What are the best clothing colors for women over 70? Check out the guide on how to look younger!

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“Life begins at 60”, sang Tino Rossi. So why look like a granny after retirement when all you have to do is find and adopt the right color palette to look younger? Proof of this is the return of gray and white hair which first freed the 50s from monthly coloring. So, there is no question of tarnishing your pretty white mane with a fashion faux pas. We tell you what are the best clothing colors for women over 70 to wear to look younger in 2023! And this, according to your hair and your natural complexion.

What are the best clothing colors for women over 70 to highlight your hair?

what color to wear for a 70 year old woman to highlight hair and rejuvenate

When you retire, you no longer need to run after new fashion trends to rejuvenate yourself! To follow them is to take the risk of aging even faster. Stop! Instead of choosing the color of your clothes according to what’s new at Zara, H&M or Mango, it is better to take your hair and skin tone into consideration. By respecting the shade of your salt and pepper mane and that of your skin, you guarantee yourself a rejuvenated look without surgery or expensive cosmetics. However, it is not always too easy to find the ideal shade that will suit you according to your complexion but also the color of your hair after a certain age. We take stock to help you stay young and elegant in 2023!

Warm colors

fashion trends for women over 60 what color will match white hair 2023


First, there was the steel hair trend among 20 year old girls, which quickly won over mature women. Then, we all dared the Salt and Pepper hair. And after the return of the polar and platinum blond, we finally assumed her natural white mane. From now on, white and gray hair can be worn at all ages, provided you take care of your look. So, to highlight yours after your sixties, wear warm colors like red, orange, gold, yellow, camel or purple. These tones promise to enhance your highlights on white hair, while modernizing and rejuvenating your look.

How to wear cool tones?

what color clothes to wear for women over 70 ideas fashion trends

Certainly, warm tones are perfect for women over 70. However, this does not mean that dark colors have no place in the dressing room of seniors. But it is better to choose them carefully and wear them sparingly. To tell the truth, they are more suitable for brunettes, blondes or redheads. In this context, clothes in blue and green are the ideal choice to give pep to your colored hair. If you need more inspiration, check out these elegant fashion outfits for women over 70!

Pastel and soft tones

soft tones for women over 60 clothing outfit advice ideas

Just turned 70, but bright, dark clothing colors aren’t your thing? I got you! The anti-aging palette to rejuvenate yourself at 70 is quite extensive. Ultra trendy and easy to wear, pastel colors are perfect for seniors looking for a modern and youthful look. Bet on pieces in light pink, sky blue or even soft purple and combine them with accessories in dark colors. Bags, glasses, XL earrings, everything is allowed for a chic look and the key to 70 years. The prints are also there! On the other hand, forget the monochrome outfit which tends to age. As you can see on the photo, a lipstick can change everything! Check out what lipstick to wear after 70 to look youthful!

What clothing colors look best on women over 70?

what color clothes will look the best on women over 70 outfit advice fashion trends

In addition to considering the color of your hair to find the color of clothing that will suit you at 70, skin tone is also an important element in knowing how to dress at retirement age. Because some tones are more suited to one skin than to another. Seniors with matte skin will then be highlighted by pastel shades, but also by white and beige. Do you have a face that is too light? Forget pastel tones and adopt bright and flashy colors. Black suits all skin tones and all ages.

What clothing colors for women over 70 will have the aging effect on you?

aging effect from the clothing colors how to avoid it fashion tips and tricks

On the other hand, there are less rewarding colors of women’s 70s clothing to avoid if you want to look younger. Dull and cold colors are therefore to be avoided after the seventies. So, in 2023, avoid wearing beige, brown and khaki green as a total look. No question of aging you because of a fashion error. Consider pairing them with other colors instead.

Can you wear clothing with patterns?

clothing with patterns for women over 60 how to wear them with style

No, the patterns are not to be banned after the seventies. However, there are a few rules to follow. Polka dots, gingham, houndstooth, checks, flowers, stripes… wear the prints on your upper body. And if the black and white duo allows all the patterns, prefer these size XS, either small polka dots, fine stripes or discreet flowers. In short, avoid the total printed look. No mismatch either! Opt for a printed one-piece and wear it with black or white.

Clothing colors for women over 70 that will look absolutely fabulous!

black and white combo for women over 70 how to wear it

If you are not sure about the black and white combo, try the gray!

what are the clothes colors to wear after 70 ideas fashion trends outfits inspiraiton 2023

Black and white outfit 

black and white outfits for women over 70 inspiration fashion

Yellow vest for a brighter look 

fashion trends for women over 70 yellow color with black

The rule for 3 colors maximum per outfit still counts!

black white and red color combination fashion trends for women over 70

Black and red combo is always in style!

trends color clothes for women over 70 black and red combo fashion style

White, black and off-white

black white and off white combination outfit inspiration for women over 60

Pink is always a good idea!

can 70 year old woman wear pink is it in style fashion tips and tricks color clothes

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