Dry Manicure for Healthier Nails? The Pros and Cons Are Here!

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Girls, we all love getting a fresh new manicure every two weeks. We focus on choosing the best design according to the season, our mood or the different trends. But… Do we focus on the technique as well? What is a dry manicure? Is it actually healthier for your fingernails? What is the difference between dry and wet manicure and what are the pros and cons?

what is a dry manicure pros and cons

What Is a Dry Manicure?

Dry manicure has been around for years now and more more manicurists are adapting this technique. But, why are people talking about it so much now? It is gaining so much popularity, because nail experts claim that it could be healthier for your fingernails in the long term.

The traditional approach, that we all know, is removing old gel or acrylic nail polish by soaking it in acetone and water. The nail polish becomes softer, and therefor, you can remove it by scrubbing it off with a special tool. But, that could lead to a lot of damage! The acetone will make your nails softer as well, and they could be easily broken. Here comes the dry manicure! You can guess by the name that this technique does not involve any soaking. The nail experts use an electrical file that removes the top layer of the nail polish without damaging your fingernails. They could also add oils or lotions that will slightly make the process easier.

dry manicure the ultimate guide pros and cons


Dry Manicure: Pros and Cons

As we already mentioned above, dry manicure doesn’t involve any soaking in acetone. But, is it really true that it is healthier for your fingernails? Since the electrical file removes only the top layer, your nail plate will not be damaged. Plus by not using acetone and using oils and lotions instead, the dry manicure is already more promising that your nails will grow healthy and better-looking. So, let’s start with the pros:

nail oils and lotions for dry manicure healthy


  • The dry manicure technique is healthier, because it doesn’t include acetone. It focuses in removing your old nail polish layer by layer, which is beneficial for the nail plate.
  • Your manicure will last longer. When soaking your fingers in water and acetone, the nails become breakable and soft. This means that they won’t hold the gel nail polish as much. If they are maintained in their natural state, your nail design will last longer.
  • Dry manicure will save you a lot of time. By avoiding the process of soaking, your nails will be ready in no time!
  • It can protect you from bacteria. You know that water can spread a lot of bacteria easily. So, our advice is to not risk getting a fungal infection and go for a dry manicure instead.


  • If you are doing it at home, you have to really learn the proper way of using an e-file. Otherwise, you are risking damaging the surface of your nail plate.
  • If you are going to a nail salon, reach out to a professional with experience in dry manicure. Keep in mind that the e-file is not easy to work with, so find yourself someone who will do the job perfectly.

How to Do Dry Manicure at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First, start by washing your hands with warm water and disinfecting them with rubbing alcohol. Pad them dry really well, before starting with the manicure process.
  2. Now, it is time to use the e-file! If you are a beginner and you have to remove your old gel nail polish, put it on the slowest mode and carefully start going from the bottom of the nail plate to the top. Once you see the top layer removed, remove any excess that you see on the corners.
  3. Clean your cuticles very carefully. You can apply oils that will soften them, but be careful not to put some on the nail plate. If you do so by accident, use the rubbing alcohol to remove the oil.
  4. Now, you can continue by applying a base coat and then going in with a gel nail polish. You can do a design of your preferences.

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how to do a dry manicure at home steps to follow

Should You Get a Dry Manicure?

Finally, the biggest question is if you should take the plunge and try a dry manicure! We can conclude by saying that it is certainly the healthier choice that you can do for your nails. It has a lot of benefits and it will save you a lot of time. Also, in the long term, your nails can grow stronger and be better-looking!

should i get dry manicure pros and cons

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