How to Grow Out Pixie Hair? 6 Hairstyle Ideas to Go from Short to Long with Style!

by Kremy

Going from a short haircut to long hair like Rapunzel’s is no easy task! Although XS hair is all the rage this season, are you missing your gorgeous long ponytail? Fortunately, there are a number of tricks you can use to grow out Pixie hair it in style, despite regrowth and all the inconveniences that come with it. Here are 6 to help you avoid the terrible Mule cut phase!

6 Ideas to Grow out Pixie Hair

how to grow out pixie hair

Uneven lengths, ends that go in all directions, the insurmountable challenge of making a ponytail… there is no shortage of disadvantages when you grow out Pixie hair. To put an end to them, it’s essential to choose the right hairstyle. Wet hair comes to your rescue to give you style, while hiding regrowth. So arm yourself with a pomade or gel to texturize your short mane. The same goes for accessories, including headbands, barrettes and printed scarves.

You can also cheat by investing in a wig or extensions. As hair grows back, opt for a light layering so that it blends into one another. Finally, last but not the least, during this transition period, scalp massage and nourishing hair care are of crucial importance to make Pixie hair grow faster.

Adopt the Wet Hair Look

short pixie hairstyle wet hair to go from short to long quicker

The wet hair look is the star hairstyle of the red carpet, summer and winter! Among its many advantages, it allows you to tame the regrowth of short hair with style! But that’s not all! The wet look can be customized as you wish. So there are plenty of ways to wear it. On straight or curly hair, on the side or back, you are spoiled for choice. Once you’ve washed your Pixie cut, apply detangler, comb through and apply a generous amount of gel to the ends or the whole head. A little hairspray and you’re done!

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Curl Your Pixie Cut

how to style short hair that grows long curly pixie cut hairstyle idea

Wet hair not your cup of tea? To manage the regrowth of your Pixie cut, why not wear it curly? Because let’s be honest, short and wavy hair is more than enough in itself. Salt water spray, curlers, styling mousse, there are quite a few options for curling your short mane without heat and without damaging it when it grows back.

Make Way for Hair Accessories

Headband, silk scarf, barrettes, headband, small clips… hair accessories are welcome while waiting for your Pixie cut to transform into a trendy bob. Well-chosen hair accessories are the little details that can completely change not only your hairstyle, but also your outfit! It dresses the mane easily and is the perfect ally in case of a bad hair day. A light blow-dry, a few pearl barrettes and that’s it!

Go for the Bixie Cut or Another Suitable Haircut

bixie cut pixie bob idea haircut to grow out short hair

A must: Take care of your tips and lengths during the regrowth period. So apply a homemade hair mask every week, and don’t miss your appointment with the hairdresser. If you want your pixie cut to grow out beautifully, ask your hairdresser for a Bixie cut. This is a trendy cut and perfect for this moment of transition. To achieve it, simply opt for a light layering as the hair grows.

Continue Dying Your Regrowing Pixie Haircut

tips hairstyle ideas to let colored pixie hair grow out with style

If you’re planning to leave the Pixie cut behind, don’t give up on monthly dyeing during the transition period. And don’t forget to nourish your hair with the right care products.

Trick with a Wig or Extensions

long bob wig to grow out pixie hair

No, extensions and wigs should not be banned when you want to grow out Pixie hair faster. The only condition? A strong, healthy mane to support the extension. You can choose the length that’s right for you, and change your head in the blink of an eye. The same goes for wigs. They are easy to wear and offer a multitude of looks depending on the mood of the day!

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