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How to Wear a Scarf Over 60 Without Looking Old? 5 Amazing Ways

How to Wear a Scarf Over 60 Without Looking Old? 5 Amazing Ways

by Kristiyana

After your sixties, there is no need to multiply your clothes when a few good accessories are enough to dress you in style. This is particularly the case for scarves and neckerchiefs. Is your collection constantly growing? Perfect! This little fashion accessory has everything you need to look great. Sometimes all that is required is to tie it differently to put together a modern outfit. So without further ado, here is how to wear a scarf at 60 or over without looking like a granny!

How to Wear a Scarf Over 60 with Style? 5 Amazing Ways

how to wear a scarf over 60 years old with style without looking like a grandma ideas for 65 year olds

At 60, you enter the senior category, but that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to dress like a grandma. Do you consider senior fashion old-fashioned? Think again quickly! Retirement age no longer has anything to do with old age. On the contrary, life now begins at 60! Although your body shrinks, hair turns white, and your face changes, there are a thousand and one ways to stay in shape at 65… and 5 of those ways include a scarf or headscarf, a helping hand, and the trick works magic!

Around the Neck but with a Little Twist

how to wear a wool scarf at 60 years old this fall winter 2023 style woman 65 years old


How to wear your wool scarf over 60 to change from the classic “I just put it around my neck”? Think about carrying it like a star on your shoulders. You can also tie it tie style. For a stylish and casual look at the same time, you can try the “turtleneck” knot by wrapping your scarf several times around your neck before tying the two sides. For sixty-year-olds who like mix & match prints, why not embrace the layering trend by wearing two scarves? Tone-on-tone colours or eye-catching patterns, it’s up to you!

modern 60 year old woman outfit wear a big mesh scarf after 50 year olds with style

As there are a variety of models of scarves and neckerchiefs, there are also several ways to tie them and wear them around your neck. Honestly, it all depends on what you want at the moment. To add a little retro touch to your winter outfit, wear your large wool scarf with the knot placed slightly to the side. Don’t have an XL knitted scarf? No problem! A cosy jumper tied around the shoulders will also do the trick. Another ideal option for winter: Choose a cosy XL model and tie it several times around the neck, leaving one side at the front and the other at the back. Guarantee of a successful cocooning look!

Tutorial Video: 9 Classy Ways To Wear A Winter Scarf



If wearing a scarf at 60 is not difficult, wearing it with style and without looking like a granny after that age can become complicated. The same goes for scarves in silk, cotton, linen, with prints or even plain! However, in the right hands, this must-have winter wardrobe accessory has proven that it can also be stylish at every age. And since a pop of colour can make you look younger, this winter, choose your coloured wool scarf! Forget dark models that tend to age you. Next comes the choice of a knot to highlight it. Check out the tutorial video to find out more inspiration!

Wear Your Scarf with a High-Waisted Belt

how to tie a scarf at 60 years old with style fashion tips outfit ideas

In fall, there’s nothing like the leather jacket + big wool scarf + straight leg jeans and leather boots combo! So choose an XL model that is long enough, layer it over a leather jacket and belt it with a good high-waisted belt. Whether you are 60 or 20, this is the fashion fit to have to stand out!

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In the Hair to Camouflage Visible Roots

wear a scarf on your head 60 year old woman to camouflage gray white hair

A scarf is not just a fashion accessory to spruce up our outfits. It is also a practical and aesthetic solution to camouflage a “defect”. Have you just turned sixty, but refuse to show off your white hair? Did you miss your hair appointment this month? Don’t panic! Wrap your favourite silk scarf around your head like a headband and that’s it! You can also take advantage of the charm of this accessory to upgrade your anti-ageing hairstyle, whether it is a simple ponytail, a side braid or a hastily done bun.

how to wear a scarf over 60 years old bandana style turban tied around the head

How to Wear a Scarf Over 60? Tie It Like a Belt!

Tied around high-waisted pants, a long skirt, a flowing long-sleeved dress or even a simple pair of jeans for women over 60, the scarf can easily replace a belt. The only condition is to choose a model long enough, say a 90×90 scarf, so that it wraps easily around your waist.

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On a Handbag to Accessorize It

tip tutorial wearing a scarf on your bag woman 60 years old style trend fashion fall 2023

Has your favourite handbag lost much of its charm? What if we told you that you just need to tie a little cotton or silk scarf around the handles to give it a second lease of life? How to do ? Tie one end of the scarf to the base of the handle, then twist the fabric before wrapping it, and voilà!

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Which Scarf Model to Choose at 60 and Over?

stylish outfit ideas for 60 year olds how to wear a big scarf over 60 years old with style

As there are several ways to wear a scarf at 60 and over, there is a huge choice of trendy models to shop. But which one to choose to have style at this age? Hermès square, newsboy, XL knitted blanket, silk, linen, plain or patterned, it all depends on your own desires and how you plan to wear it. If you want to tie it in your hair, opt for the printed silk square scarf. On the other hand, if you want to create a cocooning outfit perfectly suited for the cold, opt for a long wool scarf to insert into the loops of a belt.

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The Best Outfit Ideas for 60-year-old Women with a Scarf

how to wear a scarf without looking old at 50 60

Oversized blazer & printed scarf tied around the neck

outfit idea for 65 year old woman with silk scarf tied around the neck with carre style printed hermes

Two-tone trench coat & printed scarf for a classy look over 60

how to choose your scarf or headscarf over 60 year olds fashion trends fall winter woman 50 60 year old 2023

A scarf placed lightly on the shoulders

how to tie a scarf with style after 50 year old 60 year old scarf outfit ideas

Stewardess-style bow with scarf

outfit ideas for over 60 year old woman with scarf trendy fashion fall 2023

A scarf tied once around the neck 

outfit idea for 50 60 year old woman with scarf neckerchief fall 2023

Perfect winter outfit with scarf for women over 60

outfit idea for 60 year old woman with wool scarf modern wardrobe fall winter 2023

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