Bowl cut 2023: A modern take on a classic haircut! How to pull it off and who does it suit?

by Kristiyana

Thought you’d seen the end of the dreaded childhood bowl cut? Well think again! But don’t picture that same haircut that your mother used to give your little brother by placing a bowl on his head, and cutting it with a pair of scissors by the outlines (or was that just in my home?). The bowl cut of 2023 is stylish, versatile, and worn by tons of celebrities. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Charlize Theron are just a few of the names who have experimented with it. Lisa Rinna’s version sported at Paris Fashion Week has also been trending like crazy in the past few days. But how can you pull off a bowl cut? Who does it suit? Keep on reading to find out!

What is the 2023 bowl cut?

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The 2023 version of the bowl haircut is all about finding the style that suits you best. Want to wear it in a rounder, bowl-like shape? You got it! Or maybe experiment with some colour and wear it shaggier? Also, possible! Wear it sleek and glossy, pair it with a choppy, statement fringe or focus purely on making it looks polished and shiny. The choice is yours! This reinvented cut is edgy, and can perfectly be matched with vibrant makeup or a pair of giant earrings.

Who does the haircut suit?

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Before getting the cut, it’s best to find out if it would suit your face shape. If you have a long and narrow face, the bowl cut can be styled blunt and brushed forward. For those with a heart-shaped face, better to wear this haircut longer. Oval and square faces can also have an easier time pulling off this hairstyle. However, with round faces the bowl cut can highlight your chubby cheeks, and make you look bloated. In cases like this one, talk to your hair stylist which style would suit you most.

Can a bowl cut look good?

Of course, it can! After you have acknowledged whether your face shape is suitable for the haircut, you can have a trip to the hair salon. It’s always good to bring pictures with you of the look that you want to your stylist, so they can have a better idea of how to cut and style your hair. This hairstyle is very low-maintenance, yet it gives you a polished and classic look. It is particularly flattering on thicker hair, as the cut appears fuller.

Bowl cut 2023 – Hairstyles

pastel colour hair_pastel hair

Did I already convince you to try this super trendy 2023 short haircut? If not, have a look at these fabulous celebrity takes on the modern bowl cut!

Charlize Theron’s blonde bowl cut


If the stunning Charlize Theron can pull off a 2023 bowl cut, so can you! This take is cut with the ends reaching just the top of the ears. They are mostly at one length, but slightly textured. Thanks to this, the classic haircut is refreshed and gets a modern vibe. Make it even more sexy with an ashy blonde hair colour.

And if you are looking for a short cut that hides the ears, check out these 8 flattering styles for all ages!

Christina Ricci’s cute version

bowl cut_bowl cut 2023

And we have the original Wednesday Addams herself! Christina Ricci’s 2007 take on the bowl haircut is certainly one worth trying. It’s not so much edgy, as it is sweet and cute. Her hair looks shiny and polished, so make sure to use a shine spray when styling yours. And a product to hold, of course.

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Ruby Rose’s sexy bowl cut

ruby rose hair_short hairstyles for women

I have always had such a girl crush on Ruby Rose. I can’t be the only one, right? Her take on the bowl hairstyle is sexy and lively. The ends have different lengths, and more hair is left at the top, creating volume. Her highlighted strands also create body for this modern haircut.

Agyness Deyn’s boyish cut

hair trends 2023_hair trends

Former British model Agyness Deyn’s take on the bowl cut is very edgy and grunge. This 2023 boyish hairstyle for women only needs a retro black leather jacket and a pair of combat boots to make you feel like you are in the 90s. Dare to try it?

Lisa Rinna/Will Byers bowl cut

Lisa Rinna paris fashion week_Will Byers bowl cut

Did you see Lisa Rinna’s bowl cut sported at Paris Fashion Week? Social media has been going crazy over it! A lot of people have called out that her haircut resembled that of the character Will Byers from Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. As someone who is a die-hard fan of the show, I have to say, that it kinda does look the same… For better or worse!

Stylish short blonde haircutblonde bowl haircut_can a bowl cut look good

Looking for a short hairstyle for your blonde hair to rock this summer? I think you found it! This stylish take on the bowl haircut gives you yet more proof about how the hairstyle from your childhood nightmares can look super chic and modern if styled correctly. Plus, your favourite pair of earrings will always be in sight.

Zendaya’s shiny bowl hair

zendaya hairstyle_zendaya bowl cut

Are there any words to describe Zendaya’s fabulous, sleek and shiny bowl cut? I will certainly try. Her take on this 2023 hair trend is what we girls should strive for when getting the bowl haircut. A polished and glam look, certainly worth of the red carpet.

Rihanna’s iconic haircut

rihanna bowl cut_rihanna short hairstyle

And how can we not mention Rihanna’s iconic 2009 bowl cut? I mean, yeah, I know it’s Rihanna, and she can wear a garbage bag and still look amazing. But if this hairstyle is cut to flatter your personal face shape, you can also look gorgeous wearing it.

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