What Is a Russian manicure: Clean and Aesthetically-Pleasing Nails to Try in 2023

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Are you in love with the “clean girl” aesthetic as much as we are? We all want a minimalistic manicure sometimes, that looks super elegant and chic! So, what is a Russian manicure? What’s the difference between a regular and a Russian manicure? How long does it last?

what is a russian manicure 2023

What Is a Russian Manicure?

The Russian manicure first appeared in Russia and Ukraine, but with the TikTok hype, many manicurists in the USA and UK now offer this technique. This type of manicure is known for focusing more on cleaning the nail plate, nail bed and cuticles. Manicurists make the skin on the fingers look super soft and well cleaned. Also, careful shaping of the nails is a must. Some prefer using the “old school” way with a nail file, while others prefer the drill. Russian manicure is a dry type of manicure, because it does not involve dipping the fingers in water or acetone.

Once the cleaning of the nails is done, they normally proceed with a regular nail polish or gel. Normally, there’s no loud decorations. That’s why we mentioned the “clean girl” aesthetic earlier. We think that the Russian manicure is what everyone that loves this aesthetic, should try.

russian manicure white clean girl aesthetic nails


What’s The Difference Between a Regular and a Russian Manicure?

First, as we already mentioned, the Russian manicure uses a “dry” type of technique, which does not involve soaking your nails in acetone or water. To clean the nail plate and bed, trained manicurists use a drill and scissors to clean the cuticles. While the regular manicure normally includes soaking your fingers in acetone, so they can scrape the nail plate and remove your old nail polish. Now, many women prefer the Russian method, since your nails look so clean, that it is almost unreal. That’s why this time of manicure gained so many followers on TikTok, watching the videos on how it is made.

russian manicure technique 2023 french tip nails

Why Do Russian Manicures Last So Long?

When compared to the regular manicure, the Russian one can last from three to four weeks, instead of two to three. That’s due to the dry method that includes using an electrical nail file. That way, when they put on the gel, it is proven to last longer. This is one of the reason it is the most preferred at the moment. Even celebrities like Kendal Jenner have hoped on the trend. We all know that Kenny loves the “clean girl” vibes!

russian manicure benefits clean girl nails

Can You Do a Russian Manicure at Home?

Unfortunately, to do a Russian manicure you have to specially trained, because of the technique they are using. If you don’t have the needed tools and the training, you won’t be able to achieve this effect. Also, it could be quite dangerous for your nails, since you can damage them easily. The people that are applying the technique have been specialized in doing a Russian manicure. If you want these kind of nails, our advice is to get an appointment at a salon that offers Russian manicure.

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blue russian manicure simple nails

What Are The Benefits of a Russian Manicure?

There are a lot of benefits of getting a Russian manicure and we are going to share them with you, so you can decide if getting one is worth it.

  • First, it lasts longer than a regular manicure (from 3 to 4 weeks).
  • The nail plate, cuticles and the nail bed looks cleaner.
  • The technique is less damaging for the nails since the technique doesn’t involve soaking in acetone.
  • You can save money, since you are not going to visit the salon that often.
  • The Russian manicure can improve the overall health of your nails with time.
  • Your nails will start growing faster.

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abstract french tip nails russian manicure ideas 2023

Russian Manicure Ideas 2023

pink ombre nails russian manicure almond shaped

Simple Russian Manicure Idea for Summer 2023

russian manicure green summer nails 2023

Milky White Nails Russian Manicure with Golden Decoration

milky white nails russian manicure with simple golden decoration

Blue Chrome Russian Manicure

chrome russian manicure nails blue

Strawberry Milk Nails 2023

strawberry milk nails russian manicure clean girl simple

Green Ombre French Tip Nails Russian Manicure

ombre french tip nails green russian manicure

Green Russian Manicure Almond Shaped

almond shaped green russian manicure

Baby Blue Chrome Nails

blue chrome russian manicure nails

Bridal Russian Manicure

bridal russian manicure ideas 2023

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dark blue almond shaped nails russian manicure

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simple pink barbie russian manicure

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russian manicure for dark skin summer ideas 2023

Cute Summer Nail Ideas 2023 Russian Manicure

blue russian manicure summer nail designs 2023


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