Summer Almond Nails 2023: Unique Ideas That Will Step Up Your Game

Written by Gabriela Slavova

We have only one month left until Summer 2023, so we better step up our game with the nail designs! What nail shape is in style this year? The almond manicure is all over the Internet and with a good reason! What are the Summer almond nails we should try out? What are the best designs according to the experts?

Summer Almond Nails 2023: Unique Ideas That Will Step Up Your Game

almond shaped purple nails with glitter

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Choosing your manicure every month can be fun for some, but when faced with so many choices you need to be prepared! What are the trends you shouldn’t miss? Our manicurists have prepared unique designs to make your Summer even more unforgettable and make you feel stunning. What’s interesting today is that we will show you nails that are only almond shaped. Why, you may ask? The almond shape is one of the trendiest nail shapes right now and many women prefer it as it elongates the fingers and makes them look delicate and elegant. Let’s focus on the Summer almond nails 2023!

Aura Nails Almond Shaped 2023

aura nails almond shaped summer 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Have you forgotten about the aura nails and what are they exactly? This season you may have heard about them as ocean nails, since they are mostly made with shades of blue and purple. However, this trend was firstly known as the aura nails, which basically resembles the different aura colors. Even Megan Fox jumped on the trend train and adapted lavender aura nails design. This design on the picture combines abstract French tip nails with the aura motives. I already imagine this almond nail design to be my next one!

Almond Shaped White Milk Nails with Flowers

milky white nail design with flowers

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Do you know what milk nails are? This new trend is all about the minimalistic nail designs and it focuses more on the nail polish color, rather than focusing on the decorations. There are several milk nails like the strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, etc. Today, we present you the white milk nails with a minimalistic decoration, made with dried flowers. Learn more about the milk nails trend 2023 and why is it so popular!

Hot Pink French Tip Nails Almond Shape

pink french tip nails barbie inspired manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Are you in a desperate need for a Barbie inspired nails design? I think we have exactly what you need! The minimalistic hot pink French tip nails are here! They are easily adapted by women at any age, and you can customize them however you like. If you want to make it appear even more pink, make sure you ask for a base with a pink undertone. The only rule here is that the nails should be almond shaped. Check out more ideas for Barbiecore French tip nails to inspire you in 2023!

Almond Acrylic Orange Nails Summer 2023

orange almond nails acrylic with summer design 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Why are orange nails so popular lately? They are ideal for the Summer season since they highlight your sun-kissed tan. The coral shade is one of the top hits at the moment and you can make a lot of trendy nail designs with it. These almond shaped acrylic nails represent the beautiful Summer sunsets that we all enjoy to watch!

Light Pink Almond Nails

light pink almond nails barbie manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Have you heard about the recent strawberry milk nails trend in 2023? It is all about this light pink nail color that resembles the famous drink, that we all loved as kids. Now that light pink has conquered the manicure art world and ladies, let me tell you it looks incredible on everybody. You can even draw inspiration from the Barbie movie and the pink aesthetic.

Lavender Chrome Nails 2023

lavender chrome nails with purple glitter

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

There’s just something so magical about the lavender purple color! Even our favorite celebrities like Lizzo, Sofia Richie Grainge, Megan Fox, Margot Robbie, etc. are onto something, since they are all adapting nail design in this shade. If you want to stand out from the crowd, or draw inspiration from the celebrities, join the lavender club with chrome nail design with glitter.

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Summer Almond Nails 2023 Inspo

blue french tip almond nails 2023 with glitter

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Short Almond Barbie Nails 2023

short almond barbie nails 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Pastel Ombre Nails Almond Shaped

almond pastel ombre nails 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Donut Glazed Nails with Glitter in Almond Shape

glazed donut nails with glitter white chrome manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Acrylic Mermaid Nails Almond Shaped 2023

mermaid nails almond shaped acrylic light blue ocean

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Abstract Summer French Tip Nails with Orange and Pink: Almond Shape

summer french tip nails design with pink and orange

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Summer Almond Nails with Flower and Rhinestones Decoration

cute summer almond nails 2023 with decoration

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Ombre French Tip Nails with Rhinestone Decorations

french tip ombre nails with rhinestones almond shaped

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Matte Almond Nails Khaki Green

matte almond nail designs green

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

White Milk Almond Nails

simple almond nails white manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Glitter French Tip Nails Almond Shaped

glitter french tip nails 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Strawberry Milk Nails 2023 Almond Shape

strawberry milk nails 2023 almond shape long manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Simple Almond Nails Summer 2023

blue almond shaped nails unique summer colors 2023

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Almond Blue Chrome Nails with Pink

almond blue chrome nails with pink

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.


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