What type of bangs with glasses to wear? 5 awesome style combos to inspire you!

by Kremy

Glasses have become so trendy and fashionable that some choose to wear them as an accessory. In addition, they go wonderfully with bangs. However, it is important to choose your frame according to your face and your haircut. If you don’t know what type of bangs with glasses to wear, take inspiration from our 5 suggestions!

Turn heads by wearing bangs with glasses!

types of bangs with glasses hairstyle ideas

Bangs and glasses… Some might say they don’t go together at all… Sure, wearing bangs with glasses can be tricky because not only you have to consider hair and glasses, but you also have to make sure that they both flatter your face shape and don’t compete or get in the way. As long as you have bangs and frames that match your face shape, you’re looking your best! But whatever your reason for wearing glasses and choosing bangs, we have some striking ideas to choose from!

What kind of bangs with glasses and how to choose the right one?

hairstyles with bangs for women with glasses


Fringes have the advantage of making your frames look very chic. While bangs are an attractive adornment, they also tend to get in the way of glasses. Choose glasses that offer the ideal style to accompany any look. Whether you like your bangs blunt, wispy, or sheer, there’s a flattering style of glasses for every haircut. Choosing the right hairstyle is not the only difficulty, choosing the ideal glasses for the shape of the face is also a challenge. If you’re wondering what bangs make you look younger read on! We explain how you can synchronize your glasses with your hairstyle with bangs.

The long curtain bangs with glasses

curtain bangs with glasses

Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that frame the face on both sides. They are cut shorter on the inside and gradually become longer on the outside. Cut the curtain bangs just above the top of the jawline. This way you highlight not only your cheekbones, but also the outer edges of your glasses. You will have a trendy, smart and charming look. Just note that this won’t work with cat eye glasses or very wide frames, as they will only go past the sides of your bangs medium length bob with curtained bangs is one of the hairstyles that works best with almost any type of glasses.

Wispy bangs for aviator frames

wispy bangs aviator glasses

The first thing anyone notices after getting wispy bangs is the eyes, and aviator glasses balance out the angles and curves of your face brilliantly. Choppy bangs look like a luxurious element and highlights the eyes that are the star. It’s a nice composition! Aviator style frames are essential and classic! Plus, the eyeglasses are a really rocking and bold fashion statement. Such an idea will always attract attention and you will give an avant-garde touch to your look. However, since the teardrop shape is not suitable for people with round or oval faces, we recommend frames with a more angular or square shape.

Shag bangs with glasses

which fringe with eyeglasses fashionable woman oval face trendy frames 2022

The shag bangs aren’t too thick, so they’re not overwhelming for small faces. When the rest of your hair is pulled up into a pony, the wispy look is also super cute. Add some drama to your appearance by adopting this hairstyle if you are unsure about the type of bangs with glasses. Wear it with round glasses to create a trendy and offbeat look. Blowout waves on your hair for that chic, messy vibe.

Cat eye frames for modern and chic straight bangs

cat eye glasses and bangs

We must say that we really love this look! And it’s not just the creamy hair color, but also those straight bangs that are perfect for oval faces, especially if you add a pair of cat eye glasses. Women especially like to wear cat eye frames because of their elegant style. The raised silhouette lifts the face and brings a chic look. This shape is making a comeback in women’s eyewear trends 2022, and it would be a shame not to try it!

The side bangs for transparent glasses

hairstyles with bangs thin transparent glasses woman trendy frames winter 2023

Being a fashionista means being able to explore and experiment with accessories, more vibrant colors and sometimes make a statement by going minimalist. For a playful look, durable transparent frames have a greater impact and should turn heads. If you have side bangs, sheer frames that brush the forehead are a cool addition for women whose style is ultra-feminine. Side bangs are frequently sported by celebrities on the red carpet. No wonder why! They are stylish, practical, and literally suitable for everyone. You won’t spend a lot of time and effort on a dynamic look if you choose side swept hair! Have fun!



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