Mold vs mildew – what is the difference and how to clean them?

by Kremy

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What is the difference between mold and mildew and how to clean mold and mildew? Every now and then each home can be affected and homeowners need to be prepared. Mold vs mildew – we shall give you a quick comparison and some useful tips how to fight them. Both Mold and mildew are fungi. They differ in color which will help you distinguish them. Usually mold is black or green but it can be yellow, brown or bluish as well. Mildew is gray or white and typically grows in a flat pattern.

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Molds grows on food and generally, on organic matter. It has a specific smell and in the initial stages of growth is invisible.

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Mildew grows on plants but not only. It can be found on places with high moisture content – bathrooms, window sills, shower curtains. Paper and leather also may be a subject to mildew.

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There are several methods to eliminate mold and mildew. The market offers a variety of commercial cleaners. However, you need to know that they are effective on mold at an early stage of its growth. Mold vs mildew – whichever one, you need to get rid of it!

Mold cleaning tips how to recognize

If you use chemical cleaners, make sure you wear protective mask and gloves to protect yourself from breathing fumes from the product. Of course, you may use some alternative non chemical methods to remove mold and mildew.

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Spray with lemon juice the area affected by mold or mildew and scrub the area with salt.

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White vinegar will also help you clean mold and mildew. Apply vinegar on the contaminated spot, let it sit and after a while, wipe with a damp cloth.

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When comparing mold and mildew, we have to fully understand that both have effect on human health.

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Mold can cause many problems from allergic reactions to respiratory problems, due to the toxins it produces. Migraines, fatigue and pain could also be as a result of prolonged exposure to mold.

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Although mildew usually grows on food and damages plants it can also affect human health. If inhaled, mildew may cause serious headache, cough or lung problems.

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mold cleaning tips ideas practical advice

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