How to Protect Car from Hail? 3 Easy & Effective Solutions!

by Kristiyana

How to protect your car in the event of hail? What to do to limit the damage? Which are the most effective solutions? 

How to Protect Car from Hail?

how to protect car from hail storm

There is no need to introduce one of the most destructive weather phenomena: hail. The latter can cause serious casualties and damage both the bodywork and the roof of your car. To protect your car against hail, we recommend that you check the weather forecast carefully. Indeed, storm warnings issued by weather forecasts can be of great service by giving you a head start. It goes without saying that it is best to park your car in a garage if you have one. There it will be safe from hail and possible damage. For those who are not so lucky, some precautions should be taken. We’ll tell you which ones right away!

protecting car against hail 2023


Don’t Park Your Car Under a Tree

don’t park your car under a tree 2023

While it may seem like good protection at first, we strongly recommend that you do not leave your car under a tree during a storm. The branches of the tree can fall on top of your car in such cases. Usually accompanied by wind and potential lightning, hail can cause major damage, so try to limit it by parking in a safe place. In addition, it is essential to fold your side mirrors. Indeed, these thin and fragile objects could be cracked by hail. Better to be safe, right?

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How to Protect Car from Hail? With an Anti-Hail Cover

how to protect car from hail diy anti hail cover

If you don’t have a place to shelter your vehicle, such as a garage, a hail cover can be an excellent defence that can prevent broken wind shields and dents in your vehicle. In any case, it will certainly allow you to limit damage in the event of major storms. There would certainly be a model on the market specially adapted to your vehicle. Be sure that you will find just what you are looking for!

With an Anti-Hail Blanket

how to protect car from hail no garage anti hail blanket

The anti-hail cover is good, but an anti-hail blanker is even better! This is an investment that you can replace with a thick blanket by correctly arranging its ends in the following locations:

  • In the door
  • Under the hood
  • In the trunk lid
  • In the windows

Then seal them tightly. However, make sure you can open the door handles once the storm is over. The idea being to then be able to access your car without constraints. We advise you not to use stones to hold the covers in place. Depending on the severity of the storm, they could easily be blown away by the wind and thus increase the risk of damaging your car. Likewise, contrary to popular belief, do not choose adhesive tape to stick the covers to your vehicle. This is a bad idea that could harm your car’s paint once the hail becomes a distant memory.

Finally, be aware that insurance compensation for damage caused by hail depends on your contract. If you have third-party insurance, your car will not be covered. As you have understood, with the irreversible climate changes that are coming, the choice of comprehensive insurance seems to be the appropriate solution to cover the damage caused by hail. You will need to carefully check the details of your contract and proceed as follows to cover your costs:

  • take photos of your pockmarked car
  • contact your insurance
  • provide the necessary information
  • have your car repaired in an approved auto shop
  • pay any excess

Finally, with a little patience, you will be compensated according to the terms of the contract.

how to protect car from hail

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