5 Summer 2023 Nail Polish Colors That Will Make Your Feet Pop

by Kristiyana

After a long and cold winter, comes the time to put those snow boots away and welcome our beloved strappy sandals and comfy beach flip-flops. And do you know what is the best part about that? That you finally get to show off your beautiful trendy pedicure! However, when you are picking out a design, be aware that there are some pedicure colors you should avoid at all costs. But which are they, and how to choose the best color for your summer toenails? Find out now by reading our article!

Which Pedicure Color to Avoid & Which to Choose?

which pedicure color to avoid and which to choose

On the topic of which pedicure color to avoid and which to opt for summer 2023, you should know that sometimes your favourite nail polish might not sit that well with your skin tone. On occasion, the wrong choice of color can leave your skin looking washed out and make you look older than you actually are. Other questions also come to mind: Should your manicure match your pedicure? Will it be the end of the world if it doesn’t? Which nail color will be trending this summer? Keep on reading to learn the answers.

Pedicure Colors You Should Definitely Avoid

black pedicure color to avoid


So which pedicure color to avoid at all costs? Certainly black toenails! I know some of you would want to go for a bit of an edgy look, but a black pedicure can create a too-harsh contrast between the polish itself and your natural nail and skin tone. Also, a black pedicure is a really bad idea for any woman with brown age spots, as the color will emphasize them even more.

Don’t Try a Brown Pedicure

pedicure color to avoid brown

Similar to black, a brown pedicure can again create a strong negative contrast between your skin and the nail polish. Plus, let’s be fair, brown is a bit of boring color, and not at all suitable for the hot sunny days by the beach. Instead, it’s best to go for brighter and more vibrant nail polish colors. More on those later.

Better Skip the Deep Purple Pedicure

dark purple is bad for toenails

Basically, when it comes to pretty pedicure colors, and especially ones to wear during the summer, you have to close the door on all darker tones. Sure, blacks, browns, deep reds and purples can look good on your finger nails during the winter months, but for your toenails they are a no no at all times. Also, don’t these deep purple toenails kind of remind you of what the feet of a witch would look like? Or is that just my wild imagination?

Pedicure Color to Avoid: Orange

pedicure colors to avoid

Are you surprised by this one? I know, I know, most of you might think that orange is a bright and pretty color perfect to wear during the summer, but that’s not always the case. Bright orange tones can create a cheap look for your toenails, and don’t sit well with most skin tones. Girls with a darker complexion might be able to pull off this pedicure, but if you want to sit on the safe side, better to skip orange tones all together.

Bright Green Can Make You Look Older

avoid green pedicures

A bright green nail polish, especially a neon green one, can give your feet a swollen and sickly look. This color also tends to make your skin look drier, so it’s definitely a hard pass for women over 40. A lot of women consider green as an ugly choice for a pedicure, but that may not always be the case. Sage and emerald green nails can look beautiful.

Yellow Pedicure Color to Avoid

pedicure color to avoid yellow

Basically, a yellow pedicure can have the same effect as a bright green one. Maybe if you are younger you can give it a try, but otherwise don’t risk having a washed out look for your skin. If you still want to include some bright hues in your pedicure, give a go at some glamorous gold tones or accents.

Pedicure Colors to Pick for Summer 2023

teal pedicure designs

Now that we’ve discussed which pedicure color to avoid, let’s focus on what is trending for summer 2023! If you dream of swimming in deep blue oceans, or diving off your friend’s yacht, then this vibrant turquoise nail polish is just what your toenails need. Some added embellishments won’t hurt as well, right?

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Summery & Feminine Coral Toenails

coral pedicure designs

I mean, pinks and corals are a summer stamp that every girl has tried at least once in her lifetime. But pulling off this pretty nail color might not always be that easy. A coral pedicure can look great on girl s with darker skin tones. For those with lighter ones, better to opt for a nude undertone like peachy-coral.

90s Purple Holographic Pedicure

best pedicure colours 2023

Nostalgia trends are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of them, even when it comes to our pedicures! For a trendy look this summer, opt for mesmerizing purple holographic nails that mirror the 90s beauty trends of glitter and shimmers. This pedicure would look amazing when you dip your feet in water.

Barbie Pink Toenails to Rock This Summer

barbie pink pedicure

Another trend that every fashionista should be aware of is Barbiecore. Bright pink makeup, hair colors, clothes…all perfect for the summer! And to complete your Barbie-inspired aesthetic, you can’t go without a hot pink pedicure.

Pastel Blue Pedicure for Your Beach Days

pedicure colors for summer 2023

Wishing you could get the perfect pedicure for your summer vacation? I think you will love this saturated pastel blue nail polish! The color is sweet, yet a bit playful and cheeky. Plus, blue shades are always a great choice to wear in summer.

Be in the Spotlight with Electric Red Toenails

red pedicure ideas

Every girl knows that red as a nail polish can practically suit anyone and can create just the look you seek depending on your chosen shade. An electric red nail polish is what your toenails need to be put in the spotlight this summer.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Nail Polish Color for Your Summer Pedicure

  • Consider your skin tone. Lighter skin tones can typically pull off a wider range of colors, while darker skin tones may look best in darker colors.
  • Think about the occasion. If you’re planning on going to a beach party, you might want to choose a bright color, while if you’re going to a more formal event, you might want to choose a more neutral color.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are no rules when it comes to nail polish, so have fun and try out different colors until you find the perfect ones for you.

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