How to Part Your Hair Based on Face Shape? Tips for Round, Heart, Square and Oval Faces

by Kristiyana

I don’t know if any of you have ever thought about this, but did you know that changing the way you part your hair can immediately give you a completely new hairstyle? You might have rocked the same hair parting for years, which is what most people do. However, are you actually sure that this parting style is flattering for your facial features? We’ve all had our fair share of fails when it comes to hairstyling, but if you know how to do it correctly, you can bring in many benefits for yourself and the way you look. Want to find out how to part your hair based on face shape? Here we go!

How to Part Your Hair Based on Face Shape? — A Guide

how to part your hair based on face shape

You might not believe it yet, but choosing the right parting for your hair can help to flatter your personal facial features. Bringing out your cheekbones, elongating your face, softening its sharp angles – these are just some of the few ways you can benefit your appearance with the perfect parting style for you. How you part your hair is usually determined by your hairlines and your natural hair growth patterns. It’s a good idea to change your parting every now and then for better hair health. Trying out a different hair part can stimulate your scalp and prevent issues like thinning and hair loss.

How Do I Know Where to Part My Hair?

how to do hairstyle according to face shape


In order to pick out the hair parting that will suit you most, first you have to acknowledge your face shape. Knowing which type of face you have is the first step to finding out the perfect parting style for you. If you have no idea what kind of face shape you possess, go in front of the mirror and compare the one you have to those in the chart above. You can easily download the image if you want to use it in the future as well, or send it to a friend to help them out. Are you now sure which face shape is yours? Great, then let’s see which hair part will make you look your best!

Parting Your Hair Based on Your Round Face

best hair part round face

If you’ve ever asked yourself “What face shape suits a middle parting?”, then you should know that this style is great for people with a round face shape. Middle parting as well as a deep side part can give your round face symmetry and make it look longer than it is in reality. When wondering how to pair these parting styles with a haircut, beware of ones with too many layers. Try a cute bob cut for a round face that will make it look slimmer. Short hairstyles are great for round faces.

Flattering Hair Parting Style for Heart-shaped Faces

which side of my face should i part my hair

Which hair parting is best for a heart-shaped face? Experts say that if you want to break up a pointy chin and soften your cheekbones, a deep side part is the way to go. This parting style will flatter anyone with a heart-shaped face and soften any harsh facial features. Those who have a natural middle hair part will need to style it into a deep side one while their hair is still wet. You can also apply a gel to keep your new parting hairstyle in place.

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How to Part Your Hair Based on Face Shape: Square Type

best hair part for rectangular face square shape

For people with a square face shape, the hair part that would look best on them is a soft, side-swept parting style. And if you decide to combine it with bangs, all the better. But before opting for the big cut, be sure to know which bangs will suit your square face shape most, as not all types will prove to be flattering. Likewise, a subtle side-swept will bring softness to your face. Just be careful not to part it too deep, as this will accentuate the harsh features of your square face.

Oval Face Shape: Ideal for Every Type of Hair Parting

best hair part for oval face

If you enjoy reading articles about hairstyles, you probably know that a lot of experts say that people with an oval face have it easier. When a new hair trend arrives, you can be sure that those with an oval face shape will probably be able to pull it off with ease. And the same goes for hair parting. When you have this many opportunities to try new styles and look good in them, you can’t skip switching up your hair part every now and then now, can you? Anything is possible here! Personally, I love to play around with my hair part as I also have an oval face shape. With my curly hair, I like to wear a deep side part as it creates more volume for my curls. You should try it too!


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