State-Of-The-Art No Grass Backyard Ideas for Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living All Year Round

by Stephanie Yankova

The dream of having a beautiful green lawn with fresh flowers, a herb garden, and big trees throwing shade at the perfect spot where you’ve put your brand-new outdoor furniture, is great on paper, but much less idyllic in reality. Grass seeds are easy to plant, they are cheap and grow relatively quickly. You may see these as pros at first, but the speed at which grass grows will probably be one of your biggest hurdles in the long run. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into the upkeep of a grass backyard  – from watering and mowing it regularly to reseeding, renovating, aerating and feeding – the list goes on and on. This is not only time-consuming, but also costly. It’s becoming a much less desired option for homeowners nowadays, especially with the new landscaping trends that have been emerging over the last few years. So how can you achieve lush results without all that hassle? Here are a few no grass backyard ideas to help you get inspired for your next renovation.

wood floor backyard design ideas

How can I decorate my backyard without grass?

There are many low-maintenance alternatives to grass you can explore when it comes to your backyard design. From Portuguese tiles to concrete slabs, and even hardwood – the no grass backyard ideas are endless. They are not only cost-effective, but can also help create a seamless blend with both the exterior and interior of your house. Let’s take a look at some landscaping and decorating ideas to liven up your backyard.

Landscaping no grass backyard ideas

Your backyard is your sanctuary. A place to escape from the hustle and bustle, recharge and have fun whether it’s by yourself, with family, or friends. It’s important for the landscape of your backyard to allow you to make the most of your space and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Keep reading and explore some of our favorite no grass backyard ideas.

al fresco no grass backyaed wooden table bench greenery plants


Hardwood patio

wood floor no grass backyard ideas inspireation

If you are someone who’s after a more natural look that doesn’t require hours of grass mowing, then a wood flooring might be the best option for you. This is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere in a smaller outdoor space. Add a few pot plants in different sizes, and you’ll have your little oasis in no time. Make sure you keep the original raw finish of the wood planks for a more rustic and lived-in look.

Bring the desert to your backyard

gravel backyard patio design ideas no grass landscaping

Gravel patios are probably some of the easiest to maintain. When you live in an area with a dry or wet climate, this is an option that works for both, as gravel drains incredibly quickly. You can choose the size and color of the pebbles depending on your needs and aesthetic vision. The lighter hues would be ideal if you are trying to go for a desert-like effect.

Dazzling stonework patio

 stonework patio design ideas landscaping

Using stonework withing your backyard is an excellent way to elevate its design. In this case, the stone can be seen in the interior of the house, as well, so it creates a beautiful seamless transition between the two spaces. Bricks are incredibly versatile, they come in different colors and textures and help to create a truly timeless backyard design. Another great benefit of the brick flooring is that it’s much cheaper than other stonework and requires less maintenance than the natural stone alternatives.

Timeless concrete look

concrete patio no grass backyard design open outdoor space

Whenever we hear concrete, most of us associate it with a feeling of coldness, isolation and an overall uninviting atmosphere. This might be true on some occasions, however, the interest in this raw and industrial material has been skyrocketing in the last couple of years. It’s modern, low-maintenance, incredibly affordable, and best of all – it’s a blank canvas that allows you to explore all your decoration ideas.

concrete backyard design ideas inspiration

I understand that this brutalist cement look isn’t for everyone, but if you’re still drawn to its efficiency, there are other ways to implement it into your backyard design. Here’s an idea for a gravel base with concrete walkways used to connect different areas of your patio. A little heads up – it’s good to apply concrete sealer once you’re finished laying down the concrete slabs. It creates a protective layer that prevents any damage caused by sun, wind, and rain.

Funky tiles

tiles backyard landscaping design ideas no grass

These classic black and white checkerboard tiles simply don’t go out of style! They’re ideal for smaller patios and European-style houses. Add a few vintage wicker lounge chairs, pillows to complement the floor pattern, lots of plants, and you have your own exotic hideaway!

No grass backyard decoration ideas

Now that we’ve laid down the base of our backyard, it’s time to let our imagination run wild and get to decorating! Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, you like modern furniture, classic timeless pieces, or rustic designs – we’ve got you! Here are our tips on decorating your backyard based on your unique aesthetic.

Bohemian living

bohemian decoration no grass backyard persian rugs fairy lights

Boho is all about having fun and letting your whimsical character shine through. Place around your garden area a few rugs of different shapes, sizes and patterns. Mix and match different kinds of seating furniture – stools, ottomans, pillows – anything works! Play with textures and materials, and make it an extension of yourself!  Don’t forget to add a hammock for some extra comfort, and some fairy lights to finish off the Bohemian atmosphere of your outdoor space.

Minimalist Decor

minimalist design decoration ideas no grass backyard

If you were drawn to the concrete landscaping ideas, you’ll probably enjoy these minimalist decoration tips, too! The key to creating a clean, yet effective design hides in the details. In this case, all the furniture follows the shape of the house with clean lines and 90 degree angles. Use materials as a guide through your space – dark metal and soft textures for the dining area, and contrasting bright wooden sun loungers for your relaxation area.

Moroccan Style

moroccan style backyard decoration ideas

It’s a never-ending vacation with these bright blues and greens! Create your little Moroccan oasis by choosing Moroccan encaustic tiles for your flooring. Incorporate Kilim fabrics in your pillows, or electric colors that create a strong contrast with the flooring and furniture.

No grass backyard ideas with a rustic flair

rustic style garden decoration inspiration ideas

Stone tiles, vintage furniture, white linen and the smell of fresh herbs and flowers – what more could you possibly want! Mix rough texture with organic fabrics and metal furniture and accessories for a true rustic feel with minimal efforts.

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