What Bangs Look Good With Glasses Over 50?

by Gabby

Some of us think that glasses are one of the best accessory to wear for a woman. It makes us feel and look intelligent and it adds a lot of sophistication. If they are chosen correctly, they can even make you look younger. If you are sure you have the best pair of glasses, now it is time to choose the right haircut. Do you think that bangs and glasses can go hand in hand? Of course! Let me tell you and show you what bangs look good with glasses over 50!

What Bangs Look Good With Glasses Over 50? Let’s Find Out!

wispy bangs for women over 50 with glasses haircut trends 2023

For mature ladies, glasses can play a major role in making you look either young or older than you are. How to make sure that you look good with your glasses on? Adapt a trendy haircut with bangs that will hide any imperfections! Today, I am going to show you what bangs will look good with glasses for women over 50 and tell you how to wear them in 2023! Let’s dive into the world of hairstyles and pick you something fabulous!

Side Swept Bangs for Women Over 50 With Glasses

pixie haircut with side swept bangs for women over 50 with glasses


Women over 50 often adapt short hairstyles, since they are easier to maintain and stylish in 2023. If you chose a Pixie haircut with side-swept bangs, then you are on the right path of being a fashion icon. This cut looks great on women with glasses, because it can make you look very elegant. For the styling, you can simply use your flat iron so you can keep this swept effect for the entire day.

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Do Bangs Go With Glasses?

bangs for women over 50 with glasses hairstyle ideas 2023

Do bangs go with glasses? It depends on which bangs you choose for your face shape and for the type of glasses that you have. The classic bangs for women over 50 are super trendy if you combine them with a layered haircut. The layers should fall easily and create this effortless vibe to your hair. If you have an oval or round face shape, this cut will become your favorite!

Baby Bangs for Women Over 50 With Glasses

what bangs for women with glasses over 50 baby fringe shag haircut

Are baby bangs a taboo for mature women? What if I tell you that they can even make you look younger? Micro fringe is one of the current favorites for the ladies that are in their 50s or 60s and they are adapting them with ease in 2023. Do they go with glasses? Yes, they can make you look rejuvenated and add freshness to your look. They are easy to maintain and are also the perfect way to highlight your facial features in the best way possible! Let me inspire you even more to take the plunge and cut this micro fringe with these 10 hairstyles with baby bangs for women over 60!

How to Wear Bangs With Glasses? Try The Wispy Fringe for Women Over 50!

pixie haircut with glasses for women over 50 with wispy bangs

Do wispy bangs go with glasses and how to wear them in 2023? The classic straight full bangs can slightly move out of the way and make room for the wispy bangs to shine! They will add lightness to your hairstyle because of their feathery look. You can adapt them long or short, depending on what looks good on your face. The unstructured fringe will ensure that you are effortlessly beautiful and will show your trendy glasses and your facial features as well.

Choppy Bangs for Women Over 50 With Glasses

waterfall bangs look food with glasses over 50 hair trends

Choppy bangs or waterfall fringe are one of the top hits at the moment among young and mature ladies. It is one of the easiest way to adapt bangs and look trendy and stylish. They are easy to maintain and the best thing is that some women that are good with the scissors can even cut them at home. Same as the wispy bangs, you can wear them short or long. If you have a square or rectangular frame, our hair experts advise that you should go for a longer version of the fringe. It will make your facial features look softer.

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Do Curtain Bangs Look Good With Glasses?

gray lob hairstyle for women over 50 with glasses

Is it a cliché to say that curtain bangs look good with everything? No! They are the perfect way to frame your face with minimal effort. Can you wear them with glasses? Absolutely! They are the bangs that will go with every frame – round, rectangular, square, etc. If you have a straight hair, they are the ideal choice for you!

Full Straight Bangs With Glasses

classic bangs for women over 50 with glasses gray haircut ideas

Classic straight bangs will always be in style and they look good on mature women. However, I personally think that ladies with straight hair should wear them since they will not require any styling. You can simply wash your hair and go!

Piece Bangs Hairstyles: Kris Jenner Fringe

piece bangs for short hair with glasses for women over 50

Last but not least, I am here to present you the famous Piecey bangs for short hair. Why are they so famous? Well, anything that Kris Jenner or her kids are wearing becomes an instant trend… The same goes for this fringe! It has become her staple haircut and now many women over 50 are taking the risk and cutting it. If you wear glasses, don’t hesitate to adapt it in 2023!


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