Bob hairstyles with glasses: which style will flatter you the most?

by Kremy

Do you consider glasses an essential fashion accessory? Or, do you have to wear them daily? Either way, wearing glasses according to face shape and hairstyle is essential if you want to look your best. Most of the time, when you try on glasses in a store, you find that they don’t fit your face properly? And you can’t accept your new look because they seem to belong to someone else? Do not worry! We are here to guide you. Today’s theme is bob hairstyles with glasses and how to wear them divinely! Stick around to find out!

Which of the many bob hairstyles with glasses is best? 5 haircut ideas for women 2022

what hair cut when you wear glasses

We’ve done the research and from charts we’ve put together the most important information, so you don’t have to! Here are 5 different glasses shapes for 5 different hairstyles! Let’s go!

Aviator: the Chanel cut (short cut for women 2022)

bob haircut with bangs and glasses


The Chanel cut is of course reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s famous chic bob of her time. A bob haircut is elegant in every sense of the word. It frames the face beautifully and makes you look both professional and sexy. The “Chanel” is actually a short haircut with little or no volume, with or without bangs. That is just about everything. Sometimes it is confusing with all the hairstyle names. But let’s continue! The perfect glasses for this type of hairstyle? Aviator glasses are chic, lightweight, and don’t steal attention from your face. They rather nicely flatter the features and blend in perfectly with the “decor”. We suggest you take thinner frames for a more subtle and elegant effect.

Haircut with round glasses: plunging bob

Bob hairstyles with glasses short cut woman 2022

The plunging bob is a timeless hairstyle. Ever since Posh Spice graced the world with her bold and sexy hair, we’ve all been smitten. We started copying her and doing longer and, for some of us, shorter versions. The back is shorter, while the sides fall perfectly around the cheeks to shape the face. For this hairstyle, round glasses are a must. With or without bangs, it looks very professional, yet sweet and innocent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bookworm or not, you’ll look great!

Pantos glasses for a very short bob

very short cut with bangs

Pantos glasses, what are they actually? Pantos eyeglasses are a classic! These iconic glasses were all the rage in the 20th century and still are today! They have a high hinge and a solid base, creating a wide (pantoscopic) view. The best hairstyle to wear and show them off? The very short bob haircut that almost reminds the bowl cut. Highlight your features as best you can and adorn your face with this lovely model! It is our favorite because it adapts to almost all face shapes AND hairstyles. Not bad, right?

Wayfarer glasses for the wavy lob

bob hairstyles with glasses trend 2023

A wavy bob is romantic and soft. A wavy lob is even more so! But which glasses suit this hairstyle? Most of the responses showed that women with this hairstyle are moving away from unusual and extravagant shapes and opting for Wayfarer glasses instead. It’s a standard model and pretty basic, let’s be honest. However, the shape flatters the face and the hair complements the whole thing beautifully.

Bob haircut with Cat Eye glasses (blunt bob)

haircut woman 60 years old with glasses 2022

Finally, we offer you the sexiest pair of them all: the cat eye. Cat eye glasses go beautifully with a curly hair. Boldness, sensuality and femininity combined in a pair of glasses and a trendy hairstyle: divine harmony at its best, isn’t it? Research also shows that it’s one of the best bob hairstyles with glasses for women over 60!



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