How to Be Elegant at 70? 6 Anti-Ageing Fashion Tips to Follow

by Kristiyana

Can you continue to be elegant at 70? Yes, of course you can! However, many of us find that as we age, it becomes more difficult to be stylish. So, how to dress chic at 70? What are the anti-ageing fashion rules to follow to find your ideal wardrobe and appear more beautiful and young? stylists offer you their advice!

How to Be Elegant at 70 & Look Chick This Fall 2023?

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Tired of always dressing the same way and constantly wearing the same clothes, in which you don’t really think you look good? Contrary to what you might think, doing a makeover for a 70-year-old woman is not difficult when you follow a few simple fashion rules. With age, women naturally become more graceful and refined and all you need to do to make this happen to you too is to know how to look good and find your dressing style. But let’s not waste any more time and find out how to be elegant at 70!

How to Dress Chic at 70? Opt for Classic Clothes

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No, dressing yourself from head to toe in the latest fashion trends will not make you look younger or more elegant! The ideal wardrobe for a 70-year-old woman is actually made up of classic pieces like blouses, tailored pants, elegant blazers, as well as dresses and skirts that are well suited to your body shape. Once you have these pieces, looking stylish at 70 becomes much easier! Wearing a white shirt, elegant black pants and a beige or neutral-coloured blazer will immediately give you a sophisticated and very chic look for fall!

What Colour to Wear to Rejuvenate Yourself?

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Yes, solid colours are very beautiful and elegant, but if you want to appear younger and have a more cheerful look, dare with patterns and prints. Shine! Different prints like polka dots or floral patterns can give your outfit more personality, while also making it more colourful. However, avoid large-scale patterns and especially if you have a rounder body shape so as not to age yourself.

How to Be Elegant at 70? Wear Heels!

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If you’re one of those people for whom comfort comes first, and you’ve given up on heels, then you might be wrong. Yes, comfort is essential for a 70-year-old-woman, but a nice pair of heels can on the other hand elongate your legs, make you look taller and give you even more confidence in your appearance. And you don’t even need to wear very high heels! Find shoes with medium heels that you feel good in, and don’t hesitate to wear them whenever you want to look stylish at 70.

Which Pants to Choose for a 70-year-old-woman?

what pants to wear for 70 year old women fall winter 2023 2024

Finding comfortable and stylish pants is very important for a mature woman. For this fall 2023, you can very well opt for white or cream-coloured pants or jeans and wear them with a white blouse or a modern cardigan to create a super elegant and sophisticated outfit. Also invest in cigarette-style pants which are really versatile, as well as high-waisted and bootcut jeans to rejuvenate your style. Wide and long pants are also an excellent choice after 60 when you have a belly or a few extra pounds.

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What Dress to Wear After 60 to Be Chic?

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The dress is an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of her age. And this in no way changes at 70! Fashion experts advise investing in a beautiful trapeze dress since it is the most flattering and comfortable silhouette for every body shape. What is the best dress length according to your age? A mid-length or long column dress is also an essential element for your makeover, as well as the wrap dress. However, it is recommended to opt for models with long or three-quarter sleeves, especially if you have a few extra pounds.

Choose the Accessories You Wear Carefully

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Accessories are a great way to add some oomph to your fall outfits. Scarves, for example, can be used to add colour and pattern to a monochrome outfit, making it more interesting and fun. How to wear a scarf over 60 or 70? Handbags, on the other hand, allow you to modernize your look by incorporating the new trends for the season. Elegant necklaces and earrings are also welcome to make your appearance even more sophisticated.

Following these tips will guide you to find your style more easily and have a modern, rejuvenated and very elegant look for fall 2023!

5 Looks for 70-year-old Women for the New Season

how to be elegant as a 70 year old woman modern outfit with jeans

Monochromatic outfits are always chic

outfits for 70 year olds fall winter 2023 2024

Trendy blazer worn with wide jeans

fashion for 70 year old woman 2023

Trench coat & knitted dress: a very elegant combination

how to dress stylish at 70 fall outfi idea

Casual look in autumnal shades for women over 65 

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