Which hairstyle with glasses to choose? 19 looks based on your face shape and hair colour

by Kristiyana

Do your glasses interfere with your style? Do you seem to dislike the way they sit on your face and the way your hair looks? Well, we are here to help you solve this urgent fashion problem. Glasses are not only necessary, but they have also become a fashion statement. Oval, square, butterfly, aviator, oversized, etc. The choices are endless! But how do you find the ones that suit you? Which hairstyle with glasses should you choose to look like a queen? Deavita has all the answers!

Which hairstyle with glasses should I choose?


Many of us have sudden urges to change our style and appearance to look more fabulous than before. Do you feel that your face shape and hairstyle don’t really match your glasses? Or are you just fed up and want to shake things up a bit? We have prepared some great suggestions and practical tips for you! Hopefully, that our tips will give you a new perspective and inspire you to try a new trendy hairstyle or even to change the shape of your glasses. Above all, the Deavita team will tell you what not to do so you can look and feel great. Let’s get started!

The colour of your hair is important



We want to show you how a simple transition over several years can completely change your face. Our case study of the day is Jennifer Aniston. It’s not common knowledge, but Jen has always worn glasses or contacts. So here she can be seen wearing very plain, librarian-style glasses that complement her face perfectly without stealing the show. For women with light hair and skin, it’s best to wear glasses with thinner frames, so they don’t block the face.


We see her here with a slightly bolder frame. However, the size of the glasses remains basically the same and is brown, which complements her hair colour and makes it look like a natural part of her face.


Here we have a different shape, but the colour is pretty much the same as the previous ones, which is not considered a nuisance.


We are at the finish line! The actress wears very bold, thick-framed glasses that distract from her face and hair. That’s a big NO when it comes to accentuating your features and looking stylish.

Hairstyles according to your face shape


Now we’re going to continue with some positivity by revealing a top secret! Are you ready? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you’ve been wondering what type of glasses would best fit your face shape, you’re in for a treat! This is exactly what you have been looking for!


Have you seen those pictures on the internet with the different face shapes? We don’t really approve of the practice of choosing glasses according to the shape of your face, as many people do, as we want to preach freedom of choice. By this, we mean that you should wear the shape that best suits your taste, not follow a stupid chart.


Glasses are also accessories with which we can express ourselves. So if you want to wear cat-eye or aviator glasses, go for it! Don’t worry about what others might think. All these photos are examples of a similar shape of glasses on different face shapes. See how great they all look? That’s what we meant!

Some rules that apply to a lot of people


One of our favourite non-controversial Disney stars, Hilary Duff, is totally embracing the hipster style of the unfortunate 2010s. The chunky glasses look is not only outdated, but it’s also very unflattering to light-haired women.


However, if you love this ill-fated style and insist on wearing it, try putting your hair up in a ponytail and choose a colour slightly lighter than black. This way it will look more flattering and enhance your features. So it’s up to you!


Brunettes, whether light or dark skinned, are more likely to wear taller models. Don’t take this as discrimination, just advice! We said that wearing what you like is empowering and should be praised! It’s up to you!


Have you seen New Girl? Our beautiful Jessica Day has been voted as one of the most adorable TV characters of all time! And that’s because her gorgeous fringe haircut is paired with a cute pair of glasses, which made her look both nerdy and very feminine at the same time!

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Photo gallery: Which hairstyle with glasses to choose?


Which hairstyle with glasses to choose? Read our tips and tricks!



Glasses do not always have to be ordinary…


They can become your own fashion staple!


Which hairstyle with glasses is best for my hair colour?


A hairstyle for 60-year-old women with glasses that make them look younger!

hairstyles for over 50 with glasses_hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses

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