain bangs trendy short hairstyles fall 2023

Opting for a trendy haircut 2023 with curtain bangs is among the best things you can do to put yourself in a good mood this fall! Which are the perfect bangs for your face shape? Although it’s not something new, these framed bangs continue to grow in popularity since they are easy to adopt with almost every haircut and look good on everyone! Whether you wear a short or long haircut and whether your hair is straight, wavy, thin or thick, curtain bangs are always a good choice, and they are very easy to maintain!

Trendy Haircut 2023: The Rachel 2.0

women's short haircuts rachel with bangs trend

Since the success of the series Friends, the haircut of Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, has become a symbol of femininity. Today, the hairstyle is just as popular, but its 2.0 version is the new way to adapt it. So, if you want to keep a certain length in your hair, this layered and voluminous haircut, flattering for every face shape, is undoubtedly a very good choice!

Long Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

modern long bob with bangs fall 2023

This trendy haircut 2023 is further proof that you can count on a short hairstyle and curtain bangs to have a super modern look this fall. It is another style that frames the face, giving it more softness and femininity. Perfect for heart or oval faces, the long, blunt bob can be styled to create lots of volume and movement through the hair. Don’t hesitate to wear it with waves for a spectacular result.

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