Boyish, Pixie or Short Bob? Which Short Androgynous Haircut for Women to Choose in Fall 2023?

by Kristiyana

Want a little change of style for this fall? Or can we even say a big change? The androgynous haircut is a huge hair trend for 2023, and it will bring you the freedom you have always dreamed of, in addition to a beautiful makeover! But which short, gender-neutral hairstyle should you choose? Between the boyish, pixie, shag, or mullet cut, which would suit you best?

What Is the Modern Gender-Neutral Haircut in 2023?

androgynous haircut straight hair mullet trend 2023

If you’ve always wondered what you would look like wearing a very short haircut, fall 2023 finally offers you the opportunity to try it! I can’t remember another time in my conscious life when short hair was as trendy as it is now! And it’s time to enjoy it, girls!

But what is the short androgynous haircut, and why should you choose it? It is a hairstyle composed of traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine elements, which makes it non-gendered or even non-binary. These are generally short haircuts such as the pixie cut, tomboy haircuts, very short bobs, or even mullets. Yes, nothing you don’t already know, right? Let’s find out how to wear these cuts to be super trendy in fall 2023!

Which Short Androgynous Haircut to Pick in Fall 2023?

androgynous haircut short woman trend 2023


So, are you ready for a big makeover? Whether you’re just curious to try a short haircut or want to finally match your hair to your personality, there’s an androgynous style for everyone! All you have to do is choose yours! And here are the trendiest short androgynous hairstyles for fall:

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The Classic Pixie As the Most Popular Androgynous Haircut

short boyish pixie cut with bangs 2023

It’s no coincidence that the pixie cut is first in our ranking! It’s a very versatile short haircut that can be worn in many different ways and has both feminine and masculine features. Wear your hair to the side or brush it back for an even sleeker look. Or use a pomade to create spikes… The possibilities for styling your hair are truly endless! It’s also a very rejuvenating option for women after 40 who are looking to modernize their style.

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The Trendy Wolf Cut

haircut androgynous woman short trend 2023 fall mullet

As of 2022, the Wolf Cut is an extremely popular androgynous haircut! Lots of celebrities like Cara Delevingne who wore it in 2023 have already tried this style which is inspired by the shag cut and the mullet cut at the same time. Short and very layered, the hairstyle will help you to get an original and super modern look.

The Mullet: the Mid-Length Androgynous Cut

androgynous haircut long mullet idea

Do you dream of even more versatility? Try the mullet haircut! Halfway between short and mid-length, this hairstyle is back in force for fall 2023! Combine with long gradient layers at the back and short ones at the crown. And to make you look even more trendy, you can even try an original hair colour like the trendy champagne blonde or bright-coloured highlights. The haircut is perfect for those with heart-shaped, round or triangular faces.

Stylish Pixie Cut with Bangs

short androgynous hairstyle trend fall 2023

The androgynous boyish haircut is perfect for those who want to grow out their short pixies. The pixie cut is shorter on the sides and longer on the top of the head, which allows you to also opt for side bangs. Combine with a layers for a more grunge look.

The Modern 2023 Bowl cut

bowl cut for women fall 2023 short hairstyle trend

But no, we’re not talking about the bowl cut that everyone wore in the 90s! For fall 2023, the look is modernized, and the sides are not as short or even shaved as they were in the past. The top of the head remains longer, but this androgynous haircut looks much more subtle and fine compared to before. Wear it with bangs a little above the eyebrows.

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Trendy Short and Textured Shag

short shag cut trend woman hairstyle fall 2023

And yes, no need to be surprised! We can very well call the short shag cut that has become so trendy recently an androgynous haircut. Ideal for you if you are looking for a casual look full of movement and texture, the haircut is also suitable for those with fine hair that lacks volume.

Short Bob Cut with Centre Parting

adrogynous haircut ides fall 2023

This is an excellent option for those who want to keep some length in their hair while opting for a non-binary cut. However, to give the bob an androgynous vibe, the haircut must be quite short and worn smooth and with a centre parting. How to part your hair based on face shape? The length at the collarbone line generally leaves enough freedom to style your hair in different ways and even tie it in a ponytail.

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