How to Wear Shorts at 60 and Look 10 Years Younger?

by Kremy

Age is just a number, yes. However, when it comes to fashion, there are unwritten rules that we, as women, follow. To enhance our natural beauty and features, we must first learn which clothes are best for our shapes and which colors flatter our skin tone the most. So… How to wear shorts at 60 and be elegant at the same time? Here is the practical guide of DeaVita fashionistas!

What Shorts Are Best for a 60 Year Old Woman?

shorts for 60 year old women

Since we are still in the heat of summer, wearing long jeans is reserved for masochists and we are here to put an end to it! Like we said, age is just a number and women over 60 can wear shorts and still look feminine and stylish! The key is in the combination of colors, the length of the shorts and the fabric! If you want to be comfortable and not melt under the hot summer rays when you are outside, but feel feminine, beautiful and at ease, then you have come to the right place!

Shorts are a wonderful addition to our wardrobes because they are actually quite rejuvenating and extremely comfortable! Combine them with the right accessories, shoes, shirt, t-shirt or top and you will become a true fashionista! There’s no simple answer to this question, because we’re all unique. And we, as women, have the superpower to transform and express ourselves with our clothes! So, let’s break things down and talk about the details!

how to wear shorts at 60


How to Wear Shorts at 60?

This question may seem simple, but the answer is much more complex. Wearing age-appropriate shorts without looking kitschy or weird is all about choosing the right length, color, and fabric. Plus, depending on the occasion you’re getting ready for, you can make them more chic or more casual with a few magic touches.

First of all, don’t forget to accessorize! If you’re getting dressed up for a casual outing in the sun, a straw hat, macramé bag, Birkenstocks, a simple white T-shirt and sunglasses will do. On the other hand, if you want to go out in the evening, but you don’t feel like wearing long pants, you can combine them with a shirt, fancy jewelry, a small trendy bag and sandals. The key is in the detail!

The Importance of Shorts’ Length

can you wear shorts at 60

Look, if your entire butt isn’t showing, you can proudly wear shorts! It is a myth that women over 50 cannot wear short skirts or shorts. In fact, they are quite flattering and you should show off what Mother Nature gave you! A good length of shorts is one that goes to the middle of the thigh. Make sure you take a wider pair of shorts so you can move around freely and sit comfortably.

shorts outfits for mature women

If you have wide hips and you want to balance your figure, you can opt for longer shorts that go down to the knee. They are still very flattering and many women over 50 prefer them because they feel more comfortable.

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What Shorts Color to Choose at 60?

shirt and shorts casual summer outfits for women at 60

The color is not only a personal preference, but above all the one that flatters your complexion the most. You can do the skin tone test to find out which ones will make you shine! In short: there are three undertones. If the veins in your wrists are blue and purple, you are cold-toned. This means cool shades like blue, dark green, black, lavender, or dark purple will flatter you the most. If your veins are green, it means you have a warm undertone. You can wear orange, yellow, coral, gold, magenta, red and beige! Finally, if the color of your veins is olive green, it means that you are neutral! The most flattering colors for you are pink, jade, white, gray, peach, and blue! So choose wisely! The right color for your skin tone will make you look radiant!

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Which Material Is the Best?

what shorts are best for a 60 year old woman

If you want to be comfortable, avoid polyester! Cotton, linen, and denim are the best fabrics that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your clothes. Also, don’t choose coarse fabrics, especially if you have sensitive skin. The softer and lighter the fabric, the better! We are in the middle of summer, after all, and comfort must be our priority! And you know what? Beauty comes from confidence and confidence comes from within. If we are comfortable in our own clothes, we feel good about ourselves and it shows! The DeaVita team is happy to give you some styling ideas with shorts for women over 60 in the gallery! We wish you a week full of style!

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Photo Gallery: How to Wear Shorts at 60?

how to wear shorts at 60 black and white outfit

How to Wear Shorts at 60 with Style and Class?

shorts outfits summer fashion casual style

Here Is an Idea for a 60-Year-Old Woman’s Shorts Outfit!

what to weat at 60 casual summer outfits

Grece Ghanem Is, As Usual, Showing Good Style!

denim shorts for women after 60

These 60-Year-Old Women’s Denim Shorts Flatter the Figure Wonderfully!

how to choose shorts for women over 60


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