How to Avoid Marks on Nose from Glasses? Follow These 10 Expert Tips!

by Radost P.

If you need to wear glasses throughout most of the day, you have probably noticed some red marks on your nose. This is something normal, yet many people choose to fix the problem due to cosmetic reasons. Are there ways to prevent it? Absolutely! If you want to find out expert tips on how to avoid marks on nose from glasses, keep on reading!

How to Prevent Marks on Nose From Glasses?

how to remove marks on nose caused by glasses

While red marks on your nose are not permanent, it is important to take measures to prevent them from showing up altogether or get rid of them. Depending on how long you have had these spots, it might take longer to disappear on their own. Below, you will find the best tips from experts in this field!

Take Care of Your Face

One of the best preventative measures you could take is to wash your face and glasses on a regular basis. There is dust and elements from outside that may accumulate on the surface of your glasses. These things lead to irritation and red spots might show up on your nose.

Switch Pairs of Glasses

switch pairs of glasses


Another idea is to buy an additional pair of glasses, in case you do not have already. By switching between glasses with nose pads and those with a solid frame, you decrease the chance of getting red marks on your nose. When you are in an area where there is high humidity, avoid wearing glasses.

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Adjust the Frames

The reason for getting those annoying and irritable red markings might be the wrong fit of glasses. In case they are way too tight, the solution might be to widen the nose bridge or adjust the arms. Our advice is to visit a professional optician, as they have the right skills and tools to adjust the frames without damaging your glasses.

Adjust the Pads

adjust nose pads on glasses

Another thing which you could consider is to get wider nose pads. Sometimes, the ones that come with your glasses might not be the right fit for you. Talk with your optician and ask for nose pads that are made from a soft material.

How to Avoid Red Marks on Nose From Glasses – Rose Water

Rose water is a great natural product to implement into your skin care routine. There are women who use it two times a day for clean and clear face. Rose water acts as a refreshing toner that brightens the skin. Apply a small amount of it onto your nose with a cotton ball. It will surely soothe the red marks.

Cucumber Masks

cucumber mask for nose

You have most likely heard about the refreshing properties of cucumber when it comes to skin care. It is not a coincidence that so many facial skin products contain it. To clear the annoying red marks on your nose, apply two slices of cucumber onto it and rub them in circles. Do this at least two times a day.

Remove Spectacle Marks With Aloe Vera

This is another natural solution that can help you clear your red markings, thanks to its skin-lightening effect. Aloe Vera is commonly used in many cosmetic products, especially for skin care. Extract the gel from a leaf and apply it directly onto the red spots. After half an hour, rinse the gel and put some moisturizer.

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Replace the Frames

replace or adjust the frames of your glasses

Getting thin-framed glasses could help you to prevent red markings from showing up on your nose. The reason being is that heavy glasses are more likely to cause red spots. On the other hand, if you are a fan of thick glasses, you could choose those that have a solid frame.

Massage Your Nose

Just like you are taking care of other parts of your face, your nose also deserves a moisturizer. By applying a small amount of high-quality product, you will prevent your skin from drying up. To reduce the discomfort caused by red markings, you can gently massage the spots one or two times per day.

Why Do Glasses Leave Red Marks on Your Nose?

why do red markings appear on my nose after wearing glasses

Generally, glasses are not made with the purpose of leaving red marks onto your nose. The right pair for you should make you feel comfortable and not lead to headaches and red spots. Check out whether your glasses might be too tight and if they are leaving indents on the sides of your head. If so, consider buying new ones.

In conclusion, for some people, wearing glasses throughout the day is inevitable, especially if they work in front of a computer. Fortunately, there are many ways, including natural options, to prevent or remove red markings from your nose. We hope that this article was helpful!


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