How to remove moisture in the car and get rid of fog inside?

by Kremy

In winter, due to outdoor exposure or weather conditions, moisture can settle in the passenger compartment of your car. Indeed, when it is cold and wet, the air is not able to store moisture. Moisture can cause many problems for your vehicle so you need to take action. How to remove moisture in the car? Our advice is here!

How to remove moisture in the car?

home hacks against moisture in the car

Finding your car wet is quite common during the cold season. Especially when you are not lucky enough to have a closed garage. Outdoors, it only takes a few days for moisture to set in. And it is particularly difficult to get rid of it when it is too late. We recommend that you react quickly enough so that the problem does not escalate. One of the most common signs is permanent fogging of the windows when the car is stationary.

Similarly, floor mats can also be damp and not dry despite the ventilation of the passenger compartment. In addition, and this is much more annoying, mold can appear on the floor, door panels or on the roof. If you smell a persistent odor, it is because the smell can be camouflaged even in the furthest reaches of the driver’s seat. Let’s not talk about the flooded car problem for the moment, we’re not there yet! Let’s see together why you have fog and how to get rid of moisture in the car.

Why do I have fog inside the car?

It loves the cold and often appears late at night or early in the morning. In addition, it is passionate about car interiors. However, it can be dangerous for humans. What is it? The fog, of course! Fogging is a condensation phenomenon that occurs when there is a large temperature difference between the outer and inner surfaces of a window.

In winter, when the cold weather takes hold and settles into our daily lives, our first instinct is to turn on the heating at home as well as in the car! This is to warm the interior of the vehicle. The problem is that the outside temperature is very low, so the warm air meets the cold windscreen. As a result, to our greatest misfortune, fogging will occur immediately.

No need to draw you a picture: the danger comes from the fact that this fog can considerably reduce your visibility. You may not see a motorbike or a bicycle, for example, when you are manoeuvring. At high speeds, the danger is even greater. Especially since fog can form very quickly. So be careful!

avoid fog in the car 2022


How to remove moisture in the car?

Luckily, there are a few simple tips for absorbing moisture. Nothing could be easier with a few everyday objects. Newspaper is a great alternative for this situation. Lay a few pages on the floor, front and back. It’s not very aesthetic, but the results are guaranteed! On the other hand, forget anything that retains moisture, such as towels on the seats or forgotten sun shades.

Similarly, home dehumidifiers or air purifiers can also do the trick and work in a car. Why not create one yourself to limit your expenses this winter? To do this, get some charcoal and a little coarse salt. Put everything in a bag and put it in your vehicle. Your moisture problems will be a distant memory…

Finally, airing and ventilating your vehicle regularly remains the simplest and most effective solution. This will allow moist air to escape even when you are not driving. Our last solution for the most critical situations: shift into fifth gear using a real fan positioned on the rear shelf of your car.

how to remove moisture in the car 2022

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